Dear R2

So you turned six months old last week and Amma has started office. You dont seem to be much bothered about it as long as you get your food. 

We did a small anna prash ceremony for you last Monday and you were licking everything joyfully. Your Appa insisted that you be first fed by your Akka since she was the one who really really wanted you 🙂 He again broke tradition and asked me to feed you next, and then he fed you along with both your grandmas 🙂

I guess the ceremony was pretty symbolic because you are back to eating your wheat porridge hehehe!

You are not a very fussy kid and am a lot more relaxed with you. Unlike the times when akka used to sneeze and I would rush her to the doc, I am like ‘sneeze 10 times and then we will see’

I dont know whether its good or bad but that is it 🙂

Yesterday we had gone to a function and I was pretty much ok leaving you on the floor and letting another aunty give you milk and rotis. You didnt seem much bothered either!

Guess thats what they mean by experience 🙂

I keep reminding myself that each child is different and you and Akka will be too. But guess you are following your akka’s footsteps till now. Crying after every meal that the meal got over no matter how much the quantity hehe! Refusing to crawl too much as it takes up too much energy and proving that my laziness genes are dominant in you just like in Akka’s. And giving me trouble while trying to sleep. Of course your Baroda Thatha blames it squarely on me saying you have travelled too much during both your pregnancies till the last minute, what were you expecting? 

Its been a good six months and I must admit I dont feel that time flew. Having a child is no joke and whoever tells you that kids just grow up and you wont realise obviously didnt have you and Akka as kids. Its be a tough six months for me with joys and frustrations alike. But the joys definitely overweigh the fustrations 🙂

You are trying to sit up and enjoy pulling everyone’s hair. Akka and I are your favorite targets 🙂 Your best smiles are still reserved for Akka and Appa, and surprisingly it doesnt bother me too much 😉

A calender is your favorite thing and you love anything with numbers on it. Makes me think you are going to be a Maths Professor 😉

Love you and Akka both



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18 Responses to Dear R2

  1. summerscript says:

    Maths Professor ah..Dei 😀 😀

  2. Happy six month birthday to R2! 🙂

    Love the way you guys did the Annaprashanam ceremony. Super!

    Bubboo has started grabbing at things too – she pulls at my hair like anything. Her best smiles, funnily, are for her Kollu Paati i.e. my Patti. She just has to hear Patti’s voice or look at her to give a big, goofy grin. 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      Super cute na…aiyo pulling your hair eh? I am going this Saturday to chop off all my hair…will do a really short cut and then she will have nothing to pull *gives evil grin*

  3. greenboochi says:

    What a lovely letter RM.. lots of love to the little darling and her awesome akka 🙂

  4. Varsh says:

    Wow RM…we moms are alike yes? My girl turned 6 months old 2 weeks back and I did a post for it too. ☺
    I totally agree…joys overweigh frustrations anytime. In my case though my son was non-fussy…this girl’s learnt throwing tantrums very soon. 😉

  5. Maya says:

    Or a chartered accountant! 😉 Ok, now we want Akka’s updates! 🙂

  6. Pepper says:

    Wait! R2 is 6 months old already? I have to see her soon.
    Seriously, did you say she turned 6 months old? Are you sure? Didn’t I just come to see her in the hospital when she was born, like last Monday?

  7. freakyveggie says:

    Such a sweet letter:)

  8. momofrs says:

    Hey Dear,
    How’re you?
    Am replying after ages but believe me , I’ve been following your posts diligently 🙂
    Its wonderful to read about R1 and R2. You are a lucky mom indeed 🙂
    Anyway, just to let you know, after years of working, I sat at home for nearly 2 years (around 6 months in India and then nearly a year and a half in Chicago). It was fun initially, being there for the kids all the time, But somewhere, I missed being the professional that I used to be. I became grumpy and morose, iritable at the drop of a pin and prone to bouts of self-pity.
    I finally got a job and even though its temporary, I realize how much it affects my self-esteem. I’m still managing time with the kids, maybe not as much as before, but they arent complaining, so all’s good 🙂
    There was a time I used to feel guilty about leaving them behind, but now I don’t. We make the best use of the time we have on hand.
    Am so happy for you……keep smiling your wonderful smile and keep blogging. Someday, inspired by you, I might kick into gear and start posting again 😀

    • R's Mom says:

      You are an awesome person Noor..and you know that eh? And thanks for putting this comment…now I do feel better..I guess I am not the only one having all these weird thoughts in mind 🙂

      Glad you got a job and are enjoying yourself now…Shobby and Lui are rockstars re

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