Thank God We Have Akka With Us! 

Dear R2
You are one lucky gal. You really are! I cant imagine how I would have managed to get you used to daycare if your akka wasnt there. Akka has been there for you every moment.
We got a car seat for you so that I could take akka and you in the car till the daycare. You refuse to sit on it, till akka sits beside you. Akka carries about 10 toys everyday, giving it to you turn by turn, as you get bored of it when Amma drives. On the first day, you cried so much while coming back from daycare, in the car seat, that Akka told me ‘Enough Amma, trust me to keep her safe, I wont let her fall down’ She took you out of the car seat, cuddled you, and then you finally stopped crying, hiccuping slightly and finally just rested your head on her shoulders and closed your eyes, as if you were finally in peace with this world!
Every morning, akka manages to entertain you in the car. Sometimes by dancing, sometimes by singing, sometimes by laughing loudly, sometimes by scolding, sometimes by giving you things to chew (including her fingers and then screaming Amma R2 is biting me!!)
When we reach the daycare, she is tells you ‘We are going to daycare, so no crying, only playing’ Then you start crying as soon as you see the teacher, she keeps talking to you, cajoling you, playing peek a boo with you, all the time waving her hand from the back and asking me to leave without feeling bad…Go amma go, she says from the corner of her mouth, because she doesnt want you to hear her…I will take care..arey go before you miss your train!
Then akka’s friends come in 2 minutes and the three guys and akka are dancing for you, singing for you, distracting you to the fullest, so that I can leave 🙂
Teacher tells me that you sit on akka’s lap and have food, the first three days, you slept only on akka’s lap. you refused to let go of her frock and she and her friends very patiently sat next to you, entertaining you. After the third day, you were ready to leave akka for a while. But everytime she went to school at 10.30 you would cry your heart out. 
On the 7th day, I got a call from daycare, with akka bawling on the phone. I got so scared. Apparently, Akka didnt want to go to school because you cry everytime she leaves for school. I somehow managed to convince her to go. That evening I got to know that when you cry inside, akka cried everyday outside waiting for the bus, because you were crying and she felt guilty about it. Teacher, Appa and I explained to her that you had short term memory and stopped crying just like how you would when I left.
When akka comes back to daycare from school, you pounce on her, pull her hair, touch her face, to check if she is really there. You then cling to her like a monkey refusing to let her even change her clothes…you jump with joy and gurgle away to glory just looking at her.
On the way back home, you are more interested in having akka next to you than even looking at amma. As long as your akka is next to you, you dont want anyone else!
Akka always tells me that you are happy in daycare, I will take care of her, Amma, you dont worry.
Kid, both of us have done a lot of goodness in our previous births to have Akka as a part of our lives. 
I hope you always will remember the love and care akka has showered on you during these initial days of daycare adjustment!



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48 Responses to Thank God We Have Akka With Us! 

  1. ashreyamom says:

    dont know why, i am crying after reading this post RM.. R2 is really blessed to have R as her sis.. By the way Happy B’day Rm.. 🙂

  2. iamswati says:

    Aww…!! Such a nice akka the lil one has 🙂 I hope that they grow up to be the best of pals 🙂

  3. Okay, I wept reading this!! Big hugs to R and R2, and to you too, RM.

  4. Bhagyashree says:

    My eyes literally welled up! Touch wood to the sisterhood. Muaahhh!

  5. Greenboochi says:

    Big big hugs to the little darling R 🙂 What a beautiful post, RM. Made my day, really.

  6. The bride says:

    Gosh, I teared up reading this. People say if there’s too much of a gap between kids, the older one can’t adjust and gets jealous. But I’ve noticed the older ones being sweet and protective because they are old enough to understand (unlike say Nene who is like a baby himself). Then again, my sister was only two years older and exactly like R, always looking out for me, so many some kids are just extra special.

    • R's Mom says:

      Aww your sister is an awesome anna is like R..he always always always looks out for me…yaa some kids are extra special 🙂 I hope R continues to take care of R2 all her life 🙂

  7. Divya says:

    Aww..what a super sweet post. Big R is an awesome kid.

  8. Mrs B says:

    Dear RM,
    I am so overwhelmed to read this. Reminds me of my days at daycare with my kid brother who was around the same age as R2 is now. Trust me, the bond that develops during this phase as the two look out for each other… It will sustain all through their lives. Stay blessed!!! A big hug to R and R2.

  9. SS says:

    Super sweet RM! You are all very blessed to experience such love and care for each other.

  10. Jo says:

    Aww.. Tears rolling down as I type this out. How sweet. Touchwood

  11. UmaS says:

    See lady…it was not only me…every one had tears while reading this post…it just touched a chord inside, you know !
    Big hugs to the R1 for the amazing girl she is…she’s the angel to you two ❤

  12. Mukund says:

    God Bless! Amazing!!!

  13. anna's mom says:

    My heart just melted. This is the cutest thing I have read in a long, long while 🙂

  14. Trish says:

    Awwww.. I just read this and I am in tears now.. Lots and lots and lots of love to R..its amazing how quickly they adapt to their new role.
    R2 sounds so like my MsAn.. lots of love to her!

  15. Preethi says:

    Aww RM, you made me all teary eyed. God bless the two little angels in your life !!

  16. Deepa says:

    Akkas are literally god sent. My older one is 11 and some times when I am late from work, she would have made a sandwich for her younger brother, given her dad a cup of murukku and water and she would have had a sandwich for herself. The moment I enter the house, she is at the door and giving me a “don’t you worry mama, I took care of these hungry souls” look. I feel truly blessed then. R1 is a sweet heart and R2 is truly very luck to have her as her sister.

  17. sjscribbles says:

    Yay ! RM ! Good I haven’t had a second child for almost close to 7 years after M 🙂 ! Such a lovely sister R is !!! I hope M will be such a loving caring brother too !
    Sibling bonding ! what can i say RM !
    My heart melted away reading your post !
    Happy 34 RM !

  18. mamata says:

    So so beatutifully written dear R, your post touched so many hearts you remind me of so many of my memories. With my experience I’m telling you R they would be loving each other. Just make sure when R2 grows up keep telling her how she is being taken care by R1. God Bless the both of them and my hugs to them.

  19. When did this brat grow so big?! Hugs and kisses to both 🙂

  20. CP says:

    you made me cry too R’s mom 🙂 Akka is a blessing to have. Take good care of her and cuddle her from my side. Tell her that all her hard work will pay off – she will get a best friend who will keep her all the secrets and will be her strong support when entire world will question her. How can I say this with such conviction because I am akka to one such sister and she has given me the best friendship of this world 🙂

  21. Beautiful. Hugs to R. What a lovely older sister she is. Amazing.

  22. Sangitha says:

    R is pretty amazing, RM! Way to go to you both and of course, Little R! What a sweetheart!

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