Two Times Three Now!

R says Amma, two times three is six!

Honestly, I dont feel an year older than six at times..but unfortunately, time and tide wait for none and hence I did turn two times three yesterday, to turn 33!

Amma, you are sooooo old, giggled the brat, when I told her how old I turned. Yep, darling that I am 🙂

Funnily, this birthday, we did nothing dramatic. Not that we do anything dramatic every year, but this year was pretty subdued.

I had my star birthday a couple of days ago and RD and R got me a yummy chocolate cake in the evening. When I came back from work, the brat wasnt playing down in the building and I was very surprised. I went up and she went going up and down saying ‘Amma aayi Amma aayi’

Much to my surprise, I got a yummmmy chocolate cake which said Happy Birthday Amma 🙂

Sigh! RD even went and got a candle for me to blow (candle to blow karne ka Amma, otherwise what birthday!! asked the brat when I was like forget the fuss!)


I blew the candle, wished for everyone’s good health and cut the cake. And RD has improved. No surprises at all. He had asked me what I wanted for my bday…I had asked for this long time ago.


The guy was kind enough to get me two of these 🙂 And dont laugh, do you know how useful that bag is it to keep the soap in?

And then yesterday, we didnt go out at all. Except a trip to the temple.

R had another bday party to attend in the afternoon in the building and she was all excited about it.

So what did you do, people are asking me today.

I said, I made all my favorite food

Breakfast – Sabudana khichidi
Lunch – Awesomely yummy (though a bit of salt would have taken it to another level) egg biryani thanks to Smita
Dinner – Schezwan noodles made my style

And I even baked an eggless banana chocolate cake thanks to Smita again.

In short, it was a birthday where I just received calls from loved ones, loads of messages, unexpected ones as well and rested doing nothing except cooking.and of course, the brat and her dad gave me the official birthday gift. A bag. A college/school bag which was much needed since the current one I take to office is torn and tattered.

RD is really proving to be an excellent learner as far as giving gifts are concerned 🙂

I guess, this was one of those birthdays, where I realised that, the whole party thing is pretty over rated eh?

Yep would have perhaps enjoyed, going out, but had equal fun sitting at home and resting peacefully.

Ok. Now its official. I AM DEFINITELY OLD!


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52 Responses to Two Times Three Now!

  1. Prachee says:

    Hey…RM wish you a very very Happy Birthday…!!!
    Stay healthy..Stay happy..& Always keep smiling..!!

    And LOL on your first gift of Surf Excel…I mean..I can’t help it….ha ha ha

    And come on yaar…33 is not that old….we still have some black hairs left on our head 🙂

    PS: Loved the title of post.. 🙂
    PPS: *Same Pinch* from a fellow September born 🙂

  2. Deepa says:

    Hello! How old is 33 when you have a 39 year old typing out this message to you. Just Pfffft you know. You are a certified bachcha dearer:-)

    How lush and oozing with simplicity and goodness is that cake, my-oh-my. I was literally eating it off the screen in my fantasies. And remember I told you a while ago that your RD is a keeper. Well, now I’m doubly and triply and more times proved right eh. I mean how do you even get angry at a dude who gifts you not one, but TWO Surf Excel ka packs. Thats the stuff of my dreams I tell ya, that M could mind read and know I wanted something like that or take hints when I drop them:-) The bag I’m sure is sugar and spice and all thats nice but the Surf Excel, now thats taking gifting to a whole other level. And a good one mind you.

    But, enough of this chitter chatter. A very happy one R’s mum, you deserve a good, restful B’day and may you get an entire week to yourself watching reruns of Friends and eating vada paav(and missal paav and spicy bhel and paav bhaji and chili paneer and whatever else your tim-tum lusts for). Here’s hoping to that.

    • R's Mom says:

      LOL…he doesnt read my mind darling…I just tell him what I want :):)

      Thanks so so much….and I hope that lovely wish you have given me, comes true some day..I will surely let you know if it comes and hugs to you 🙂

  3. Tharani says:

    Belated birthday wishes RM. Sorry that I forgot to wish you yesterday.

  4. Deepika says:

    Belated Happy Birthday RM 🙂
    Wish you a lot of happiness!!

  5. Old…schmold….age, RM, is after all just a number. Belated Happy Birthday.

  6. Sushma says:

    Happy Birthday 🙂

  7. Pepper says:

    Oye, at 33 you are still younger to me. Like the brat told me, I am 42 😛 So you’re not all that old, okay?

    Chalo, good hai. Itna awesome food tha. Aur kya chahiye birthday pe. 🙂

  8. Happy Birthday RM! 🙂 Cake looks yummy! Glad you enjoyed your special day! 33…it’s a nice number! 😀

  9. Oye, R’s Mom, if you are old , then I must be in my reincarnated avatar ….. 🙂

    Sending belated happy birthday wishes to you !

  10. Swaram says:

    Belated wishes RM. And am drooling over eggless banana chocolate cake now 😛 My fav combo 🙂

  11. Belated birthday wishes! I didn’t know at all that it was your birthday yesterday. 😦 Would have wished you na?

    When will you stop being so practical da? 🙂 Go treat yourself to some luxurious gifts, for a change!

  12. smdeea11 says:

    Happy birthday! 🙂
    You are not at all greedy:-o You asked for only one soap:-o
    You could have asked for a carton:-P
    The cake looks so so yummy!
    So the dress shopping was for your birthday?
    Where are the pictures of your dresses?
    Happy happy birthday once again!

  13. Shweta says:

    Wish u a very happy belated bdae RM!! 33 ain’t old at all… Just liking things quiet doesn’t make you ancient!! Have a super year ahead and keep on churning awesome posts!

  14. That’s a sweet post! Happy Birthday! 😀

  15. srividhya says:

    Happy Bday again.. Glad that you had great and calm time. send me pic of the school bag yaar 🙂 And between is that surf excel, soap or soap holder. I didn’t get it.

  16. Suma says:

    Happy Birthday RM!! Have a great day and wonderful year ahead!

  17. kinmin says:

    Happy happy birthday RM!! 🙂 love the relaxing and happy birthday celebrations!! I think there’s too much pressure to go out and party on these days!! It’s better to do whatever you feel like doing and what makes you happy on your special day!!

  18. Comfy says:

    haaawww!!! By calling yourself old you are calling me maha old, not done, not done at all!!! 😥
    Happy happy birthday RM. May you get everything you wished for when you blew that candle. May the coming year bring with a lot of smiles and beautiful memories. Hugs and more hugs!
    Sabudana khichidi .. more reason to cry for me. I can’t made a good one to save my life and I love love love it. Recipe please!!!!

  19. Divya says:

    Happy B’day dear R’s mom!!

  20. Belated bday wishes RM. Glad you enjoyed your day your way!

  21. Happy Birthday to you my dear !!Wishing you the best this year has to bring. Wishing you loads of happiness !

  22. UmaS says:

    Time spent with family is the best…and belated birthday wishes 🙂

  23. Happywala birthday RM! 🙂 May you always be 6 at heart and always have the entire world at your disposal (that’s how we feel at 16, not sure about 6 though!) And please, go indulge a bit ya!

  24. Sangitha says:

    You write exceedingly well for 2 times 3 years old! 😀

    Happy birthday, R’s Mom! Wish you much health and happiness this year and in those to come!

  25. Nidaa says:

    33… My sis’ age. Saw the post and your gift from RD. Morning started with a fit of giggles, thanks to you. Happy Happy Birthday!!!

  26. Rachna says:

    R’s Mom I am going to turn forty in a couple of months. You are making me feel ancient. 🙂 I loved the cake and the practical birthday gift. I am so over this party thing. I don’t even host birthday parties for my kids. I prefer homely celebrations just like the one you had. And finally, belated birthday wishes.

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