School Tales

I think the easiest part of parenting is the delivery. After that every step is a challenge. Did I do right? Did I react properly? Should I have done anything else? Darn! Why my child? etc etc…such questions keep plaguing my mind all the time!


Brat is having dictation. MIL made her say all the spellings, since I was late to reach home. I didnt do anything after that, thinking she will write okay.

Next evening, I ask her how the dictation went.

R: I got all right

RM: Oh good

R: Except 1

RM: Oh okay

R: Aap gussa nahi ho na?

RM: No its okay na..wrong toh wrong, now you will remember the spelling all your life right?

R: hmmm

After 2 minutes

R: Amma, I got stones ka spelling wrong

RM: Its okay da

R: I wrote it as ‘stonse’, instead of ‘stones’..

RM: Okay..but when you say stones, ‘s’ sound comes last na

R: yaa..but I like ‘e’ after ‘s’

RM: !!!!


I have had the brat on homeopathy meds since she was about 1 to combat her asthma, and its working pretty well. However, she had a bad cold last week and we got meds from the doctor. She needs to take 3 pills, three times a day. Since she is in school all day, I give her the bottle to school and ask her to eat after her lunch.

Yesterday she came and said ‘Amma, I shared three pills with my friend S as well’

I almost dropped the books in my hand and said ‘Oh My God’

R: Kya hua..sharing kiya na!

RM: No cant share meds..what if she gets any reaction

At this R got very upset. She did mean well, but then…

I told her how risky it was and if something happens to S, we would end up in jail (okay that was exaggeration, but still needed to put my point across!) yaada yaada

She was very upset.

In the night, suddenly she woke up and asked ‘Amma, S will be okay na?’

Darn,I did feel guilty but realised its better to keep her scared than let her share meds eh?


R tells me about her friend K who doesnt like it if R talks to other girls.

R: Amma, I told her so many times, she is my friend and others are my friends, but she says I can only be her friend. ab kya karu?

RM: Do you like talking to the other girls

R: Thats why I talk na (yaa right!)

RM: Then tell K, I will talk to them and you both

R: But K will stop talking to me

RM: Well her loss na..she will stop talking to you for 2 days, after that she will come to you dont worry.

Yesterday, the brat tells me

R:Amma, you are right. K stopped talking to me, but then started talking after two periods. I did like you told me to. you are nice Amma!


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32 Responses to School Tales

  1. Hahaha…this was too good..’i like e after s’..lolol…and I so agree about delivery being the easiest part about parenthood!

  2. ashreyamom says:

    AGREED to the first point.. the constant doubt in mind nvr fades.. when ever bunty says something and i complete it, she is surprised. she asks me how do u know amma?? I tell her amma knows is it all.. suddenly other day she came and told, then Ammamma( grandma) should be knowing more than you.. :P.. what to say.. kids these days are beyond my thinking..

  3. Parenting is a challenge, definitely. 🙂 And delivery is not easy, either. 😛

  4. greenboochi says:

    This post shows me how much I love and miss Risms 🙂 R is super cute and smart 🙂

  5. Smita says:

    AWWW!!! U r indeed nice!!! And u r a good Mother so worry not! None of us are perfect so we make mistakes….and we learn 🙂

    And give R a hug meri taraf se!

  6. Hehe..the jail part had me in splits. I would have said the exact same thing in that situation to get the point across. You are right about the constant self doubt and questions- I get my 22 month old to eat her food by making up some complicated story of one of her stuffed animals coming to life and taking away all the other toys. It works to some extent but then I always think back to whether I am scarring her for life with this kind of story/ whether I am making her develop food aversions / both the above. Sigh! Motherhood

  7. srividhya says:

    These kids .. they wont share toys,books and stuff like that. But more than happy to share all the other (not to be shared) stuff. Its hard to make them understand naa. I am glad that R sat with your MIL for school work. Just imagining if vaandu would sit.. His grand parents dance to his tunes so no way. He does his school work properly only with his appa. Even with me, lot of excuses and talk n talk n talk. 🙂 Lol on stones spelling 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      Well R sits with the MIL ONLY when she knows that I am going to be late..and yes she has her dadi wound around her little mom is a little more strict 🙂

  8. Pixie says:

    aww!! Have I told you how adorable R is??
    hugs to the little champ!
    And RM – you are doing a fabulous job with her 🙂

  9. Nidaa C says:

    Haha Sharing medicines (Ok, I know its not funny)- R is a riot.
    ‘You’re nice Amma’- Awww.

    My 6-yr old nephew and my sis has this kinda love-hate relationship. He ‘dislikes’ (acc to my sis) her because she makes him do everything he hates- eat, bath, study, follow bed time, limit junk etc, while his dad is apparently ‘cool’.
    One day out of the blue he said with a thoughtful expression ‘hmm you are actually nice’. No idea why he said that or anything. But my sis was at her happiest for days.

  10. Pepper says:

    You are doing such a fine job as a parent. Mint and I often discuss what a bright child R is. You guys are awesome, ok? Have no doubts about that.

  11. summerscript says:

    R is very sweet RM. So sweet 🙂

  12. anisnest says:

    I love your way of parenting RM.. Doesn’t it feel so good when they say you are nice Amma.. I seriously yearn for such moments.. God bless you and your family..

  13. Deepa says:

    Amma is smart. Very smart:-) And R is cute. Very cute:-) Did you have to call up the girl’s parents to tell them about the meds she’d ingested? That would’ve scared me shitless and I’d probably have passed on making that call to M(“kaayar no. 1” hoon main). But perhaps in India peeps are easy going and ok about it. Here there would’ve been a major hungama:-)

  14. Deboshree says:

    Super entertaining school tales! I think you should make this a regular feature. Absolutely loved the post. 🙂

  15. Sushma says:

    Love your post RM!

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