Updates of my Crazy Life!

R’s maturing and at times her questions, reasoning, tantrums and talks seem to flummox me big time. I am not cut out to be the mother of a growing kid, eh?


One of the biggest achievements I have to record is the fact that I have started dropping R to the daycare by car. Driving it myself. After years of cajoling from RD and many many days of crying to rickshaw guys to come in the mornings to daycare, after years of tension and craziness, I decided enough is enough. I just took the car out one day and R and I started out to her daycare in it. RD just couldnt believe it but yes, I did it! Its been more than a month now, and the rains in the morning dont scare me anymore. I have the guts to drive from home to her daycare. Now to conquer a flyover. If I can drive on a crowded flyover, stopping and starting without going back, I can drive anywhere in the world!

The brat went for a 15 day skating camp in summer. RD and I have been pleading to her to join the regular class. But for her, playing in the building downstairs is more important. RD and I tried all sort of tactics but she is steadfast on playing down. After a while, I thought, I should just let her be. For someone who believes big time in unstructured play, am I not pushing her too much?

I have started learning music from my mami over skype. Every Saturday and Sunday, mami, I and R sit together and go through SA Re Ga Ma! Its fun and it also makes me relaxed. The MIL takes care of R2 when R and I sing…though we are pathetic in practicing and mami is too sweet to tell us anything…but its fun eh? Mami is the bestest teacher on earth as well 🙂


R2 has started saying baabaaabaaabbaaa half the time she and R converse like bababababbaab as if they are talking to each other. R is over-loving towards her to be honest. Sometimes, I feel she will squeeze her like a lemon inside a lemon squeezer! R2’s skin is a big issue and now we have started soya milk for her…the poor kid is taking it nicely…but just because I dont like it, I feel bad for her 🙂


I have slowly started eating outside food now…Today we are going to order pizza…after ages..and the very thought of that makes me want to dance 🙂


R2 has stopped feeding on my milk completely…and no, it doesnt make me sad at all..to be honest, I am relived (okay, all the critics can come out and bash me up!!!) Its been 8 months and I am okay with her not taking my feed…I have had ladies passing their judgement on that as well..

Aap usko apna dudh dete hain?

Nahi, two weeks se woh nahi le rahi

Arey, dena chaheye..office jaane se pehele dena…

And so on and so forth…I just am turning a deaf ear to everyone…I fed R for 9 months and then R2 for 8 months…good enough for me!

Travel is crazy as usual…getting into busy locals, running to catch the metro, rushing to walk to the office in 10 minutes…its all making me tired…but I still manage to get up the next day and go to work..sometimes, I surprise myself..really!


R and I made an eggless banana cake from this recipe. It turned out awesome…I will post the pics soon 🙂


One of the things I want to start doing soon, is read the blogs I used to read earlier…unfortunately google reader stopped and I dont remember my feedly password 😦 But I really need to start…


More on the R front later…Thank you for reading me despite the fact that I am highly irregular…I hope to start being regular in this space soon 🙂


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30 Responses to Updates of my Crazy Life!

  1. Tharani says:

    Yayayyay RM I am grinning wide at your last statement. I miss the old times where my day would start by reading your post. I am so glad you decided to blog regularly 🙂

  2. Crowded flyovers are the ONLY thing that stops me from calling myself the perfect driver. Shaa. They make me so nervous. The signal/bridge near Sancheti in Pune is my biggest fear. The day i conquer that bridge, bas…thats the day ill die in peace.

    Best of luck my fellow fighter, we shall overcome!

  3. Varsh says:

    Since both our kids are almost the same age I can understand what you mean, literally. What I find endearing is that all us moms have similar problems. ☺
    A Jr likes playing in the building downstairs too. He wants to start football but I want to wait until I discover this isn’t another passing phase. The feeding gyaan…I get a lot too. I still feed but I think it is easy for me since I’m a SAHM. In your case, it is understandable.
    The sibling love….wow! That’s the best part of my day. When A Jr comes from school and Angel almost jumps on him happily….or when she reserves her sweetest kisses for him. 😊😊

  4. Varsh says:

    Ok…I realised my comment was on my kids 😛
    R and R2 sound so adorable re! Tell me….does she sing properly? I mean.. I envy those kids who sing beautifully at such a young age on tv. Hope she does well. She’s more brave than my boy who wouldn’t even learn skating for fear of falling!
    Soy milk and skin condition part I didn’t get. She has a rash? How to give it?
    Finally…good going girl…you drive! In Mumbai rains! Kudos! 😃

    • R's Mom says:

      Oye kuch bhi… love reading about the kiddos 🙂

      and no BOTH of us dont sing properly heheh! my child will never be a child prodigy man!!!

      She may be lactose intolerant re…abhi too young to do tests eh

      • Varsh says:

        I don’t have an eye to identify a child prodigy if i saw one. So i gave up trying to examine if i there were any traits in my kids. 😛
        Plzz spare the child….even when she grows up yaar. Some kids don’t take to milk easily.

  5. Smita says:

    I miss these kinda updates!

    And there are so many Yay’s! For the car/ music/ pizza 😀

    As far as breast feeding is concerned let others say what they want to. YFWG 😀

  6. freakyveggie says:

    Good to hear your updates after a long time , keep them coming 🙂

  7. SS says:

    Dear R,

    Stopping to feed your baby at 8 months old may seem like a big thing now. But trust me in the big scheme of things this will not matter much after some time.

    I had some issues with both my babies and this is what my doc said – try to feed them for 6 weeks so your hormones help restore your body, then if you can try to feed for 3 months so the baby gets the most benefits from the breast milk. After that it is all bonus. I pulled through until 5 months until they started solids and that was the best I could do.

    In the marathon of being a mother breast feeding is just the first mile. You have many more miles to give your daughter and we need to pace ourselves to do our best at every leg of this beautiful journey.

    Forget the critics. To each their own.


    • R's Mom says:

      thank you thank you and more thank you for your comment! you are right…and the end of the day…its about enjoying what we CAN do with our kids, not what we couldnt do eh?

  8. My Era says:

    RM you are inspirational. If I could be half of what you are (in every aspect) I am sure, it’ll feel like jumping over the moon. *I meant every word of what I just wrote*

  9. I Am catching up after so many weeks. It feels so good to read this post . You are doing great girlie! Keep rocking!👍

  10. Greenboochi says:

    Awww hugs RM. You are super woman only 🙂 Loved reading all this update wala post 🙂

  11. JN says:

    Hey..i’m not sure about soy milk for R2.. I’ve heard soy is difficult for babies’ bodies to break down. hoping for the best. http://wholesomebabyfood.momtastic.com/tipmilk.htm

  12. ashreyamom says:

    come back RM.. we are missing ur daily posts.. especially the rain and local train once.. we want to hear more about R and R2.. ..

  13. Saregama over Skype has got to be the most awesome thing I’ve heard all week 😀

    Screw everyone with the opinion, your body, your kid, your choice.

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