These Large Hearted Folks…

…are amazing…I had written earlier how my hate for Madras turned into love when I started blogging..and now it has turned to serious respect…

The rains have played havoc in Madras, but they have brought out the superb sense of community that the Madras folks have…

I am generally a very pessimistic person (RD would vouch for that for sure) but in the Madras rains, I see a sense of humaness which is otherwise lost in our day to day lives..

Folks in Madras have opened their homes, their offices, their cars, their love and their hearts for those in need. Its astonishing to see how much people are ready to help. And go out of their way to help. Every bit counts. Giving food, picking up stranded people, calling up folks, recharging phones for others, and following up whether the person is safe or not…its so heart warming to read about stuff..

I guess such goodness lies during every natural disaster, but when it happens close home, to folks you can relate to, it seems so much more real and closer..

The rains will stop and people will get back to their daily routine and perhaps this disaster will be forgetten in a couple of years, but what will live on, is the goodness of people which will be remembered by folks who have been helped!

Thank you Madras, for being who you have been. You rock folks! 


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8 Responses to These Large Hearted Folks…

  1. Smita says:

    I totally with you on this! It is in such times when you feel that all hope is not lost 🙂

  2. pixie says:

    Agreed RM!! Its been so scary and the feeling of helplessness increases because I am so far away and cant do much.. seeing people help one another like this brings back hope in humanity!


  3. Bikramjit says:

    Awesome I had no clue what was going on in madras.. I need to look more into news..

    And god bless all those good people …

  4. Jo says:

    Finally after days and days of downpour, there is some good news coming from Chennai. I felt glad that people are rescued and lots of volunteers are in action. Lots of people are offering shelter, food, medicine to the needy. People who are away from Chennai are also giving their hand by recharging the phones, sharing the ways to charge the phones using AAA batteries, sharing the FB posts regarding rescue houses, tagging the people who can offer help etc. Excellent team work!

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