1. We managed to attend a Vijayadashami function at the brat’s dance class. RD and I were surprised to see her dance pretty decently. Her friend’s mom had forgotten her ghunguroos at home and rushed to get it. Meantime teacher started the pooja. I told R to share her flowers and stuff with her friend. R went ahead and even shared a ghugunroo with her friend!! Sometimes, this girl surprises me so much…I must admit, I was glad to see her friend’s mom return with the ghunguroos since R was insistent that she will wear one and give one to her friend incase hers didnt come on time!
2. We managed to celebrate the younger brat’s star bday on Sunday by…

a. Eating gallons of payasam which Ma made

b. Take the bday girl for nebulisation sessions morning and evening! I am so pakoed with this polluted weather in Bombay. First it was R’s asthama and now R2 seems to be following her footsteps

c. Having both the set of grandparents spoiling both the girls!

Its been a hectic weekend, with barely any motivation to do anything in life…Thankfully am on leave whole of next week..but somehow, that too seems to be so blah!
I need a change eh?


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4 Responses to ThisWeekend…..

  1. Maya says:

    This R girl is too precious!! Give one tight hug from this chithi, ok?!

  2. pixie says:

    R is one lovely kiddo! Give her hugs from me too!!
    Where are her dance pics re?!
    Also what sort of paayasam did you eat?
    Hugs to R2 .. she is a champ and already 1 eh?! Whew! time flew!!

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