Inspiration Comes In All Forms

RD is back from his trip. He is working from home for this week. Which means he drops the girls to daycare. Which also means I get to leave early. So I take the BEST bus.

When R had morning school two years ago, we had a mother daughter duo we used to meet everyday. For the past three days I have been meeting them.

This mother is a teacher in a school in town and her daughter and she travel to the school everyday. Which I must say is the awesomest thing because it entails travelling by bus and then train and bus again!

We met after almost 2.5 years and I must admit I was pretty astonished to see the daughter. She has grown up suddenly! 

This lady used to get a dabba full of dry fruits for her daughter to eat in the bus and she would always always give it to R. I tried refusing but R being R (and much younger then!) would turn around everyday and put her hand out 🙂

The girl would also insist that her mom give R the dry fruits! Really, goodness exists all over!

Now the girl goes to a different branch of the school since her mother’s school has shifted. But she manages on her own. Comes back home by herself, gets the dinner stuff ready before her ma comes and sits to study on her own!

She lost her dad when she was a small kid. So she is all alone at home. But she is so cool about it. Her mother is incredibly proud of her and you can make that out in the way she talks about her.

The girl doesnt go to tutions, manages her studies by herself, helps her mom in the house, is a part of the choir in  school and manages to secure good marks in her exams. 

Its evident that the family is not rich but what is more evident is the complete trust and faith the mother and the daughtee have on each other.

I asked the mother whether she was not worried about letting her girl travel two stations further without her or letting her come back home alone?

The mother told me I have full faith in the way I have brought up my daughter. Also I think at some point we should start gently letting go. The problem with most of us is that we think our kids are too young to manage. After a certain age they need guidance and not hand holding.

And this made me think its so true. Yes we need to be there for our kids always, but we need to trust our upbringing and trust them. Unless we dont start trusting them, we cant let go and let them find their way in this world!

The ‘letting go’ needs to be gentle but we need to really learn to ‘let go!’ eh?


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8 Responses to Inspiration Comes In All Forms

  1. Greenboochi says:

    Aww sounds like a beautiful mother daughter duo! And that is one valuable lesson she has shared.

  2. sjscribbles says:

    Ohh so true, RM ! we must let them go..and it’s not easy for us RM !
    Everytime I think I should stop holding M’s hand while we walk, but unconsciously I hold his hand !
    BTW, how old is the little girl , RM!
    Truly admire the mother , daughter !

  3. Violet says:

    It is so heart-warming to hear about the Mother-daughter duo. I wish them well. I think most, if not all of us have faith in our children, but we can’t trust the outside world.

  4. pixie says:

    wow! She sounds like a beautiful person 🙂
    and she is so right!
    I’m also thankful that my parents let-go properly 😀

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