Letter to my Daughters – Education

Dear R and R2,

One of most common taglines on T shirts I see college children wearing is “I was born intelligent, education ruined me!”

I must admit I quite like that tagline. But that doesnt mean that I believe in it 100 percent. Actually the definition of education is pretty vague, eh?

Most of us associate it to the formal schooling. Well I guess it is that. The rest can be bunched as ‘life experiences’ eh?

Well, when you girls turn teens and the pressure of education starts to show its ugly face to you…here is what I want you to remember

1. Everyone doesnt have to be a first ranker. You can be average or even below average in studies. In the long run in life, your rank or marks barely matter

2. Everyone cant be an engineer or doctor or office goer. So go on to train to be a zoo keeper, geologist or caterer.

3. Train to be something in life. It gives your life a purpose and in dire circumstances, food on the table.

4. A lot of folks will tell you to learn by applying logic and understanding concepts and not learning by rote. But honestly, girls, I even learnt mathematics by rote. I still havent understood the concept of differentiation and integration. A lot of the stuff we study at school can be learnt by rote and then forgotten. The basics, yes please get those concepts correct. Of course, if you wish to do advanced studies then get ALL the concepts cleared eh?

5. Never join a particular stream of studies because your friends are doing so. Amma did so and I must admit, it wasnt a great choice *gives sheepish grin*

6. Along with education/schooling, try and pursue a hobby. Like dance or music or a sport or well anything. Eventually in life that will give you a lot of happiness. And if you can use that to get food on the table. Wah! You are plain lucky then 🙂

7. Never ever compare your grades with anyone or even with each other. Or discuss a test paper after you have written it. Even if you are sure everything is right. Saachmein, its really not worth it!

8.  Take part in extra curicular activities in school and college even if you are bad at it. Trust me you will miss all that when you grow older 🙂

9. Enjoy your school and college. Like a typical old woman let me tell you ‘those days will never come again’

Learn. Enjoy. Train. Study enough to ensure you can get a job to put food on your plate. Get your basics right so that no one can cheat you.

Love from a still trying to learn in life



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11 Responses to Letter to my Daughters – Education

  1. srividhya says:

    Love all your points.. especially number 7… I love maths.. My favorite subject but at the same time the subject which put my rank behind because of a simple division mistake that I did in my 12th grade. Even then I couldn’t hate it. I totally agree with you regarding teaching maths. They need to teach the practical applications of math. If you really see math and physics problem solving are related to each other. Differentiation helps to derive the rate of change formulas..
    ok lemme stop here.. I can keep talking about this… 🙂 🙂

  2. Zoo keepers, zoologists and caterers are in more demand than I-am-also-Software-Engineer types. Micro-specialization is not only essential, it will also be critical in the future.

    Good to see someone admitting these things at this stage of their life! 🙂

  3. Very well written again, I am so loving these letters of yours… Wish there were more cool Moms like you! What we were told is that academics was everything. So what did we do? We studied, got decent paying jobs, cultivated new hobbies, funded our own hobbies by doing something we hate sorry dont like much and enjoy the hobbies!

  4. Beautiful. Couldn’t agree more with each and every point.

  5. Very nicely written again… I love these letters of yours!

  6. Deboshree says:

    Yeay, another lovely letter with sound advice. Those days indeed never come back.

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