Dear Mumbai Metro Travellers And Mumbai Metro Folks

You know something, we all are very proud to be a part of the Mumbai Metro. We all have waited LONG enough (8-10 years) for this to become a reality. We all know how important this east west connectivity is. The daily fights for the buses, the pleading to the rickshaw wallahs who pretended to be the king of the andheri Kurla road, etc etc. Now all gone. While I see rickshaw guys standing outside Andheri station, pleading passengers to get in (my Ha moment) I can see buses a bit emptier. It gives us all a sigh of relief.

Just some things I wanted to tell you

1. The metro belongs to ALL of us. So can you please ensure you keep the place clean. You must admit that the Metro guys are doing AN AWESOME job to maintain the cleanliness. At least in the trains and platforms. (havent checked the loos yet) Every morning and evening, I see someone or the other cleaning up the platform, the glass panels, the handrails of the stairs and escalators. Its been spic and span everyday till date!

2. The escalator. We all are in a hurry to go and catch the metro. But there are some basic rules to follow when you are in an escalator. Please stand on one side if you dont plan to walk on it. Please dont keep changing sides as if you are walking in the local train station. Dodging and walking and stopping and moving. And it would be good if you dont stand in pairs and chit chat because it just blocks the ENTIRE crowd behind you eh?

3. Basic courtesy requires you to STOP for the passengers to alight first and then get it. Even if there is only one passenger. But we all seem to rush to get in and dont even care if we push other people in that

4. Get inside and MOVE. This is my biggest biggest biggest issue with all of us. Why cant you MOVE inside!! everyone gets in, turns around and then just STANDS. no one moves in. What about the passengers who are boarding after you?? We are so much used to doing this in the bombay locals that we are just spilling the habit over here. I mean, in Bombay locals I can understand because the train stations are on one side and there is so much crowd that you CANT get in. But but..metro is not that bad na…and then other thing of standing there without moving even if its not your station. Why cant you step aside for people to board in?? Its not like the locals that you can get off the moving train na?? The doors have to open, there is a sensor which will track if you are on the way down okay???
5. Standing in a queue to get out of the station. We all rock on that for sure. I love to see that people stand patiently in queue nad even if the coins or the smart cards get stuck occasionally no one is losing their tempers and shouting or anything. Of course the Mumbai metro guys do a fabulous job of being on the watch all the time, and step in immediately to help.

Having said that, here are few things I want to say to the Mumbai metro folks
1. Despite being super late, you are definitely worth the wait boss.

2. Always always on time

3. Your staff is helpful, nice, friendly, polite and absolutely a delight to watch even with passengers who are rude

4. The smart card thing works so well for all of us

5. Your staff is extra helpful to old people, pregnant women, differently abled folks. They go out of their way to come and help infact. Even when people dont ask for it!

6. The coaches are clean neat and perfect!

7. When I boarded a train once, a staff member of yours boarded along with me. HE realised the AC in the coach was not working. He called up his colleague and within the next two stations, the AC started working. We actually were so shocked that folks were clapping for the efficiency!!!!

8. The escalators sometimes stop working, but they are ALWAYS ALWAYS repaired by the time I reach the same place in the evening or the next day!

9. The folks standing on the platform to keep reminding people to stay behind the yellow line are polite yet firm, nice yet ensure there are no accidents. Especially since we mumbaikars have the habit of leaning on the tracks and check whether the train is coming or not!

10. The platforms are always always clean and the lifts are all working superbly.
Thank you Mumbai Metro. You are a pleasure to be in. Everytime I travel by you, I get reminded of the Underground of London which fascinated me. You are doing the same thing here πŸ™‚


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18 Responses to Dear Mumbai Metro Travellers And Mumbai Metro Folks

  1. Deeps says:

    Absolutely agree, the least we as travelers can do to cooperate with the Metro authority is keep the trains and stations clean. We owe at least this much to those who have made travelling so much more convenient and hassle free. Oh and yes I hear you..we have this amazing quality of turning into mannequins as soon as we enter the train, don’t we? How we love to stand still with our feet firmly fixed right next to the door and not give anyone else a space or chance to move!

    I have only had a chance to travel by Delhi Metro and I am a big fan of the network already! They have made lives so much easier!

  2. Pepper says:

    I have never traveled by the metro. And so far, I’ve heard an equal portion of good and bad things about it. The attitude you mention in the first half of the post makes me want to kill people. Self centered idiots who just stand in the way instead of moving inside. Just because they got in. This place is full of jerks. But on the other hand, you’ve mentioned a lot of good things too, which have been unheard of so far. So hopefully, things are changing and all is not lost. Will live with that hope for sometime..

  3. Bingo's Mom says:

    I am jealous. *goes off to check the status of Hyderabad metro*

  4. Smita says:

    Now I need to experience this!!

    And aren’t you expecting a tad tooo much from us?

  5. Prachee says:

    Loved this post RM…this should be published in some newspaper, I mean, in some way, it should reach to wider public and metro folks as well..!!

    PS: I am yet to get the Metro experience…you have tempted me even more.

  6. Rachna says:

    I am waiting for Metro to have better connectivity so that I can use it often. I had a good experience in Delhi this summer though the Metro can get really crowded. The biggest pain points are the massive security queues.

  7. anisnest says:

    now I know more about mumbai metro πŸ™‚

  8. Deboshree says:

    Ah, a Metro post. Always close to my heart. πŸ˜› I am glad the Metro seems to be working out on the whole. I am sure the knicks and knacks will get resolved with time. Very well written!

  9. paatiamma says:

    Having traveled in peak times in Chennai local train and in Hyderabad’s State transport buses, I was pleasantly surprised to see people patient while boarding in Delhi metro! Now am so used to metro that the thought of local train makes me shudder!!

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