Dear Brat#2

You start daycare day after tomorrow. Yep! You are just 10 days short of turning 10 months. For those of you who tell me ‘oh my God, really, time just flew no?’ to be honest, I would just stick my tongue out and say NO! It didnt! I cant wait for the brat #2 to grow up and be more independent..

But yes,you start daycare from day after tomorrow. Till yesterday, I was telling all and sundry on how its going to be so much easier leaving you at the daycare 

1. Because I have already experienced it with R

2. Because R will be there with you in the mornings, before she leaves for school at 10.30 making it easier for you and a breeze for me to just drop you girls and get to work

But can I confess something, baby? I am scared. Shit scared. Really scared. I know its inevitable, and I know you will adjust to it, and I know you will love being there, much more than getting bored at home…but still, a part of me is super scared about leaving you!

I worry someone may pull your cheeks and cause rashes again (I have told the daycare at least a million times about your sensitive skin!) I worry you will cry your heart out before you go to sleep (Which you may for a couple of days, but hey you will figure out sleep comes otherwise also) I worry the teachers may overfeed you (Well you can always do extra potty eh?) I worry you may not be able to tell if you are in pain (Which you cant anyways, you cant speak yet eh?)

In short, for every worry the heart of mine comes up with, the brain has a practical solution to it!

But, the heart, being the heart, still worries. 

I must admit, I have kept a brave face whenever anyone asks me. But somewhere its been disturbing me! 

Sigh! I guess I am just proving to myself, that each child is as special as they get…Just because I have experience with akka doesnt mean that I wont have the same worries for you!

I know, girl, that you will adjust and be a rockstar just exactly like akka. At some level, your akka has picked up my anxiety, no matter how much I try and hide it. She has been counselling me since three days dropping in lines like ‘Amma, dont worry, am there na’ ‘R2 is going to love being at the daycare’ ‘She will cry for a while ma, but then she will start playing with the toys there’ ‘There are other smaller kids slightly older than her, they will play with her, I have told everyone to play with her’

In short, I have realised, your akka seems to have a lot more maturity than I have in certain cases 🙂

I hope, kid, you will enjoy yourself as much as akka does!

A little worried



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22 Responses to Dear Brat#2

  1. ashreyamom says:

    hugs dear.. I too had the same feeling when i left Arjun at home when he was 6 months old.. i was more worried how MIL is going to manage two kids till 6 in the evening.. i couldn’t concentrate on work for first few days. would console myself thinking i am just few kilometers away, can be home anytime when required. ;).

  2. Scribby says:

    A mother’s dilemma! We want it and we worry about it. We are confident about it and we are scared it may all go wrong. We boast about it and we skip a heartbeat on practically thinking about it. A mother’s dilemma !

    Hugs mommy, tight hugs and best wishes!

  3. Aww , can totally understand ..the same concerns . same fears and then brain handling it differently .
    She will be just all right after the initial settling in phase 🙂

  4. CP says:

    But, the heart, being the heart, still worries. so true- very well written 🙂

  5. How was it RM? Hope all went well. At least she is too young for separation anxiety , no? And what a blessing R is in the same room for a while.

  6. UmaS says:

    Oh dear !! What every mommy goes through…and mind you RM, its not only about day care !!
    I sent my girls to hostel and I still thought the same way till I learnt that they are doing good all by themselves…so you shall learn too.
    Hugs mommy…the second ones are pretty smart I say…just chillax like my daughter says 😀

  7. Smita says:

    Hugs my dear!!! A milestone crossed and of course with loads of worry at the back of your mind. And u know I can understand what are you going through and you know why!!!

    All will be fine! But trust me R2 is Lucky to have R with her 🙂

  8. MR says:

    worries wont stop, but i can only say they will be fine. — from a mom of a 16 yr old who clung to mom and cried for days in daycare and now is embarrassed to give mom a kiss.

  9. Richa says:

    I am a lurker who could not keep from writing this. You are a great mom! and I totally hear your concerns and worries. Sending warm hugs your way!

  10. Visha says:

    how have things turned out 🙂

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