Almost One!

Dear R2

You are eleven months old and I havent even written eleven posts for you, hehe!

Three months ago I called you, my attitude girl, because you were very miserly with your smiles! Now you are my sunshine girl! You smile at everyone and anyone! Though you are very clear you will not let anyone but family members and your daycare teachers, hold you 🙂

You have some 5 teeth which have just sprouted but you are adventurous enough to try murukku and chips! You prefer spicy food to sweet and are enthused about eating anytime and everytime you are offered food!

You leave behind a trail of destruction and chaos wherever you go 😉 and your favoritest person in the world is your Akka. No matter where you see her and when you see her, you jump towards her! When she gets back from school in daycare, you dont even let her change her clothes without you 🙂

You practically run as you crawl while you have started holding stuff and standing! You taste everything in sight including chappals and table legs! 

You eat at the speed of lightening but thats something am used to, thanks to akka 🙂

You have way too much hair on your head despite Appa cutting it twice. I am waiting for you to turn one, and give you a mottai 🙂

Your Barodu Thatha calls you his Maximum Girl because as per him you give your fullest to whatever you do (read crawling, cruising, sitting, dancing and falling)

I have already started getting complaints from daycare that you pull everyone’s hair!

You are constantly compared to Akka in daycare and everyone has concluded that you are going to turn out ten times naughtier than akka! And the same folks used to call akka naughty when she was a one year old there! *shudders*

You are adorable and adventurous and its obvious that you are Akka’s biggest fan! While all of Akka’s friends want to take you in their lap just one smile from Akka and you jump to her immediately!

I hope, kid, that you continue to live life to the fullest 🙂





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16 Responses to Almost One!

  1. She sounds like such a darling!! 🙂 Wishing the R family many more such happy days to come!

  2. Bikramjit says:

    God bless the little one. .
    So when is the party you better tell me in advance I need to get a visa and book tickets. Hurrrrreyyyyyy.

    Else I will tell her that amma did not invite me 😦 …thunk think

  3. Wow! Has it been a year already? Time flies! Hope R2 does live her life to the fullest! And happy 11 months dearie…

  4. MeMyself says:

    Ah Sunshine Girl, I love that!!
    Love to the two “Naughtiest Girls” ❤

  5. Jo says:

    Yeee.. RM is back to blogging.. 😀 😀 Lots of love to R akka and little R2..

  6. Comfy says:

    Awww RM! This is adorable 🙂 And the right to be Akka’s biggest fan can go to no one but R2. That is the rule! Love and hugs to both of them. Big Muaah!!

  7. Greenboochi says:

    Awww that is such a super cute pic of her! Lots of love to R and R2 – they are going to turn out to be the best sisters in the whole world 🙂

  8. pixie says:

    Awww!! My darling R2 kutty! Keep being naughty darling.. and make sure you keep your amma on her toes too!! :mrgreen:
    Yes! Akka will always be your best friend – your biggest supporter and the one with whom you will have your maximum fights! 😀

    Big hugs and lots of ummas!! ❤

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