And We Go Mottai! 

R2’s skull looks like an egg! Its so funny to see her keep touching her head and search for something to pull 🙂

We decided her mottai to be done yesterday now that she turned one and all that! RD kept her on his lap while my dad held her head. The barber was awesome really! He made her bald in like 10 minutes despite the screaming, squiggling, crying, bawling and twisting she was doing.

The funnier person to watch was actually R! She was screaming and crying louder than R2. Some dialogues mentioned include – 

– Leave my sister alone please

– Stop torturing her

– What harm has she done to you

– She is in pain and you are not even bothered

– Why does she have to go bald? Whats wrong if she is left as she is!

– She looks so weird without hair. How am I going to take her to daycare tomorrow?


– Enough Amma enough, She will be so upset to see herself in the mirror, my poor baby!

R2 didnt seem too bothered though! Her head definitely looks like an egg…heheheheh!



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4 Responses to And We Go Mottai! 

  1. Acho! She looks so different without her hair. 🙂
    R – cuteness overload! 😀

  2. Jo says:

    Love muttai kutty 😍

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