Those Weekend Mornings

Dear R

When you are 13 and get really bugged at me for waking you up at 10 in the morning, saying ‘Wake up, its already 10 and when do you plan to get up and have a hair bath’ please do remember these mornings of ours.

For the past 3 or 4 months, we have been having really nice and memorable weekend mornings. Our weekday mornings are crazy, I am screaming at you to hurry up and you are telling me to cool it and that I wont miss the bus, or whatever.

But for the past few Saturdays and Sundays, we actually have had amazing mornings today. You and me. I wake up at about 7ish to find you awake and staring at my face. You touch your earlier-chubby-but-now-getting-longer fingers to my eyelids to check if I am awake. If I am, then you look at me with your amazing brown eyes and ask me ‘Amma, aap sleeping ho kya?’

Hmmmm I reply trying to let you know that I hate opening my mouth without brushing.

But you care two hoots. You start asking me questions. Dozens of them. I try to answer them without opening my mouth, but you ensure that you ask me at least one complicated question which means I HAVE to open my mouth and answer you. We talk about a lot of things.

Your school, your friends, the bus, the daycare, the weather, the sun, the directions, the heat, the cold, food, chocolates, my office, my friends, my bus experiences, your van experiences, Appa, grandparents, mamas, mamis, cousins, chittis, chitappas, perimas, peripas, dance, songs, studies, exams, tensions and what not.

Every weekend morning brings a topic we both have a lot to tell each other. You snuggle in the curve of my shoulder and I put my arms around you. We put the bedsheet over us, sharing the warmth and talking about everything and anything. We try to solve each other’s problems and you tell me so many things about yourself. I must admit, I have learnt a lot about you in the past few months. You are very headstrong, but you fear losing your friends.

You love going to school, but seem to miss all the activities which you had in your Sr. Kg. You love learning new things, but find it tough to keep writing all the time. You are worried about your homework but love the fact that we finish it at one go in the evenings. You think you are going to become a chef, but also like the idea of being a doctor.
You told me that you want to become a doctor in space. When I asked you to elaborate, you said, ‘Main space mein jaungi aur Mars mein jaake dekhungi’ I ask you if you want to be come an astronaut? You say no ‘I will be astronauts ka doctor!’
Sometimes you blow me away with your vivid imagination and your positive outlook in life. I love to hear you talk about your life in general. I used to feel that as a working mom, I am missing out on a major chunk of your life, but these mornings make me feel that there is nothing am missing out.

Sometimes, we just lie down enjoying each other’s warmth and close our eyes being in our own world, until you think of the next topic to talk about. We talk, we argue, we fight, we make up and we have fun.

I love the 30 to 45 minutes we spend together. Every weekend. Its such fun. And then we make plans on how we are going to wake up Appa. Whether you will tickle him or will you jump on him and scare him. Will you scream in his ears or just tap him and call him lovingly.

I try to get up and you keep pulling me down saying ‘Amma, 5 minutes Amma, we will brush our teeth in 5 minutes’

thank you..thank you..and more thank you, R, for these precious moments together.

This is what memories are made of, I think.


PS – No, I still dont like talking without brushing my teeth 🙂


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32 Responses to Those Weekend Mornings

  1. Maya says:

    Awwww! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. greenboochi says:

    Awwwww! Your post brought such loving memories I have had talking to Amma in the early hours during the weekends. Even at this age, we randomly wake up at any time of the night (together!!) and start talking, much to the irritation of dad 😀 I love this post so so so much.

    And I hate to talk without brushing my teeth too 🙂

  3. Prachee says:

    RM, wishing loads of such wonderful mornings to you and little R.
    Is it related to being a daughter…? why my 4 year old son is never interested in talking..I mean he will make hundreds of stories and talk non stop, but never shares his day n activities with me… :-/
    We also used to share even miniature of details with mom, while bro has grown up to be more tight lipped than ever…
    Anyways, enjoy the time and don’t bother too much about brushing, it can wait..cherish the precious moments.. 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      Nah! R never tells me what she does everyday..despite both RD and I asking her like 100 times…this discussion is more general but more fun 🙂 I dont think its got anything to do with the gender..more to do with the temperament of the child 🙂

  4. mahabore says:

    Now, that probably was the most beautiful letter that I have ever read from a mother to her child. Touch wood and may these lovely mornings continue forever 🙂

  5. srividhya says:

    Great moments na.. may this continue forever.. 🙂
    Man they are growing up so fast 🙂

  6. Tharani says:

    You don’t like talking without brushing. I don’t like brushing 😜😜
    This is such a lovely post. Wishing you many more of such mornings

  7. HereandNow says:

    One of the many ‘awww’ inducing posts and a warm delightful read . R is going to love and cherish these in years to come.

  8. anisnest says:

    Awww.. I am sure R will remember this after grows up too.. this is a lovely way to spend time together RM..

  9. Arch says:

    Hello, I am A, a fast-forward future version of R. I have identical memories with my Amma. Even now, I love to snuggle inside one warm sheet and hug her close. We used to talk a lot of things – although none of it seemed important then, it helps me to cross everyday now! I miss her so much 🙂 And yes, I also think men don’t have similar feelings..they have different ones, may be. The brother has never liked being cuddled or held close!

    Thanks for this post RM, bought back such lovely memories

  10. Awww, such a beautiful post, RM. This is how memories are made, definitely!
    I love doing a similar routine with the OH on weekend mornings. 🙂 Precious they are, whenever we can make them happen. 🙂

  11. I want to cry 😦
    I want my mommmyyy….

  12. pixie says:

    Awww!! 🙂
    This made me smile.. I could picture you and R side by side chattering away to glory while RD continued to sleep with a blanket over his ears!! 🙂

  13. Kavita says:


    Loved your blog and yes,same phobia of not talking before brushing my teeth..yes,even i enjoy those moments with my son..:)

  14. kash says:

    Aww!! such a cute post !
    PS:Even i hate talking before brushing my teeth 😛

  15. Deboshree says:

    My Mom and I would also spend many lovely weekend morning chatting away, singing meaningless songs, making plans for the day – unreasonable many of them for how much can you pack in one day? 🙂

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