The Day This Metro Stopped

My Amma told me once that you realise the importance of something when you dont have it!

Last week the Mumbai Metro had a shut down. Just because Mr.Murphy loves me a lot (he does man he does!) I had to stay back at work for something important which HAD to go out… and I was pretty tired! But in the spirit of wanting to lose those piled up kilograms, I did my usual walk to the metro station from work. And spent that time talking to my mother on the phone.

I am very diligent that way you know. I use all the spare time doing something or the other…most importantly, eating. But we are not talking about all that eh?

Anyways just as I reached the entrance of the station I noticed a huge crowd there! Was telling Amma that dont know why its crowded…and I heard a guard say that metro is closed!

‘What what what’ I said…’what what what’ Amma asked thinking I was talking to her… ‘arey what?’ I went again and ma went what again! and I am like ma wait ma wait… ma was wondering what I was talking about about…

The guy repeated that the metro was closed… I asked him how on earth do I reach the station? and he looked and me and said I dont know..

Me: Aap metro kaise bandh kar sakte hain? 

Folks around me stared at me …but me being me looked at him in the eye and asked him again!

Him: Madam woh…

Me: woh kya woh, bhaisaab, metro bandh toh ghar kaise jayenge sab log? Boliye aap?

Him: errrr madam

Me: Ab kya? Mujhe toh bhaagna padega aur sab buses and ricks full hai

It was the confused and pained expression on his face which made me realise that I was talking to a guy who had no clue what I was talking about!

I looked around and saw th entire crowd staring at me….giving a sheepish grin to everyone and mumbling a loud sorry to the man, I walked away to complain to Amma only to realise that Amma had got bugged of my drama and kept the phone down !!!

PS – For all those who are concerned at this point about how I reached the train station – I WALKED!!! all the way!!!

for the usual curious lot, yes I did call back my Amma and complain !


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14 Responses to The Day This Metro Stopped

  1. Luckily I was on leave the day this disaster happened!! But yes how we Mumbaikars have got used to the Metro in only an year! Got a mini heart attack when I heard the fares are going upto ₹110.. Ohh sorry I am ranting too 😛 Anyways… There are bad days and there are worse.. 😀

  2. PT says:

    OMG! Walked…all the way! How many hours did it take?

  3. Hi RM,

    I’ve been reading your blog for sometime now but never commented. It’s good to see such regular updates from you. I’ve added you to my reader. Keep writing. Cheers

  4. Hahaha.. sorry, that must have been quite a shocker but the way you say it is making me laugh 😀

  5. Greenboochi says:

    OMG! Thats totally insane and horrible. Hugs RM.

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