So Amma Is the Villian

Today is Teacher’s Day. R’s school had declared a holiday today and they had extra class tomorrow. Then suddenly, yesterday evening they sent a note saying that there is school today and no extra class tomorrow. In short, total confusion in the already confused R family.

We had to send some decorations and a card with the kids for the teacher’s day activity. Thankfully the lovely Summerscript had sent a kit to R on her birthday which I worked on yesterday and made some basic designs for her to stick on a card. I worked hard yesterday night spending an hour and a half on that.

Anyways, that done, we were all set.

Today I get a call from her daycare teacher saying R doesnt want to go to school.


Teacher:She says all her daycare friends have leave in their schools so she doesnt want to go. Plus we have celebrations here in daycare as well so she is having fun!

RM: Give her the phone

R: Amma, please

RM: no da you have to go…etc etc etc

Major crying session takes place. Her teacher gets super bugged at me, saying that if she doesnt want to go let her be. I try to explain to her teacher about the celebrations in her school as well. Plus her school is off the first 3 days of next week, so a lot of homework, yaada yaada….

Teacher: Errr..RM, you know what she is saying..

RM: What

Teacher: She is telling me ‘Teacher, thats why I told you to call my Appa. My Amma will never let me take a day off from school. If you had called up Appa, he would have said yes immediately’

Sigh! now you know Amma is a villian
PS – The brat did go to school. I convinced her about her school friends giving cards to the teacher but she wont be able to give.

PS1 – RD called her up and spoke to her and she told him that Amma is like that only..

PS2 – I can officially retire as a parent soon eh?


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26 Responses to So Amma Is the Villian

  1. Nidaa says:

    Dont worry RM. Mothers are and will always be the villain.
    While Papa used to give in to my tantrums just to shut me up, Mumm never did (let me bunk or do something ‘cool’). She was a fussy Mumm.
    My sis is the villain because she makes my nephew wake up, bath, eat (which he HATES) and go to school & turn deaf to his pleas for everything sugary & chocolatey. But when shopping with Jeej, he gets him everything. Thankfully Jeej bcm wiser and doesnt do that anymore.

  2. Pepper says:

    Hahahah! R sweetheart, you are super smart. Amma is evil. When in doubt, always call Appa.

  3. Bikramjit says:

    Ooopsy daisy…

    Gone are tge days when mom said yes and dad was villian… he he he he..

    I can safely say that i would love to have a daughter now …

  4. Maya says:

    I am so sorry RM but I actually LoLed at R’s response! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ And, you are not a villain, RM. You are a hero(ine)! See.. You convinced R to go to school, right! Super-mommy. Way to go! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  5. greenboochi says:

    Errrr… R might change her opinion RM. Because I changed. I always thought my amma to be stricter than dad – who always was very cool. But once I could understand her intentions, I had no issue at all πŸ™‚

  6. Smita says:

    Nope! You can’t!!

  7. smdeea11 says:

    Oh yes, mommy is always the villian! My son is 18 months old and he and partner are a team and I am the villian! You won’t believe, when my son was 3 months old, his only reply to the question ‘what does mumma say?’ would be ‘nuf nuf’ which means enough in a frustrated voice!
    Sigh! I can totally relate!

  8. Point is R is so clear headed n knows both of you.

  9. Oh man..these kids are super smart. They know exactly what buttons to push and with which parent. But like I say, someone needs to be the bad cop, eh and I happy to take that role for the general benefit of the family. Bandar all of 2 years old behaves so differently with me and her dad. She has him around her little finger.

  10. Ayyo! You are not a villain da… I would have done the same in your place.

  11. srividhya says:

    In our household both are villains according to vaandu.
    Amma is a villian because,
    Amma doesn’t allow me to take off from school or classes.
    Amma doesn’t allow me to watch more than 3 episodes of cartoon
    Amma always asks me to eat vegetables
    Amma is always behind me to practice music and do homework
    and this continues….
    Appa is a villian because,
    Appa always asks me to clean up my toys and put my clothes properly
    Appa always asks me to brush my teeth fast both in morning and in night
    Appa always asks me to take shower fast
    Appa doesn’t let wear my favorite white socks daily..
    and this continues too

  12. I am with you here RM. I don’t mind being a bad cop in my house. Chucky would probably say the same thing !

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