After a Gap

I have not been writing or even commenting or even approving or even READING blogs..its so weird because I always love reading blogs..they give me things to think about, stuff to try out and ways to make my life much better.
The past few weeks have been crazy. I havent had time to read or comment on blogs at all. But trying to get back to routine now. Thats why logged in on a Saturday πŸ™‚
I usually avoid using the computer on weekends, because I want to disconnect myself with the virtual world. But I suddenly realised, I dont have time to connect to the virtual world, so then disconnect cant happen only no?
Some random happenings over the past few weeks
1. I met up with Smita. She and her family are such awesome folks. We had so much fun talking talking and more talking. R and Arnav got along pretty well initially. But R got cranky after a while (she was tired) and then she started complaining that Arnav doesnt share his stuff with her.
Arnav the sweetie, goes to her and says ‘aap gussa ho kya. Didi, gussa nahi hote’ :):) And the brat melted πŸ™‚
and of course, Smita and I went jabber jabber jabber. Her parents are super cool too. RD and I spent a lot of time talking to them. And her husband opened my eyes to a lot of things in life including buying stuff off e-bay. I am a fan of his now πŸ™‚
And oh the menu.
Roti, pulav, pani puri, dahi puri (she actually made it with her hands and gave one by one to RD and me, one by one *falls at feet*, tandoori aloo, mater paneer, boondi raita, chane aur aam ka achar which aunty had made, home baked awesomely yummy cake (the brat had some 6 pieces!!!) and fresh cream and fresh fruits dessert.
By the time we finished, I swear, I was waddling like a duck and still wanted to eat more. Smita is the most amazing cook on earth! even as I write the menu, I am having water in my mouth!
2. The brat has her exams. Just one left for Monday. She comes back home at 7 and then wants to play down till 8. And then sit to study. I get a bit irritated Β but I keep reminding myself she is only 6. I cant keep pressurising her. RD and I have had a lot of arguments about her studies. He thinks I take her studies too seriously and I think he doesnt bother about them at all. He says let her be, I say let her be too. But I do believe that I need to at least keep a tab of what she is learning at school. In short, this is one thing on parenting, we dont seem to agree on!
But we are married for 8 years now. So we have learnt to find the middle path. Which usually means IGNORE the other person if you dont AGREE *grins* So he doesnt bother, and I try and bother a bit!
The brat midst all this is pretty cool. ‘Amma, Β mereko sab kuch aata hai’ This is what confidence is all about eh?
3. I had the most amazing pani puri and pav bhaji on earth, at the start of August. Pepper’s mom was kind enough to listen to my request and invited us over for dinner. Sigh! the very thought of that food brings water to my mouth. And aunty was so sweet so sweet so sweet, that she actually packed multiple dabbas for us to carry the extra stuff home. So we had pav bhaji for breakfast the next day and pani puri for dinner as well. She had actually packed enough for the three of us to have our fill. I really wonder what good I have done in life to have such awesome folks around me!
4. IMC’s book week was a big success. But Β honestly super exhausting. And I didnt even do much. Preethi seems to be bitten by some kind of a super bug and kept the moment high right till the end phew! and what work boss, what work. For those of you interested in my sentimental thank you post, please click here.
5. I have been mailing TGND regularly and one of the things she told me is to recommend some books for her. Honestly, I have had no time to read. And then suddenly RD came back with some 20 books from his office for me. I was flabbergast. I mean TWENTY books. Apparently there was some giveaway in his office and he grabbed as many as he could. Including some Enid Blytons and one Mills n Boon. He also got a Wodehouse. And thats what I am reading now.
RD: Are you happy RM?
RM: distractedly looking towards the books : Of course boss, I am
RD: Great
RM: Are you serious RD? you got ALL these for free from office..really really
RD: Yes yaar, kitne baar bolu..some giveaway we had na..
RM: Wow
After a pause,
RM: By the way, man, where am I going to keep all these books?
But you know what guys, I married the right man, I think. There are times when I feel like throttling him, but then these are times when I feel, wow, this guy sure knows the way to my heart.
So TGND, I am going to read the books one by one and let you know theek hai?
6. I am getting bored with my work. I need a break. I need a change. I need to do something different. Please pray for me okay?
7. Our building had an independence day celebration. A lot of folks showed enthusiasm this time. A newly formed Ladies Welfare committee which was formed on the 10th of August, decided to have a small cultural program. This included some songs by the ladies and a couple of dances. The brat participated in one of the dances. Before you read what song she danced on, please ensure you are sitting or standing at a safe place where the possibility of you getting hurt is not there.
She danced on a song which goes ‘Ata maajhi satkli’ which has no connection WHATSOEVER to independence. But I didnt say a word. I swear. Two ladies in the building requested me if R could come for practice everyday (thats for three days in a row!) at about 6.30 in the evening. I agreed. She danced on it with another boy who is around 5 years. I must admit for 3 days of practise she did a wonderful job. But but..aata maajhi satkli errrr…okay whatever!
RD was nice enough to leave office on time and pick her up from the nearest bus stop and bring her back on time for practise.
A lot of people came and congratulated me on having a kid who dances so well. I was like I didnt even do anything. Please thank the other two ladies.
Midst all this, we also had a lunch that day in the building. Poori, chole, pulav, kadi and gulab jamun. Pretty yummm..
Overheard: The lady who taught R the dance telling some aunties who were sitting with her. RD is a very good father, he actually takes care of his daughter, made her eat while I was waiting to take her up for practice and even made dosas for her.Β 
I was laughing. I mean, he HAS to take care of her no? Anyways, RD, you have now got the certificate of ‘great father’ from the ladies in the building eh?
Okay, I think this post is one of the longest I have written on this blog. So I am going to stop now.
Hopefully will get time to read and comment on blogs and perhaps even write some on my own.
Till then, be good okay?

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19 Responses to After a Gap

  1. Swaram says:

    I could only see that you met bloggers (:mrgreen) andddd ofcourse all that food!!!!
    Smita, when are you inviting me over? πŸ˜› Oh! And congratulations to RD on the certificate πŸ˜›

  2. Good to see you back! πŸ™‚

    All that awesome food – God! I am jealous, okie? πŸ™‚ Here I am, craving for something chatpata and nice and home-made, and not getting anything except sambar, rasam, rice and curry. 😦 I so crave some good home-made Gujju food and chaats, yaar!

    The giveaway in RD’s office sounds awesome! 20 books for free – wow! Super cool. Do let me know as and when you read each one of them. Would love to know what you felt about them.

    Errr… R comes back at 7 in the evening and then wants to play till 8? Isn’t that… like.. absolutely fine? A kid needs her play time, na?

    Even I don’t understand the concept of playing totally irrelevant songs on religious and other occasions alike.. back home in Ahmedabad, I used to be like ‘Why?’ when people would play songs like ‘Mangta hai toh aa ja rasiya re’ for Ganesh Chaturthi. Glad to know I am not the only person who feels that way.

    LOL @ RD getting the ‘super father’ tag. Why is it assumed that bringing up a child is the sole responsibility of the mother?!

    • R's Mom says:

      Justed finished a PG wodehouse and now started with a Micheal Crichton – The Great Train Robbery..will let you know about the book once I a days travel by train makes it tough to read, due to the crowd etc!

      Aiyo, I wish I could parcel some Gujju food to you rey…theplas and sev tameta nu shaak!

      yes yes…R comes back and 7 and wants to play till 8 is fine..just that she needs to finish homework AND study for her exams AND sleep by 9.30…I am a miracle worker on time at night πŸ™‚

      yaa I remember that Mangta hai toh aaja rasiya…hilarious eh?

  3. Bikramjit says:

    Well well I can definitely vouch for the not reading blogs… sadly my blog suffers from that as I get one reader less .. he he he he

    And now you come with this telling me all about food and I am drooling.. I did read smita’s article telling about the meet..

  4. Deepa says:

    ok in order of priority first things first- oh the food you’ve been feeding on my dear is making multiple mouths water on this side of the atlantic/pacific(depending on which direction you’re looking in) because I read out that whole smorgasbord of stuff you ate out aloud to my boys here. You witch you:-) I bet you put on that pretty, me-so-starving smile and everyone around feeds you silly:-) Ok, so when we meet in Mumbai, I will also cook for you. See how you get to me too, not fair no?

    Ladies Welfare Committee?!?! Now that seriously sounds like the No.1 Ladies Detective Agency in disguise to me:-) I say, fake it, joint it, spread the tales here on this blog of yours. We’re all ears.

    And finally, any guy who grabs books for you in a giveaway(mine doesn’t even grab toys for his son when a pinata is broken at a budday party) is seriously for keeps. Like, for-ev-ver.

    • R's Mom says:

      hahahah thanks thanks sweet of you to offer to cook :):)

      Well, no, this one is really nice..but I loved the No.1 Ladies Detective Agency books πŸ™‚

      LOL…yes yes..keeping him at least till he puts his wet towel AGAIN on the bed :):)

  5. Are you sure they gave 18 books as giveaway? I mean, what a nice office to aspire to work for πŸ˜›

    Destination Infinity

  6. srividhya says:

    sounds like you all had lot of fun at blog meet πŸ™‚ Have fun with the books too..
    Amma, mereko sab kuch aata hai – I can totally relate to this. If I ask vaandu to practice or do something, he is like, “Amma I will manage, so, don’t worry.” I am like ????!!!!????
    Why fathers taking care of kid becomes a headline always? As you say, they have to take care naa..

  7. Smita says:

    RD Is actually one cool guy not that you aren’t πŸ˜‰

    And yes it was great fun meeting you guys, I must thank you for covering half mumbai to meet us πŸ™‚ and as I said, next time we are meeting for zyada time so that even kids get time to gel….A day after you had gone Arnav was crying, mujhe R did he ghar jana hai!!!

    And aaj kal ke bacche are super confident πŸ˜€ and R is a sweetheart re πŸ™‚

    And yes I need to meet Pepper…she has been such a good support to me in last few days πŸ™‚

  8. I miss your posts and your comments RM! 😦
    Please hang around more often. Love listening to tidbits from your life. Great to hear you and Smita met up. The food made my mouth water. No photos??

    • R's Mom says:

      Sanch!! Aiyo..I am just getting back to the blogging world now..pakka se will read your blogs…missing you too..forgot to take photos..the food was so good *grins*

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