I am Lucky eh?

Dear R

I am really lucky to have you. I swear.While you are still responsible for all the grey hair on my head, which your father exclaimed so loudly in the food court yesterday that half the people who were seated next to us yesterday stared and checked out the greyness, I think I am lucky as a mother.

While all mothers may say the same about their kids you know, but I must admit I am really lucky. I feel should note down this for you to read, when you are 16 and ready to disown me forever.

Saturday, Appa and Calcutta Thathi planned to go to Shirdi. You didnt want to go. You said you will stay with me or even go to daycare, but you didnt want to go. We tried convincing you to go, since I had a lot of work in hand. With the IMC Book Week starting today, I had tons of stuff to upload, yaada yaada. I told you I wont be able to spend time with you. Plus with your results for the first exam coming in, I had to go to your school to collect them and your daycare couldnt send the van that day.Due to all this confusion, Appa and I requested you to go with him. ‘But Amma, I dont get to see you all week, please I want to spend time with you’ you told me. I felt bad, but I told you that I will spend the whole Sunday with you.

After a lot of cajoling, finally you agreed. And not only that, Appa hasnt stopped exclaiming what a wonderfully cooperative girl you were through the entire trip. Thanks darling, for being so wonderful.

And then, yesterday when we went to the food court, you wanted to play in the play zone. Appa agreed. I disagreed due to the crowd. Appa said ‘let her play for 20 minutes’ And you went in. When Appa called you exactly after 20 minutes, you came out in a jiffy. You tried reasoning with him for an additional 5 minutes, but when he was insistent, you came out. Without a fuss. And thanked us for letting you play despite the late hour. Gee, when did you grow up so much?

And then since Thathi went back to Calcutta today, I have to reach office late since your daycare opens late. Which means, I will return home late. When I told you today morning about it, you told me ‘Its okay, Amma. You dont get worried. Appa and I will manage. I will even do my homework with him, okay?’

Thanks da, I am just plain lucky to have a kid who is so understanding. Of course, you are still responsible for all my grey hair and sore throat, with our fights and screaming sessions okay?



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28 Responses to I am Lucky eh?

  1. Lucky you!. And lucky us, because we get to read about what makes hair go all grey and throat all sore. But then again, what’s life without a little grey hair and sore throat.

  2. Santulan says:

    Get her chocolates ya 🙂

  3. uma says:

    Such a sweet post..R is a sweet kid. We must give our kids the credit they deserve, no, RM? My R is also understanding in many ways and quite a low-maintenance guy compared to many other kids 🙂

  4. Deeps says:

    Tight hugs to R from me too! She is a darling!

    Oh its such a mixed sense of feeling isnt it, RM when we realize that our kids are growing up so fast? On one end we bicker about how handful they have become and how we cant wait for them to grow up..on the other end when they do show signs of growing, we wonder why the time flies so fast!

    Hold on these moments! You sure are lucky and blessed to have her 🙂

  5. Awww, RM, that is so, so, so sweet! R sounds so grown-up here. She is so co-operative! 🙂

  6. Maddie says:

    Awwww….what a lovely post. In our hectic lives we forget to appreciate how much our kids compromise to accommodate us. I should do such a post about my son too.

  7. Smitha says:

    You are one lucky woman…R is the best!

  8. srividhya says:

    Touchwood. 🙂 drishti suthi podungo. .

  9. Mrs B says:

    Lots of love to you both!!!! God bless :D. I just feel so happy reading your posts…

  10. This is so sweet RM. She is growing up..such a good girl!

  11. pixie says:

    Awwww!! Hugs to darling R! she is such a darling little girl 🙂

  12. anisnest says:

    beeeggg hug to the little darling.. God bless her..

  13. Prachee says:

    R is a lovely kid…*touchwood*

    RM, I have nominated you for ‘A very inspiring blogger award’
    I know you had been already awarded with this, you need not to take up the tag again. But since it is for the bloggers who have inspired me, I cannot help, I have to mention your name… 🙂

  14. Comfy says:

    When did she grow up so much RM? She has always been such a special kid but reading this letter I could not help wonder at how much she has grown in the time that I have read about her. A big big hug to her and huge one for you too!

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