I Wish…..

Inspired from Smita’s  post

…folks on escalators would realise that they need to stand on one side for others to pass. One stands on right, other stands on left, and I feel as if I am weaving a web when I am walking past them

…folks would stop walking in pairs on narrow stairways. Its such a pain when you are in a hurry and need to get to that train..and here is a pair walking with all the time in the world as if they are going in a garden!

…folks would stop stopping suddenly on staircases and stare at their phones. Thrice in the past week, I have bumped against them, when I am hurrying to get that train and they are walking and STOP they go to check something on their phone!

….folks stop peering into their phones while walking in public places. Apart from the safety aspect, they dont look around and often end up bumping and blocking way!

….folks would stop taking life so seriously and lighten up a little

…people would stop writing off the new Govt without giving them an year’s time. I am sick and tired of reading that they are a failure. Fine. They are. But then at least give them time na!

….I could remember all the subplots in Jaya by Devdutt Pattanaik. I am reading the book currently, but keep forgetting all the subplots he has so superbly presented in it

…I could get a job in the country of my choice. I would go there, settle down and go to work without cribbing eh?

…..I could let go of this guilt everytime I buy something for myself. I went and bought some clothes for myself on Sunday and have been consumed with guilt ever since. Why? I dont know. Its weird. Its not that it was some million dollars or anything. But somehow the guilt hasnt left me!

…..I could understand why MBAs think they are superior to ‘just’ graduates…I know doing a PG is not easy at all, but dont treat us like dirt eh?


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20 Responses to I Wish…..

  1. UmaS says:

    All in all, you have a lot of problems with ppl who keep staring at their phones in all the odd places, when you are always running to catch the train 😀 😀
    Go on..have read so many times now…I give myself tests to remember the sub-plots !! Theres time RM…you need to read it again and again 😛
    ha ha…that guilt factor – its terrible, I tell you !
    Now I am inspired to write my set 🙂

  2. On escalators, are you supposed to stand on the left or on the right? Very few places have signages that give this instruction. So the people can’t be blamed.
    Getting a job in another country …: the grass always looks greener on the other side, but it may not really be greener!
    I agree on all other points of this nice list.

  3. smdeea11 says:

    The first four points you mentioned, this happens almost everywhere!
    Guilty on buying clothes for yourself? Gift it to someone:-D I wouldn’t mind;-) 😀
    Jokes apart, post the pictures of the dresses na:-)

  4. Deboshree says:

    I wish all your wishes come true! Several of them coincide with mine. 😉

  5. srividhya says:

    May all your wish come true 🙂

  6. Deepa says:

    ooohhh, poor dear, you’re truly burning up aren’t you. Here’s a nice back rub from me to you(*rubbing R’s mum’s back now….*). There, there are you feeling better? Hope so sweetie.

    But, totes on you with all points made above. All that stopping and staring and strolling hand in hand and not standing aside to let other in….the stuff that gets on one’s nerves and grates and grates over time.

    Ok, now about about a nice photo session in new clothes. You can post next down if you wish to although we’d be delighted with all of you for sure.

  7. RajK says:

    Whew!! Feels good to know that I’m not the only one who forgot the subplots in Jaya!

  8. Couldn’t agree more with the last line. 😦

    Which one is the country of your choice?

    Stop feeling guilty, girl, and enjoy giving yourself a treat once in a while. 🙂 Relax!

  9. Pepper says:

    You know RM, my friends who are not from Mumbai always complain that people in Mumbai are forever in a big rush. They are running at all times. The typical Mumbaikars get mad at people who walk slowly or pause to look into their phone or don’t leave space on the escalator for people to whiz by.

    Ideally people should be more conscious of the inconvenience they cause others, but I realised my friends are right too. Why are we forever running? Everything is rush rush rush. So much so that we start getting mad at people who don’t rush. Now I try to not run and I allow people to wade through life if they are not in a rush. I think we really need to calm down a bit? Kya hoga? We’ll miss a few trains and will be a few minutes late.. (I know people like you have to get to places on time and your schedule is very tight. I still think we can try to be less stressed and hyper)

    And I am fully with you regarding Jaya. Been trying to retain all the million subplots but it’s so hard!

    • R's Mom says:

      I really try and think that way..okay so I am going to miss this train..but the next one comes in 4 minutes…but you know what the problem is..when it happens day in and day out and I see people not concerned about causing inconvenience to others, it irks me…yes I do agree Bombay folks are always in a hurry…but but..thats the way the city works no?

      Those subplots drove me crazy..I so want to remember all of them..may be I will just buy the book eh?

  10. gsumarji says:

    I wish people would call up to cancel meetings rather than texting on whatsapp. Whatsapp is so impersonal.

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