As I Visit My Hometown…

…I cant help but gasp at the changes that have taken place!

Flyovers, mega malls, new roads, new hep eating places…I seem to have come to a new town itself!

But what has not changed is…

…the warmth of people. After a super horrible fiasco with the hotel bookings (Thanks to OYO rooms, which is a post itself!) at 5 in the morning, the rick driver stayed back to ensure we were taken to another hotel without expecting any money for it!

….the food joints remain as awesome as ever. The cafe we went as kids serves the same food with the same taste and same love as it used to earlier!

….the street food vendors still churn out the same oily tasty yummy food as before.

….the street shopping remains as awesome as ever 🙂

The town reassures me that I have been brought in a place where love, character, food and warmth overflow in abundance 🙂


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3 Responses to As I Visit My Hometown…

  1. My Era says:

    Loved reading this post brimming with warmth on a cold winter evening ❤

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