The Random Thoughts In The Mind Right Now

Maria Sharapova said in an interview, that she has no clue who Sachin Tendulkar is? So big deal.

Let her not know Sachin. Isnt it enough, that we all and those who are actually calling themselves true Sachin fans, know him well? And honestly, why doesnt one of these Trolls go and ask Sachin if it really affected him? He hasnt opened his mouth yet eh? then why the anger and craziness against Maria??


I think the spouse has an auto reply feature in his whatsapp and email which just replies ‘OK’ to whatever I say. Today morning, I sent him a picture of my niece who is about 3 months old. His reaction – ok!

I am going to test this soon. Ask him something outrageous like go home and keep a big plate of bhelpuri and sevpuri ready, will come and eat..lets see what the phone responds!


The rains finally came in Bombay and this means, I really need to put up the methi na gota prasadam. May be tomorrow. Will need to search for methi though 🙂


I have a couple of friends to meet up with over the weekend. I am wondering should I or shouldn’t I??


The brat’s exams start from July 14th. I dont know whether to laugh or cry. She doesn’t seem to be the least interested in studying. Yesterday, I sat with her to make her learn some words for a dictation on the 8th and she asks me ‘What’s the point Amma, what’s the point?’ Gee!


My work is so boring, that I dont know why I am still doing it. Its not even mundane. ITs just B-o-r-i-n-g!!!!


I really need a break. at least for a couple of days. Now that the brat is in class 1, going on long breaks during school timings is not possible at all. (I can image RD reading this and scratching his head and wondering, when exactly have we gone on long breaks when the brat was younger!!) but really, I need a break. Just go somewhere, rest, eat, read, and do nothing else!


Did you guys read the Indra Nooyi interview? So working mothers cant have it all, what about fathers? Here is something I wrote on IMC based on that..go go check it out…



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35 Responses to The Random Thoughts In The Mind Right Now

  1. Ah! First 🙂 Now off to read the post in its completeness

  2. I agree. We are just making a really big deal about this Sharapova / Tendulkar thing. So what, isn’t it? People just need to find something to keep themselves occupied and get a life, in the cases of a few specific ones.

    Ooooh.. if RD has an autoreply feature, please let me know how! 😛

    Rains – just lovely 🙂 Meeting friends – if you like then, then you MUST 😀
    Good luck to the little one for the exams. And You need the rest 🙂 Take care RM

    • R's Mom says:

      Gah! you think I will let RD meet you and tell you about the auto feature…Not happening boss 🙂

      and rains, arent lovely..really..but we need them….so I am grinning and bearing eh?

  3. Smita says:

    I ROFLed at the message that u were planning to send to RD!!! Did you?? 😉

    Rains pe nazar nahin lagao!

    R ke exams and u tension taking?? Why this Kolaveri di!!!! Chill and let her chill!!!

    Come down to my place 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      Nahi…but hoping to try it soon!!

      Nazar lag gayii…no rains on the weekend 😦

      yes yes..chilled chilled..

      yaaa…long pending visit hai..will do it soon

  4. Bikramjit says:

    I think we just need a topic to gossip thats all.. how does it matter. .It doesnot matter to me if someone knows sachin or not.. its the same way as I hardly know any of the footballers who are a craze in uk ..

    I tooo want to know that autoreply secret 🙂

    a break Well heres is an idea come over to UK.. beautiful weather nice and warm 🙂 and even rains so you get all the weather.. I am planning to go to scotland for a week end of this month.. so hey ho the more the merrier ..

  5. whats the point amma? Whats the point? I totally agree with her!

  6. srividhya says:

    Just now school opened na?? July 14th test??

  7. Laughing at R ‘s “what’s the point” comment. Smart kiddo that

  8. We are a celebrity-crazy country. 🙂

    Hope you get to have a good break soon.

    Good luck with the methi na gota. Enjoy the rains!

    LOL @ ‘ok’. I get the ‘ok’ response most of the times too. 😀

    • R's Mom says:

      yes we are 😦

      I am hoping too rey!!

      Didnt make the gota..postponed to next week..was a hectic weekend 🙂

      you do!! these guys na..gah!

  9. Deepa says:

    Yum yum, one plate methi got has coming this way? Yes? Please:-)

    Love the ‘ok!’ auto reply feature. If it’s true that he has one can I borrow knowhow to do same to brats incessant queries here except replace it with “I dunno”. And psssst…if true lets just keep it a secret from other husbands I say. Who’s to say what the cloning of such habits will unleash no?

    You DO need a break given you’ve mentioned it twice in one week. Can you take off sans brat for a weekend closeby with a close gal pal, like say to Pune or Lonavla or elsewhere within 2-3 hours distance of traveling time?

    How did the chundo turn out? I got all inspired and as soon as the unpredictable bay area sun began showing us his mighty face I set out to make it only to end up with a soggy mess. Perhaps my raw mangoes weren’t all that raw eh.

    • R's Mom says:

      yes yes…gota will be made next week…

      LOL will ask RD if such a thing exiss 🙂

      yes yes yes..planning in progress 🙂

      Oh it turned out awesome da….I wish I could send you some…are you in Bombay???

      • Deepa says:

        Wish I was in Bombay da. But someday I will and will come over to lick the last bit of chundo left in your jar even if RD and R and you think I’m total psycho:-)

        But but but some self congratulations are in order. I did manage to get raw mango pickle Punju style right this time. Never mind that my neighbors are prolly writing to complex management that I need to be sent notice because they’ve spied me making suspicious trips to the roof of our garage to put jars in the sun!!

  10. Bloglover says:

    Best comment I read about Maria Sharapova -Sachin thing is:
    ‘Now people who know Sachin will know Sharapova also!’ 🙂

  11. RD would reply OK and have an additional pav bhaji ready for you just in case.
    *I know I am getting in trouble with at least one of you. Runs. *

  12. D's Mom says:

    Not a big fan of rains too, but yeah we need them. I don’t mind them on weekends though, you know cosying up with the family and stuff 🙂

    Kids exams and studies….gosh! scared to even think about it right now. All the best to R and you too 😉

    About the vacation part, I wanted to tell you this earlier too….why don’t you plan a short trip to Matheran. Lovely place, not very far. R will love it too…so many horses. But yeah not recommended for the rains. Or maybe Malshej Ghat. See how eager I am to push you off for some trip 😀

    • R's Mom says:

      This weekend no rains da…waste!!

      yaa…scary scary..

      Matheran..hmmm..but rains are scaring me away…hahah thanks for being least then I will go somewhere eh?

  13. Scribby says:

    @ Maria Sharapova incident I just have to say “just let her be people” sigh, we all have a very low tolerance power and a strong dominant powers because of which we want to dictate!

    @ Replying OK : tell me about it, sigh!!

    @ Meeting friends, did you finally meet or no?

    @ Rains: Please begging you, send some here, we are dead tired of this heat, July 1st week gone and we are all sookha 😦

    @ Brat’s Exams: Chill mamma, she’ll do it well, I’m sure 🙂

    @ Work being boring: I so feel the same right now, though my work is not boring, I’m bored of it, you know, kind of, that’s me I guess!

  14. Prachee says:

    lol…on autoreply feature…
    I so so agree with R on the point behind dictation and anyway word has auto correct feature…who is going to write on paper….;-)
    on vacation part…another option for weekend trip- go n check out lonavala…it will be beautiful after showers..

  15. ashreyamom says:

    sending msg to spouse: if it was me, i would have just asked for gold or diamond.. but as i know RM being logical and practical, would ask something which can happen.. i am also bored of my work. but only good point is i am taking my 6 months break from this month end, so just finishing all pending task. 🙂

  16. anisnest says:

    hola RM.. how are you? hope all is well… I have cribbed enough on Maya’s post how I am missing blog world.. hope to get back soon.. big plate of bhelpuri and sevpuri? I want them NOW and vacation – come here girl.. I will take off and pamper you to the most 🙂

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