Letter To My Daughters – Career

Dear R and R2

As a working mother, my natural instinct is to tell you girls to work. Like I did in my previous post, telling you to earn your money. By the time your generation starts earning, I personally believe there wont be too many women NOT working. Work from home will become common and women may find it a tad bit easier to handle home and family and work and all that!

I hope that by that time, men will learn to be ‘equal’ partners and help in every aspect of life including child rearing and home management.

But kids, what I want to tell you is that whatever you do in life, do it with full sincerity and dedication. Your Baroda thatha had once told me that become whatever you want, but ensure you give that profession your 100%.

Whether you decide to stay at home and look after your family (which is a tougher alternative to working, really!!)or just dabble around with stuff trying to figure out your vocation or do a 9 to 6 job like Amma, always give it your best shot.

Just remember a few things

1. Dont make your job, your life. Always always strike a balance between personal and professional life. Remember you live only once, and you dont need to live for your job.

2. Take holidays. It refreshes you, though I do agree if you say that unpacking the suitcase is one of the most irritating things ever.

3. Be honest to your job. Which includes not flicking a pencil or pen from work 🙂

4. Decide your path of progress yourself. You can either be a driven person like your Appa or a well-I-just-work-for-money like your Amma. Its important you figure out what you want in life.

5. Remember people join companies but leave bosses. Try and maintain a good relation with your boss and if you are not happy be bold enough to leave.

6. Respect your peers and juniors and never be ashamed to ask anyone if you dont know anything. Never under estimate anyone and always ask if you dont know.

7. Take a challenge at work but dont get overwhelmed. Stick to timelines and ask for additional time prior to the deadlines

8. Appa always tells me that only crying babies get milk. So ask for that raise if you think you are entitled to it.

9. Be bold enough to change career paths. You can go from being an astronaut to being a zoo keeper to being a baker to being a dancer if you wish. Have that confidence in yourself eh?

10. Admit if you are wrong. But defend yourself to death if you are confident about yourself okay?

When you grow older and read this you will find it funny that amma wrote all this stuff. Because Amma hardly knows anything about a career.

Yours always wanting to be stuck in a lower position in the organisation



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16 Responses to Letter To My Daughters – Career

  1. amitasingh10 says:

    Hi RM

    Hope you are enjoying the tough fourth trimester :P… Kya baat hai. Nowadays you put up very serious posts. Marriage, Career, Money…. Once your kids grow up ( I mean a bit more than R), these are some things R1 and R2 will face everyday. Don’t scare chintu R2 from now onwards… and R1 can also relax yaar.. I am sorry I know am intruding in your personal space yaar. Your blog, your views … 🙂 Also, why no mention of RD now…. ?

  2. Prachee says:

    A ‘double thumbs up’ post RM…specially liked points no,5 & 9
    Adding to independence, I also love the fact that a job gives you your identity..instead of somebody’s daughter/wife/mother/sister…you become Ms. XYZ and there are a group of people know you by your name and not by Mrs. so n so 🙂

  3. Deboshree says:

    I love this series of letters. You give some really sound advice and I am sure this will hold true for many years to come. Look forward to more. 🙂

  4. Deeps says:

    Wish I had such sound clarity of thoughts while advising my daughter. Loving the series of letters. I’m learning a lot from you. Looking forward to more 🙂

  5. How much you are thinking! Im inspired by you to write to Chutku but I feel its all going to be emotional junk! Like I said in an earlier post-Im going to bookmark these posts so I can read them to him someday…or read them myself? They apply to me too!

  6. “Yours always wanting to be stuck in a lower position in the organization”
    Did you just peep into my head and write that? Did you? Did you? Coz thats the exact same thing i feel. I simply dont want the headache of additional responsibilities, but the higher pay is always welcome 🙂

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