Kodaiyan Changu

….is what my dad calls me! It means someone who cant sit at one place for a single minute…

You know what they say about Karma biting back or something! Thats very very true! 

R2 has ensured that she is avenging every bit of the trouble I have given my parents by not being able to sit still for a minute…

When we used to travel by train to Calcutta every summers, (those days there was no AC compartment. Dad could afford only sleeper class) my favorite timepass was going up and down the three berths! I would climb up from the bottom berth to the top berth! and then I wouldnt know how to come down..so Dad had to get me off! and then I would repeat in again and again!

In contrast, my brother would just plonk himself on the window seat and stare out of the window for hours together…even without blinking! So much so that once the dust from outside got settled in his eyes and he had to be operated!

R2 is RM incarnate…as far as being restless is concerned! She cant sit a minute in a place! Taking her in a local train is like a travelling with a monkey uphill on your back! The brat just cant stay still for a minute! Not a single minute…

My hands ache really! she will move and move and move! You know the momentum thing about mass into velocity…her weight is not the issue…her movements are! She is moving and moving and moving all the time!

And yesterday RD ended up calling her ‘Kodiyan Changu’!

And I thought in my mind…life comes back in a full circle, eh?


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4 Responses to Kodaiyan Changu

  1. This is the first time I heard of ‘Kodaiyan Changu’. 🙂 Is it Tamil?
    Give her some time re – she is just one after all! All kids are fidgety at this age. Bubboo is too – she moves SO MUCH I am super duper tired just running after her. And I want to do all sorts of things with her – from reading to telling her stories to singing to her – no energy left out for all that! 🙂
    Bubboo does a lot of things like me – Karma coming back to bite your a*s? I think so too. I am scared out of my wits. I don’t think I am up to seeing a second me. The world can’t take it. 😛

  2. pixie says:

    hahaha!!! Give R2 a big big hug from me!! 😀

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