This Ganesh Chaturthi

I realised

– Festivals are meant to be enjoyed with family, not about the perfect prasad!

I reached home late on Thrusday. Very late. At about 8. With R in tow. RD had a very bad allergy and couldnt pick up R. I weaved my way through the horrid crowd at the station, and the market and pleaded to a rick guy to take me to the brat’s daycare. HE finally agreed and then we got stuck in MAJOR traffic jam on a road. and reached late.

By the time I reached, I was irritated and bugged. I snapped at RD for some silly reason. He didnt say anything. I started to prepare for the modaks for the next day, making the filling etc. RD asked me why I was rushing so much since he would leave for office early and anyways I could do the nevidiyam at my own time. I continued to snarl and get bugged. He left me alone and I put on the stuff on the stove and we got down to eating dinner. I was bugged and irritated and even found faults in my favorite dal dhokli. RD kept telling me to chill and I kept snapping at him. R was laughing at us saying, Amma you are fighting so much.

And then I got this slighly burnt smell. Realised that I had forgotten the poornam on the gas and it had started to burn. I went screaming ‘Darn, darn, darn darn’ R came to me and said ‘Its okay Amma, Its okay amma’ Its not okay I screamed at her.

And then RD came in saying ‘arey look at it this way, Ganesha will get all yummy food to eat everywhere and he will be bored, so a slightly burnt modak will be a good change no?’

I looked at him with anger and asked him to shut up. He did.

And then I realised, I was snapping ever since I reached home. He told me calmly that RM, for whom are you doing this and why this effort to behave like a super human. Whose going to check if you made the prasadam or not. Who is going to judge you on this. Why do you have to do things when you are tired?

And I realised he was right. I took a deep breath. R and I went down to buy some curd and I even got a fanta for us. I came back home. All three of us had the fanta. I cooled down.

I realised festivals are about enjoying with your family. They are not about making the prasad on time or even making the prasad. The point is to have fun. I got reminded of the story my mom used to say that when she was a kid, her mom used to get up at 4 and ensure the prasad was made before 6 so that my thatha could do the nevidiyam. Unfortunately, my thathi wasnt a very morning person and would keep getting irritated all the while at her kids instead of letting them enjoy the festivities. Amma usually made it a point to make the prasadam aaram se without bothering about the timing.

I realised that she is right. At the end of the day, its about family right. And the fun!

I took out whatever I could of the unburnt poornam and then made it into small golas. Then R and I took out the broken Ganpati we had made the previous day. Bought feviquik and stuck the broken ear and the trunk. Then we took out some paints and painted the Ganpati 🙂 By the time, we slept it was about 10.30 PM (really late for R!) but we had fun doing it. I didnt bother one bit about what prasad I will make or will it be okay or not!

– I realised that festivals do help in socializing

I am not a very social person. I barely talk to people in my building, more because I am not at home most times. But this time, I took out time to go and visit three ganpatis in our building, and I am glad I did. Apart from the super awesome prasad, I also enjoyed interacting with folks 🙂

– Its good it rains during viserjan!

At least it rained on the second day. And I thanked God for it. At least the noise pollution from the crackers stopped. I wonder if Ganesha goes through some kiind of a treatment at the end of the festival every year, to get his ears repaired on something. Gosh! People really enjoying loud music eh?

– Teaching R ecofriendly-ness at this age may not be a very brilliant idea

So R came along to see the ganpatis in everyone’s house and she said ‘Amma our Ganpati looks so chotu na? we should have bought from store na?’

I was like yaa but..and went on to explain the plaster of paris yaada yaada to her.

And she just zoned out!

and this is how R and I decked up our Ganpati and prayed on Friday 🙂

Prasadam included

1. Steamed Modak which were pretty decent
2. Parappu Vada
3. Salty modaks
4. Sheera made maharashtrian style 🙂

20140829_095327 20140829_095342 20140829_102851


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29 Responses to This Ganesh Chaturthi

  1. simple girl says:

    did you yourself made the ganapati idol ? That’s pretty cool …

  2. Bingo's Mom says:

    Wow… cute kozhukkattais and cutest Ganapathy!!

  3. Swaram says:

    Glad you all had a great time RM 😀

  4. srividhya says:

    Ha tell me about making prasadam in the morning. . I m not a morning person either.. usually for varamahalakshmi I take off 😉 seriously. Finishing d prasadam n poojai I can’t handle. For ganapathy I don’t need to do the pooja. Hubby does. Still the tension to finish d prasadams n goto office. This time my vada became bonda 🙂 my sodapal story again..

  5. Scribby says:

    I was reading and then I re-read “very late as in 8 pm” : )

    generally I reach late and my late means 10 pm 😛 but anyway I have the luxury to reach office at 1 pm!

    I like RD’s take on the Ganesha’s outlook 🙂

    and at the end of the day it all looks yummy and you did so much! Hats off RM, you’re great!

    I’m yet to learn how to make steamed modak.. I know the fried ones..

    Ganesha leaves tomorrow from our place 😦 it saddens me year on year!

    • R's Mom says:

      Your late comings are legendary babes..even in the R household everyone knows Scribby’s late comings 🙂 I am glad you have started to disconnect from work now a days..

      I know..loads of folks get upset about the Ganesh bhagwan being taken away..guess its more to do with the cycle of life no? What comes has to go 🙂

      Steamed modak is easy..will send you recipe

  6. Smita says:

    You know these lessons we learn the hard way. Sometimes I sit back and think why do i take so much tension on finishing things on time (like cleaning house etc)? I should rather spend time with my family and that would make them more happy than a clean house!

    I dropped the idea of making modaks for the very same reason……

    And your ganeshji is soooper cute!!!

    We are so alike….on many counts…like the avoiding to meet people!! SIgh!!!

  7. Tharani says:

    The pillaiyar is so cute RM 🙂 and as always RD is right huh.

  8. Prachee says:

    your ganpati looks super cute….!! Please tell R, that yours is the cutest ganpati I have seen so far this year.. 🙂
    And I agree with you on all points…specially the first one….RD summed it up pretty well…At times, we should remind ourselves to slow down a bit and enjoy the small yet precious moments

  9. Deepa says:

    your modals are real cutie pies and am 100% sure Ganapathi Bappa loved them very much. As for mine lets just say he must’ve had to undergo mouth expansion surgery to eat them because for some reason I overestimated the amount of dough I needed, ended up with too much of it and then instructed Hubby(who was in charge of making them while I belted out orders) to just make them XL sized! Now I have a ton of extra dough I know not what to do with.

    I love that you and Rd and R got together to make the murthi. Have you ever taken R to the sarvajanik Ganapathis around your place? I ask because am wondering if it would be a good idea one year for me to come down and take V around or would it be nauseating in the crowds?

    Happy belated Ganesh Chaturthi R and to your entire family.

    • R's Mom says:

      Arey Deepa extra dough..make amani modaks…its too late now..but remember next time you have extra rice flour

      1. Add some salt, hing, red chilly powder to the flour
      2. Mix it properly
      3. Make small small balls out of it..about 1 cm diameter
      4. Steam it like you steam idlis
      5. Some people add mustard tadka to it..but it tastes nice as is..

      Infact, my Appa always tells my amma to make extra dough so that we can make salt modaks 🙂

      Plan to take R to the local ones re..not going far away

  10. Santulan says:

    oooh this is nice.. This way the ganpati is more personal to the family, and the kids have fun making it too.. Them modaks look so yum 😀

  11. I realised that some time back too – that festivals are meant to have fun with your family, not a competition to make the best prasad. In fact, it is not about making prasad, even. 🙂

    I am glad you enjoyed a happy Ganesh Chaturthi with your family. I was sick – still am – and didn’t do much. 😦 And, it is one of my favourite festivals. Gah! Next time…

    I love your eco-friendly Ganpati re.. In fact, I have loved seeing all the pics of eco-friendly, home-made Ganeshas everywhere this year that I am thinking I will make my own next year. 🙂 We have a POP, store-bought Ganesha, but we use the same one every year – we don’t do visarjan for it. Same at my mom’s and in-laws’ place.

  12. Deboshree says:

    What a super cute Ganpati! 😀
    And yes, very apt lessons shared.

  13. Visha says:

    Arre wah, R n RM u two are very artistic, love the Ganesha!!

  14. hitchy says:

    You have a gem in RD with you! *touchwood*

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