Inventions I Am Glad Were Invented!

1. Safety Pin – Ah well everyone would agree to this one…From torn bags to chappals to clothes to putting in naada…these little ones pack in a lot of power eh?

2. Bum Shower – These are the awesomest stuff invented..really…they make cleaning so easy…apart from the bum, these are really useful to clean up the potty of the infant easily, as well as use it to remove dirt and dust while cleaning the bathroom!

3. Infant Nail Cutter – I wish I had known about this when R was brother would painstakingly cut R’s nails when she used to sleep with an adult nail cutter, praying to all the Gods of the world that she didnt move…a few near misses shaved out about 10 years of his life I think..with R2, the lovely ladies (Maya, Tharani, Bingo Mom and Summerscript) sent me this nail cutter along with some million other goodies. These are so good that I cut R2’s nails even when she is playing and dancing, and even go every week to a friend’s house who has a 3 week old baby and is too scared to cut his nails!

4.Non stick dosa tawa – I know I know, dont jump on me on teflon and all that…I know its not the best of things to use, but trust me, my dosas turn out so awesome when I make them on the non stick tawa. So much so, that now when I make it on the iron tawa, they hate me enough to stick to the tawa as if glue!

5. Kindle – I know I know, again! I have written about how I love physical books and no e-reader can replace them..but in all honesty, buying books is not the issue. The issue is a pegion holed flat in Mumbai, there is only so much that one can allocate space to books. Now if we buy more books, one family member seriously needs to think about living in the car! yaa its that for me, the kindle RD got is a boon! Additionally, I love anything free..and when I get free books, my life just seems so complete…
I am sure I can add to the list..but too lazy to type…

Any inventions you like?


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9 Responses to Inventions I Am Glad Were Invented!

  1. My Era says:

    Safety pin is my favorite too.
    But, I am so not with you on a baby nail-cutter. I had bought the cutest one I could find a month before Pari was born and somehow cutting my infant’s nails with is was so cumbersome for it cut only in center. Making us use an adult nail-cutter on an infant and the baby nail-cutter serving as a toy for my child once sh got a bit older.
    I think microwave has eased out life big time, especially for warming up food.

  2. shail says:

    That’s exactly the point with Kindle. More books in so little space. I think it is one of the best things around. The Bum shower of course has it’s uses! Best thing ever. 😀

  3. sjscribbles says:

    Baby Wipes RM : I started using them 7 years ago when M was born, but never stopped buying them even after M didn’t need them anymore. The baby wipes or wet tissues are used to literally used to wipe down every grime and dust that I see around the house….from the dining table to the book shelf…why..sometimes the bathroom sinks too…Thank GOD for baby wipes 🙂

  4. Richa says:

    May I please see the nailcutter which can cut nails while dancing/moving?

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