Meeting Them!

We tried and tried for an year to meet up. Something or the other came up. Until she came up with an ultimatum for me..and I was like yes yes yes..lets just meet up.

ScribbleHappy is someone I have admired for long. Her blog is a treasure house of super posts. She writes selectively but writes so well, that her writings make you think. Her knowledge on stuff is very profound. And she writes in such a wonderful narrative style that you cant but keep wanting to read her posts and wait for when she will put up her post next!

Anyways so she was kind enough to come to my side of the world, and we met finally!

R was a bit worried that how aunty is going to come with TWO children…you have only one na Amma, we could have gone there, she said, but ScribbleHappy was sweet enough to say she would come my side!

I must admit, I am in love with her daughters. Her elder one is like the perfect child who takes such good care of her younger sister. Infact, she even agreed to take the brat around the mall along with her sister, so that SH and I could get some time to talk to each other.

I hadnt met her earlier, and we were constantly on the phone trying to figure out how each of us looked. I saw a lady on the phone, looking around, but dismissed it as someone who was talking generally on the phone, because she looked too young to be the mother of two kids. But guess what, she turned out to be SH!. I must admit, I was pretty taken aback by her looks..and like R said ‘SH aunty looks so pretty..ekdum booootiful :):)
Over calorie laden french fries, aloo patty burgers, cokes and choco chip ice creams, we spent nearly 2 hours with each other, having fun, and talking about everything under the sun. From kids, to parenting, to schools, to studies, to our backgrounds to of course blogs šŸ™‚ It was a super fun meet..and I must admit, R got along super nicely with SH’s younger one..same age helps I guess. When SH had taken R and her younger one, to select their choice of ice cream..I spent some time speaking to her elder daughter.

She is wise beyond words really. Aunty, we just need to learn to make friends she said. Go and introduce yourself, tell them about yourself, ask them about them, in a couple of days, you just become friends, get closer and finally become really good friends..its so simple. I must admit, I was blown over by this super simple logic of friendship!

and then we discussed facebook. This kid has her head just at the right place..we discussed the dangers of the online world and we discussed school and boys too šŸ˜‰ She is so so cool..really!

We clicked pictures, ate up all the food, and if it wasnt getting late, we would have spent more hours with each other..

Thank you SH, like R put it when we were climbing the stairs on the way home

It was a lovely day na, Amma…I loved meeting SH aunty and her daughters..

yes we did šŸ™‚


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10 Responses to Meeting Them!

  1. Your words convey the happiness that you experienced, meeting someone for the first time and about hitting it off. You should do this more often šŸ™‚ So we get to read. Of course, I have a visit due to Mumbai soon šŸ˜› Maybe i should give you an ultimatum now itself

  2. simple girl says:

    šŸ™‚ .. WOW you met scribble happy .. thats great .. Do you know why has she been missing from her blog space ?

  3. Sounds like a wonderful blog friend meet-up! šŸ™‚

  4. Aww RM thanks for the super kind words! And I am so happy we could finally meet! The girls had such a wonderful time. R is every bit as adorable and wise as I thought she would be, and then some more. I was totally floored. My younger one cannot stop talking about her šŸ™‚

  5. pixie says:

    pics pics!! Pics dekhao! šŸ˜›

    glad to know you guys had fun RM!! šŸ™‚

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