Dear R

You turned SEVEN!! I mean Seven is an awesome number you know…seven seas, seven sur notes, seven colours of rainbow, seven whatever (Ma is bad with numbers re!)

But wow, thats an awesome age to be me I personally feel seven to twelve is like the bestest age to be understand everything, you are young enough so you get your way and you have no worries in life including studies and you are old enough to enjoy little joys of life, whether its slurping on an expected ice cream your thatha got for you in Goa, or beaming with joy and thanking loudly your Chitti’s mother in law for giving you that extra bit of chocolate. This is the age where you find big joys in small things and this is the age where you know that life is awesome!

You have taken to R2 as if she has been with us forever, and honestly, like the other day, you and I were talking, Amma, was R2 really not there with us before? I dont remember that at all 🙂

While we are not at a stage when I have started treating you like a friend, I am definitely telling you things and you are listening. Like how I liked a book I read, or a particular earring that caught my eyes, or if I am upset about something and you ask me what happened Amma?

AFter R2’s birth you have become very close to your Appa (yayyay!) and both of you go out together to do shopping and have fun and what not?

You still retain the habit of crying at the drop of a hat and if things dont work your way, unfortunately, you are bawling! I am hoping you get out of this habit fast…

You still have an inferiority complex about your complexion despite Appa and I doing our best to show you the positives…but I am hoping that your natural confidence and happy go lucky nature will eventually turn you around.

You are a pro at eating junk food, but thankfully demand your fruits and curd as well, This gives me some relief.

This year, I was the most astonished to see you make friends, so easily. When you went to Goa and got bored at home, someone suggested perhaps you could go to the local daycare there. When your Thatha Thathi took you, you just went in, said hello hello and sat down to play. After that, everyday used to be a fight because you wanted to go as early as possible and we had to make you stay back. I am really blessed that ways, darling…

Your reading skills have improved by leaps and bounds, and sometimes I am surprised with your speed and clarity of reading, however, much to my dismay, you are not a reader at all. I never see you pick up a book and read until I pakao you into reading one!

TV is your best friend, and the past one year has seen us have many a fights about your TV times. And I am losing the battle more than winning it. Now I have realised we just have a pact. You watch for x hours and we pre-decide on that…While weekdays have no TV, weekends seem to compensate it…again, I am hoping this is just a phase…

You are okay trying out new things and are yearning to eat Chicken lollipops at home..unfortunately, you have parents who dont eat non veg food which means you go to your Baroda Thatha and freak out with him 🙂

You still get bullied in the building, but you have started to take it in your stride. You come home, cry and little and once I explain stuff to you, you are like, yaa ma, let it be.

Goa also saw you improve your English speaking skills suddenly. Appa was surprised to hear you speak such good English on the phone. But your main language of communication is Hindi. You speak like a typical Mumbaikar with re and tu and stuff 🙂

You are good girl most times da. Helping me out with everything at home. Sometimes your way of talking borders to downright rudeness and I am trying hard to make you stop it. I am hoping you will get down the right path soon 🙂

Your birthday party started off with me wanting to make bhel/ pani puri/ chole bread for the kids, but Appa vetoed everything and just ordered samosas and chips. Thats good enough, RM, he said, you cant be a super mom. Be realistic and stop thinking you can cook for 25 kids..guess he is right and you were kind enough to agree to it as well. I do feel a bit guilty about not giving home made food, so I added cheese sandwiches to it as well 🙂 We did have fun with the Cinderella cake and all that!

You love love love make up and yearn for me to let you put on some. This is a gene which got to you from where, I dont know 🙂 I hope to let you start using make up when you turn 18 *sticks tongue out*

Your sister thinks the world of you and she reserves her biggest smiles her widest hugs and her jumpiest jumps only for you. You can make her drink her milk, eat her kooyi and even make her sit with all your singing and dancing. She loves the fact that you come in and say R2 meri paapaaaaaaa in your singsong voice.

This summer vacation saw you learn swimming, skating and learn how to use a dictionary. Of course, that makes you the jack of all trades and master of none, but hey, I am not complaining.

I just hope you continue to smile and enjoy life forever. I pray that you make friends wherever you go and you get out of this stupid complexion inferiority and all that.

Loads of love, kid



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38 Responses to Dear R

  1. Shweta says:

    A very happy 7 to R…!! You forgot to add… “you are the reason RM can put down such awesome posts!! ”

  2. Prachee says:

    A very happy Birthday to R…!!

  3. How could you forget Seven is the most magical number! Dumbledore’s words. Will not talk about the seven horcruxes. Haha
    Happy birthday to lil R.

  4. Maya says:

    Yay. I was waiting for this post from yesterday and finally it is here! Such a cute letter, RM.

    Happy happy seventh, little girl! Wish you lots of fun, happiness and good health! 🙂

  5. simple girl says:

    wow!!.. happy birthday R.. lotsa hugs …:)

  6. Richa says:

    Happy birthday to R.
    And many congrats to you RM for having R2. 🙂 I kept away from blogging for long and was happily surprised to find out about R2.

  7. Visha says:

    Happy seven to R 🙂

    Means you had 25 return gifts ready :O Here, I was breaking my head with gifts for ten kids 😀
    RM…you are great!!

    The scene with R and R2 with her singing plays out similarly with Moo and the niece 🙂

  8. Swimming, skating and how to use the dictionary ! (R’s Mom, what do you mean you are not complaining ? At 7 years ? ) Wow ! Great going R ! and Many many happy returns of the day !

    • R's Mom says:

      hehehehe but its like jack of all trade and master of none heheheh!

      Thanks so much will pass on your wishes and a visit is due to your place soon 🙂

  9. Happy Birthday R !!! Hope u have a fantastic year ahead…. You sound like a wonderful little girl and a great big sis… Stay happy kiddo !!

  10. A very very happy birthday to cutie R! 7 is definitely a very cool age. Give her loads of hugs from all of us readers, RM. 🙂

  11. ashreyamom says:

    happy b’day R.. 🙂

  12. Sangitha says:

    Awesome! Happy birthday, R! Catching up on my reading here, RM – lovely to see you guys doing well with the spring in the step I sense from your posts! Good stuff!

  13. Happy happy to bright little girl! She is so smart r – u better have all upur answers ready for this one

  14. anisnest says:

    Happy happy birthday kanna… R you are a sweetheart and growing very fast dear.. Complexion is not worth a penny darling.. I learned it very late in my life.. I hope you will learn it very soon. You have the bestest parents and May God bless you with best of everything in life..

  15. Deeps says:

    Bless you, dear R! Loads n loads of hugs and love to you & R2 from me & Namnam 🙂

  16. Swaram says:

    Happy birthday my darling. Muah 🙂

  17. freakyveggie says:

    Happy Happy Birthday R 🙂

  18. Very happy birthday to R and lots of blessings! Your letters to R & R2 always makes me go awww… Liked this one too!

  19. Happy birthday R , a tad late but best wishes nonetheless !

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