So Says The Brat! 

This Ganesh Chaturthi saw us make our second atta Ganesha in a row. If I do it next year also, I will deserve a pat in the back. 

R was pleading to me to get a Ganpati home, thanks to the building folks, most of whom have Ganpati at home. I refused since its just too much hard work and doing seva to Ganpati can be a tedious job! (Not that he asks for it, he is a cute God!) 

So like last year, I convinced her to the aata Ganpati and we did mini viserjan at home followed by wrapping the Ganpati in paper and putting him along with the flowers in the marshland.

She and I have been discussing the environmental issues associated with Ganpati while going in the car every day.

She was worried about the viserjans of the big Ganpatis in the ponds and sea and wondered what the fish would think of the gigantic idols!

Yesterday when we were in the car, she read a board which said so-and-so place ka Raja! Why that name, Amma she asked me?

Me: I guess everyone is following the norm of Lalbaugcha Raja.

Brat: Amma I saw Lalbaugcha Raja!

Me: Kuch bhi, pheku! you know how long the darshan line is? My friends have stood for 10-12 hours in queue to get darshan. I really admire their patience. 

Brat: But Amma why are they tiring themselves? Open the TV and you can see Lalbaugcha Raja on the screen! Simple! Whats the difference whether you see God on the screen or the idol? Anyways you cant see God really, no?

Sometimes this girl really seems wise beyond her age!

Then in the night, there was 7 th day viserjan and to our surprise, there were even home based Ganpatis which were being taken with loud dhols and DJ music. I mean really small ones which are not community based. Even at 9.30 at night they kept going on and on and on! To the point that R2 was refusing to sleep. The music was so loud that our windows were rattling!

The brat asked ‘Amma you say God is everywhere no?

Me: Yes

Brat: Then I am wondering why do people keep so many Ganpatis and cause pollution and sound. Cant everyone have just one Ganpati. a big one and do pooja for that one?

Sigh! this girl is really concerned eh?

I was discussing with ma and she spoke about how she and her  brothers would peer out of the windows in Calcutta when they would take Ma Durga idols. But she did mention it was done at a reasonable time and with much lesser sound!

Guess we are getting louder and more commercial eh? But does Ganpati really want it?

Our Atta Ganpati, baked and painted 🙂   


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12 Responses to So Says The Brat! 

  1. UmaS says:

    The kozhukattais look too good 🙂
    And yes, children speak to the point and have easy solutions to various problems…its elders who complicate things !
    WTG R1…keep thinking this way and never change…hugs !

  2. So heartening to see such a young person think about the fishes and environment. We need more like her around!

  3. Varsh says:

    R is indeed a very wise girl. Hope people take some cue from her and put some control on the pollution. Same was the case in our area. The music was so loud outside that we had to almost shout in our living rooms to be heard over it.
    The atta ganpati is so beautiful! Awesome idea this is. God doesn’t ask for any seva. Jahan maan lo wahan bhagwan hai.

  4. deepM says:

    wow so nice!
    Ganpati bappa moraya!

  5. Deepa says:

    Your pillaiyar is so, so cute R. Wanted to give him a hug:-) You know I have to mention here because you did consider bringing an idol home that we finally caved in, after years and years of dithering, and brought one home this year for 2 1/2 days eggzhacktly! Anyways, in bay area where we live in home celebrations with an idol if any are very subdued and not really visible so bringing our own and celebrating with a clueless 11 year old felt special and joyous somehow. But now I realize that a baked atta ka idol would’ve done beautifully as well except that I’m a non-sculptor so he might’ve looked a tad alien like and not liked it one bit.

    As always your perfect modaks astound, amaze and delight me. Like you advised last year on a similar post comment I did make savory steamed balls out of the left over modak dough:-) And they were yum.

    And that R, getting way too wise for her age tell her. What should I even speak with her aunty types when we meet, makes me wonder:-) She knows it all!

  6. Chandrima says:

    Even Durga goes in a very noisy manner RM now a days- your atta ganapati is awesomely cute :)I love Rs queries and concerns. They will create a better earth than us 🙂

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