Perceptions Around!

Its so amazing that people have so many different views about the same thing..well with so many news channels and social media airing so many views, about so much happening around us, its obvious, eh? 

But am talking about the more mundane everyday stuff, you know!


After R2’s delivery…I joined back work…a lady told me, oh you lost all the pregnancy weight…good! In two minutes, another lady told me, Whats wrong RM? Lack of sleep na…you look so dead and listless!

Or the Bhindi subji I made the other day…a friend ate it and said ..oh this is nice while R came back from school and said ..Ma the subji was not as tasty as everytime!

Or the white shirt I was wearing yesterday…A lady told me …its a nice shirt while another told me…why you wearing such a loose shirt? Its looking weird on you!

See how different people see the same thing and yet have different opinions about it! 

But thats why the world is vibrant. Imagine if everyone had the same opinion about everything, it would be so boring and sad. 

It will be so much easier if everyone understood that everyone is entitled to an opinion. That everyone has a right to express what they feel about stuff as long as it does not get vindictive and personal. 

Sigh! Day 2 and I am already in gyaan mode 🙂


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8 Responses to Perceptions Around!

  1. pixie says:

    your gyaan has been well received!! 😛
    And yea – you are so right – different people say different things!! Like how a few said I look more like my sister with my haircut.. how can I look less like her? 😛 She is my sister na?!

  2. My Era says:

    I agree, it’s variety of perceptions that makes the world beautiful and also a place we love to be.
    Imagine us doing a blunder ( not a crime but a fashion or food blunder) and everyone we meet criticizes us. we’ll be doomed, depressed and would perish in no time.
    It’s the joy of having someone see beauty in our flaws ( in a genuine way) that makes this diverse world so awesome 🙂
    Keep the gyan coming RM. You know it, we love it ❤

  3. Smita says:

    So true re!!! what might work for you might not work for me but people just don’t understand that. Like I hate people how come ahead and tell us sheesh such a bad choice you have! I am like hello! Its my choice, our choices can be different but you can never tell me my choice is bad because I can say the same to you. But to expect people to be so understanding is asking for too much!

  4. Its really nice to wake up these mornings and read your blog RM. Its the next best thing to actually meeting up with you. So keep the gyaan coming, we are all ears.

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