Feeling Like A Python…

When we were kids and we used to overeat something yummy Appa would say that he feels like a Malai Paambh (mountain snake) I think thats the translation.

In short, we would feel so full exactly like how a python swallowed an entire human and just couldnt move!

Its a long time since I ate like that. The last time I did was when I had gone to Pepper’s place when I was pregnant with R2, and her mom had made Poochkas for me. Before that was when I had gone to Smita’s place (again, pregnant with R2) and she had made Poochkas and a million other dishes for me!

This time when I went to Brc over the weekend, I had

1. 3 plates of Pune misal

2. aloo paratha

3. methi paratha

4. 10 cups of chai

5. idli

6. boondi

7. enda pulav

8. burji pav

9. pav bhaji

10. cold cocoa

11. manchurian dry

12. singoda paan

Ok, even writing about this makes me feel like a python! burp!


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4 Responses to Feeling Like A Python…

  1. My Era says:

    10 cups of chai 😯 😯
    Okay, now I realized that was the total menu eaten by the family. An exciting spread it must have been πŸ™‚

  2. I feel like that every weekend. Reversing all the effect of week ka gym. :-/

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