Dear R2

When you are older and at some point thinking why the hell do I have R as my sister? Why couldnt it be someone else? Thats when I want you to read this post.

I think you are an extremely lucky girl. To have R as your akka. She does so much for you, girl.

She dances non stop for half an hour singing loudly so that you lie down smiling at her without crying and ma can eat her food!

She sings lullabies for you so that you sleep and ma’s throat doesnt pain!

She changes your cloth diapers when you pee

She applies your cream on your legs and hands every night gently and slowly

She never makes a face when you do potty! I tell her to go from the room incase it irritates her but she says ‘arey Amma everyone does potty what?’ She has even offered to clean the potty clothes! (An offer I have been refusing:))

She scolds me when I get bugged at you and keeps telling me ‘Amma give her milk, she wants milk!’ Even as you start crying

She shows you off to all her friends and says you are the cutest one around!

She told me ‘Amma its okay if you dont come down to play Holi this just take care of my sister’

There are a lot of things she foregoes just so that I can give you milk and take care of you!

Yes, everyday she will also complain about you being a pain and all that, but the way you smile and jump when she is around is so so amazing that she forgets all the anger. You have a special smile for her. No matter what your mood or how much you are crying or drinking milk, as soon as you hear Akka’s voice, your face breaks into a smile and then a wide grin.

‘See see Amma she is looking at me and smiling’ she tells me so happily and proudly!

You are her Paapa, paapi, kutty, kanamma, kannukutty, darling, baby and dearest sister!

You are very lucky, R2. I just hope this love and bonding is there between the both of you forever and ever!

Slightly teary eyed and counting my blessings



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47 Responses to Dear R2

  1. I have a younger sister who is the most precious person in my universe 🙂 Wishing the same for your girls!! 🙂

  2. Smitha says:

    How precious is that!! Hugs to the little darling. I’ve always said, R is a super star!

  3. sanityvows says:

    I have an elder sister just like R 🙂 There is always something special about a sister. Those who are blessed with one know what I am talking about 🙂 god bless both the kids 🙂

  4. Awww… How sweet!! Being an only child I never got to experience the special bond of a sibling. Ready to kill each other for kill for each other if required!

  5. Comfy says:

    Oh My RM! These two steal my heart every single time ❤

  6. That’s the beauty about having sisters! God bless!

  7. mahabore says:

    The love that sisters share is something that only they will ever know and understand fully 🙂 God bless both of them with this special kind of love throughout their lives 🙂

  8. Maya says:

    Go.. Now give a big hug to R and R2 from Maya chithi, ok? Sibling lou is the best. 🙂

  9. Awww!!!!! Bless your little ones and hope that they always look out for each other.

  10. amita says:

    A virtual kala tikka needed again. God Bless. Hope R and R2 get all the happiness in life 🙂

  11. Such a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful post, RM. Big kala teeka to the two sisters and god bless. Please hug them both tight for me and give them loads of wet kisses. 🙂

    I am teary eyed myself, after reading this post!

  12. One more teary eyed aunty here… ♥♥♥♥ to the 2 kutties

  13. Smita says:

    Awww!! One of the sweetest post ever 😀 Gives me an idea to have 2nd baby..just to see the sibling bonding…but then I remember ur whatsapp status 😀

  14. R is so sweet…changing diapers without cringing. Love to her.
    Love the sisters’ relationship.
    My sis is 8 years younger to me and I remember being very involved too. And she saved her special smiles for me when I got back from school. Best feeling ever. Oh and now in our 20s, we both are still very close.

    • R's Mom says:

      Awww..thanks its so sweet of you to give me an elder sister’s perspective..Hugs to both you and your sister..and I hope R and R2 share the same love

  15. greenboochi says:

    I can so totally relate to R 🙂 Having an younger sister just rocks 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      I love reading about you and your sister..and always wished if I had another kid, it would be a girl 🙂 So there, I confess you did play a role in my deciding to go ahead with another kid…another inspiration was Pepper and her sister and then Comfy’s two girls 🙂

  16. Laila says:

    Awww… such a heartwarming post. Love and hugs to both of them :))) I have two elder sisters and I know that love 🙂

  17. mamata says:

    You touch my heart with all your posts Dear RM, everytime I read your posts especially about these two R’s it take me back to my memoirs. My blessings to your two cuties. God bless them

  18. seema3 says:

    Sisters are the Best!, know from experience, I wish I had 2 girls , my son does the same for his younger sis and she is always in smiles just looking at him

  19. I’m also teary eyed! So, so heartbreakingly adorable, R and R2. 🙂 Give them extra hugs tonight, RM.

  20. Scribby says:

    that’s why making of two and all the concept 😉 I so loved to read this post… god bless R and R2’s love… touch wood 🙂

  21. I had tears in my eyes.. reading abt siblings love.. touchwood!!

  22. Prachee says:

    Oh my…A six year old R behaves so mature…!!
    Siblings are blessings….*Touchwood* for the sisters bond..stay blessed 🙂

  23. Pepper says:

    I can assure you a 100% RM, R2 will NEVER wonder why she has R as an older sister. Not once, not for a moment. She will only feel happy and blessed all her life. Mark my word.

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