22 Answers!!

And Someone give me another award for answering these :):)

Shweta and Rubberpal both have been kind enough to bestow the Leibster Award to me 🙂

liebster-award (1)

I have already followed the rules to this award earlier, which includes thanks to blogger who awarded it to me. So THANK YOU Shweta and Rubberpal. Thank you very very much 🙂

Answer the 11 questions they pose to you.

So first, Shweta’s 11.

1. Are you addicted to something? If yes, What? (other than alcohol, cigars and drugs)

I am addicted to reading, eating as much as possible, sleeping at every possible moment I am awake, .
2. What does money mean to you? Why? (No one liners please)

Boss, what question is that. No Money means a lot of problems na. If I were planning to go on Sanyas to Himalayas (even then I would need money to buy warm clothes!) I would say money is the root cause to all evil, yaada yaada, but lets face it boss, money is important. As long as I dont get addicted to it, I am fine eh?
3. What is your passion? What do you like to do the most apart from eating and sleeping?

Errr…passionate about reading food blogs, but never cooking..is that passion enough?
4. What quality of your best friend/friends do you admire?

Their ability to listen to my never ending chatter…btw, do I even have a best friend? *wonders*

5. Have you ever felt guilty for doing something in life, that keeps troubling you even now?

Aiyo, the major occupational hazard of being a mother is that you feel guilty about one thing or the other. But I have learnt to overcome that kind of guilt now. Make mistake, cry about it, rant about it on blog, feel better and guilty gayab.
6. What is that one good thing that you can proudly say to anyone about yourself, I mean a lesson from your life that people can learn?

7. Have you ever been in a relationship with someone? If yes What did you learn/admire / hate about being in a relationship?

Nahi unless you count the fact that I am married to the same guy for 8 years…thats something nice no?
8. Whom do you admire the most in your family? (Doesn’t need to be your parents or siblings, can be cousins or anyone in the family)

Baap rey, all my relatives read my blog, you want me to be clobbered in the next family meet or what!
9.What kind of person are you? (Funny/humorous/serious/shy…….)

10. If you were given a chance to go out on a dinner with, Who would that lucky one be?

hahaha, whoever feeds me street chaat food…you coming along?
11. Which is your favorite post from your blog? If I would insist that you pick one out of the lot, Which one would that be?

Aiyo, I dont have the enthusiasm to go through the 1000+ stupid posts that I have written, so I would say PAASSSS!!
Gee what fun I had writing these answers..


now to RubberPal
1. The one best moment that made you feel that writing down can make you happy and relaxed


2. Which blog or who was your inspiration in starting this site in WordPress

Aparna of womensweb
3. What is your relationship with a Personal Diary

Best kept in a drawer under lock and key

4. Have you ever thought about writing a book

Oh number of times..but its always a thought and never went beyond the brain nerves

5. One best lesson your friends have taught you until now

Stop being judgemental in life

6. What makes you depressed and what makes you smile?

Errr…everything makes me depressed because I am a pessimist at heart…and everything makes me smile because behind every dark cloud there is a silver lining no?

7. Do you have a friend whom you can rely on anything and everything? Do you agree on “Opposite sex makes good friends?”

No to the first one, and to the second one, I guess a yes, because I have loads of guys I am friends with including my spouse
8. Your first crush 🙂

Kalakhatta slush at 7-11 in King’s circle which my cousin Preethi made me taste when I was 10…
9. How do you define LIFE

If I knew the definition, I would be a famous baba on the TV no?

10. The best thing that you learnt from your closest friend

Errr…well..who exactly is my closest friend needs to be answered first!

11. One thing you yearn to do in life

Travel. Honest to God, I am trying, but never succeeding. But I will. Because I have miles to go before I sleep and miles to go before I sleep. *gives cheesy smile*


Thanks folks I had fun answering these 🙂


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19 Responses to 22 Answers!!

  1. Maya says:

    What is that one good thing that you can proudly say to anyone about yourself, I mean a lesson from your life that people can learn?
    Why errr errr errr? You can make people smile with your humour and positive outlook to life. Okay? **Stern look**

  2. Deboshree says:

    Haha some super honest answers up there. Thoroughly enjoyed reading through this! 😀

  3. Ha ha ha ha

    Loved reading your answers, RM! 🙂

  4. srividhya says:

    Congrats. LOL on ur first crush 🙂
    You should start writing a book yaar. Go for it

  5. pixie says:

    wah!! awesome answers RM!!
    Chalo then I will say im your best friend ok? because I will feed you street chaat food and Chinese with onion and garlic in it!! :mrgreen:

  6. Pepper says:

    Believe me, somebody who spends their Sundays scrubbing bathrooms, cleaning kitchen and making molaga podi is NOT lazy.

  7. Comfy says:

    RM, you and lazy? To the one person I know how is up at 4:30 to cook, pack dubba, get the kiddo ready, go to work, cook again in the evening, where is the lazy bone? *goes looking*

    Oh and I am going with you to the Chaat place. I so want one right now.. *mouth watering*

  8. rubberpal says:

    “If I knew the definition, I would be a famous baba on the TV no?”

    I laughed reading this 🙂 THanks you RM for answering all 22 questions 🙂

  9. Visitor says:

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  10. Sangitha says:

    Love the ‘guilt gayab’ part.

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