Amma What Is Sex? 

R and I were at this place which is like a school for kids but also houses a lot of other facilities. The place had a lot of stuff put up on a cabinet including how to teach your kids about English, Mathematics books, etc etc…one of the notices tucked in a corner read ‘How to Talk To Your Child About Sex?’ 

R being R, the curious cat started reading all the notices to while away time. As she came the notice down, she read loudly ‘How To Talk To Your Child About Sex?’

She looked at me and said ‘Amma, there is a spelling mistake na. Its SIX not SEX right?’ 

Before I could answer, she said ‘Amma, what is there to talk about SIX, It says SEX, so it will be SEX!’ 

R: Amma, what is SEX?

Well, honestly I had not anticipated this question at the age of seven. I thought I had some years before I started out talking about sex to her. 

Me: It may mean a couple of things

She waited expectantly.

Then I decided to just tell her the truth. Its so much easier that way.

Me: sex can mean your gender. Like your sex is a girl, my sex is a girl, R2’s sex is girl and Appa’s sex is boy.

But the brat being brat, asked then what is there to talk about?

Me: Well, sex also means something you do with someone you really like a lot.

R: Like what?

Me:Its something you will realise when you are slightly older. Its just a sort of thing you do when you like someone and are happy with that person.

R: Like kissing?

I was like ‘How on earth did she know about kissing?’ because RD and I are not really the touchy feely couple in front of her..

Me: Kissing?

R: Yaa, like how Anna and that boy (She meant Kristoff) did in Frozen.

Ah well…I realised movies do show a lot of kissing..

Yes, I said, like kissing!

R: So sex is kissing?

Me: not exactly, but its like that..

She: hmmm..okay…Look R2 is calling me..

and she skipped away!

Did I handle it okay? I didnt realise explaining sex to a kid could be so tough…Is there a better way to do it?


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16 Responses to Amma What Is Sex? 

  1. Deeps says:

    You did fine RM. I don’t think you could have explained to a 7 year old in a more detailed manner. Yes, as she grows older, as she gets more curious, which she definitely will, you can probably expand your answers too. But for now this was as accurate as you could be.

    Just a heads up, be prepared to field more such questions..the game has begun! 😀

  2. Lol Sex in the title got my ears perked up. Haha!
    You handled it pretty well I think! It didn’t sound gross and it wasn’t lying. Good job, R’s mom!

  3. You handled it way much better than I did. I almost drove the car into a fire hydrant when my by asked the same question for the first time. Now tho, we discuss it as if like it was an item off the menu from our favourite restaurant. The boy keeps telling me that he will never marry or have sex. Do you think I have traumatized him for life?

    Ps: R is too smart re. ❤

  4. Deepa says:

    Wait till she’s 9 and the questions get more intense! But R is a chapter herself- kissing and what not, she already knows the prelude na:-)

    Here’s what I told V when he asked me at grand old age(compared to R that is) of 8 ad 1/2. The whole shebang as ‘biologically’ as possible with as many anatomical details as possible thrown in to make me sound all science-cy and intellectual about it and boy did I gross him out or what. Haven’t heard a peep from him since:-)

    This year though at school he began sex ed which starts of with a talk/discussion about changes that are and will occur now on in their bodies, mind and continue throughout adolescence. Next year they step it up a bit and so on. Am guessing though much before that happens, V and his cohorts, will use google maiyya to become s-experts themselves(God help me then).

    R is smart, plus have heard girls discuss yeh sab much before boys do, so she might only come to you for confirmation of what she’s heard or to commiserate with you(as V did when he learnt how I gave birth to him, received that he as a boy would never have to go thru it).

    And commenting on your earlier post with R2(is that gal a winner or what. I see future Ms. World types in her) photos-

    What a cute bottom she has. And what a cute egg-head. And chapters are the best I think. They make life a fun roller coaster and know how to twist the world around their lil’ finger. Good for her she is one:-)

    • R's Mom says:

      wow its good his school started sex education…its very important re…I think it should be made mandatory …

      The anatomical way seems to be the right approach re…its better than my kissing wala explanation…infact a friend suggested the same thing to me…will try it next time 🙂 thanks so much

      Lol on future hahhahah 🙂

  5. MR says:

    At this age no 🙂 thats about it. but a few years later the birds and the bees will have to be explained in detail. ha ha ha

  6. Vinitha says:

    You did a great job. Kuttyma also lost interest before I got to the nitty-gritty. She asked similar questions a few months back. We also had a “how are babies formed?” talk – I explained egg mets sperm thing and she accepted it & continued with her play. We have exciting times ahead

  7. The Bride says:

    “But the brat being brat, asked then what is there to talk about?” Lol. On the plus side, she’s reading well now!

    Hmmm, so this is how kids get the idea that kissing can lead to babies. It makes sense, sorta.

    Think you should read the book to answer your last question 😉 TThem if it’s any good tell me. I anticipate this question anytime soon because we have already covered kissing after Nene saw Spiderman kissing his girlfriend (upside down) in a movie clip.

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