This Too Shall Pass…..

…… has become my favorite phrase now a days.

I must confess I often find having a second child overwhelming. Whether its feeding her or putting her to sleep. I seem to have forgotten a lot of things which I did for R. For the folks who think its easier the second time over, let me assure you its NOT. Handling the first child along with an infant just makes it so much more tougher.

Sore breasts, backpain due to constant sitting, cranky baby and crazy sleep patterns are all handled only because my Amma is here, at every step, like a rock. Handling my mood swings, making R feel absolutely special, putting R2 to sleep AND taking care of the house.

I keep telling myself often now a days- this too shall pass.

Two days ago, RD had gone on a office trip, when R and R2 lay on either side of the bed while I lay between them. R had thrown a casual leg on my leg, with her hand on my tummy (which is like a mountain shaped pillow she loves cuddling) while R2 slept on her back like infants do in their special way, with the fingers of her right hand curled around the forefinger of my left hand. That moment, I realised, that its totally worth it. Having another child. It gave me a sense of peace for the first time since R2 was born. For all the constant cribbing I am doing, that moment was a sense of calm. A sense of contentment and a sense of all the good things to come.

I may continue to crib, but that’s when I realised I am so glad I had R2!
And thats when i realised that yep this phase too shall pass and life  will bring in its special moments for me to enjoy 🙂

PS – waiting for R2 to turn one fast!
PS 1 – more than me its her akka who wants her to grow so that she can share her pooochkas with her little sister (I will eat half and she will eat half and all the pani which falls into the plate, we will share half n half…main thoda zyada loongi, ok Amma?, main big hoon na 🙂 )


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47 Responses to This Too Shall Pass…..

  1. srividhya says:

    This too shall pass.. Very Touching post. Life will bring more special moments for you.

  2. RajK says:

    I don’t cry easily, but the end of this post brought tears to my eyes. HUGS to R!!! She is an amazing little girl!!
    As for you, my dear, just hang in there. It is not easy, I know. So don’t beat yourself up, crib a little, hug a lot (especially your mom!) and know that, yes, “this too shall pass”. BTW, not to stress you out more, but once R2 turns one, there’ll be more challenges :-). But that too will pass 😉
    Believe me, there will be many more such “It’s totally worth it” moments!

  3. Loved this post, RM! Yes, hold on to those precious moments and keep going. She will be one in no time at all and the sisters will soon be doing all the things R dreams about and longs for. I remember being 9 years old and waiting for baby sister to grow up quickly, so R’s comment made me smile.

  4. Maya says:

    Hugs, RM.. to you and the two little brats! This shall definitely pass. Now, smile..

  5. Deboshree says:

    Sharing fuchkas is incredibly difficult. I can never do it. I love them too much. 😛
    What a sweet post. Good luck with everything. And yes, “this too shall pass” is very motivating as a catchphrase! 😉

  6. Sid says:

    So cute 🙂 Yes, the phase too shall pass,….and before you know it, you’ll be wondering where all the time went, no? Enjoy the phase 😀

  7. UmaS says:

    R is total cuteness akka…much love to her :*
    That moment when you found your sense of peace – thats the same for me – even now. While I lie between my girls, on the bed, both of them lie on my hands, faces snuggling against each other – one of my best moments of motherhood.
    Hugs mommy…..yes this too shall pass and you’ll find utter bliss in every moment the girls smile at you ❤

  8. Smitha says:

    How adorable was that! I can totally imagine that situation. You between the two of them. Hugs!! And I’m sure totally, totally worth everything you mentioned before. Don’t wish too hard that she grows up fast! They grow up way too fast!

  9. R is such a super cute akka. 🙂 I wouldn’t share my poochkas or my poochka pani with anyone. 😉

    I too keep telling myself often these days – This too shall pass. Thanks to Amma and the OH, I survive.

    Beautiful post!

  10. Visha says:

    I had such a realistic visualization of you and the daughters. May you get many more moments like this 🙂 How is your health RM?

  11. greenboochi says:

    This too shall pass RM.. big hugs 🙂 Love to R and R2 🙂

  12. Smita says:

    AWWWW!!! I agree with you on this…1st or 2nd a child is totally worth having and we realise the magic of having a child only when we have it!!

    May you continue seeing the silver lining 🙂

    Take care

  13. anisnest says:

    God bless you all RM!! a lovely post this is! I am picturizing that moment and smiling wide 🙂

  14. Prachee says:

    All the best RM…R is a darling…its a big thing to share poochkaas and that too in such a cute way…please pass on my cheery hugs to both the sisters 🙂

  15. simple girl says:

    that is such a cute post .. Hugs RM… lots of love to R and R2..

  16. Aww pleasures of raising two kids😍. Loved this post RM. Take care of yourself !

  17. Maddie says:

    You are brave RM. Hugs to you and lots of love to R and R2 🙂

  18. For all the tough times…you get 1 moment of peace all totally worth it! Really…if R is ready to share her poochkas…muaahh and hugs to her! She is more mature than me…I dont like sharing mine with Chutku!! Infact I steal a couple from his plate too…

  19. Deepa says:

    See if you get Lansinoh in Mumbai, I am pretty sure it should be available there, it helps hear sore breasts very soon. If not, give me your address, I will ship it for you.

  20. Deepa says:

    Gawd! I mean “heal”. You know that I am sure ;).

  21. Comfy says:

    Every time I hear someone say second time is easier, I want to give them a danda. It is not! It is challenging, it is a lot of work, it drains you out. But it does get easier as they grow older, which is where the silver lining is. And in your case you can always delegate the important things to R – “R can you teach R2 her ABCs” See perfect future 😀
    RM as hard as life is right now, the two special ones will keep tying their threads around you. It will give you the contentment you need and will tie you in knots of course 🙂
    Hugs to R for her sweetness and to you to hold on for a bit more.

  22. RM I know exactly what you feel and are going through! Just hang in there. Although you may not miss being the zombie, you sure as hell will miss all these special little gestures that babies do.
    Let me share what G used to tell me when D and R used to act cranky, and attention seeking…savour this moment when you are their world, soon enough they’ll outgrow you and have their own world and you’d be the one trying to seek their attention.
    Love R and R2…lol on the poochkaas though! R and her ideas uff, but then she gets that from you. Love ya. Tight hugs!!! And kudos to aunty…..RESPECT! Here’s hoping that we as parents able to achieve atleast a fraction of what they do (and especially with the cool and calm composure:) )

  23. MR says:

    The 2nd one is hard, it’s not double the workload it’s many time more the workload. it was v v tough and for the first 3 yrs we both wondered if we had gone mad to have the 2nd one. well we still think that now but just not that frequently 🙂
    but now that the older is in his teens nd the younger is close ot teens nad independent , i go along life merrily, however i warn any and all unsuspecting newly and scare the heck outta them.
    this too shall pass, they shall grow and you shall reclaim your time back. trust me when i go home nowadays and sit with a cup of chai and a engrossing book, and look around at no noise just homework doing kids in their own world, i repetedly thank my lucky stars..

  24. Choxbox says:

    It does get easier, but it will take some more time.
    Also they will squabble.
    BUT it is the bestest thing to have, a sibling 🙂

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