Randomness Returns

1. I am really praying for the rains. Dont be surprised. I still continue to hate the rains in Bombay, but seriously worried now. Water cuts, increase in prices, people suffering from unknown infections, everything is scaring me. Like I wrote on twitter, Dear God, here is the deal. Please send the rains all over India and I, who hates to deep fry anything, promise to make methi na gota. I will even do nevidiyam of that before we eat it!!

2. Made Chinese daliya (used daliya instead of rice) and Chilly paneer without garlic on Saturday. Yaa, indo Chinese without garlic is laughable..but it tasted pretty decent πŸ™‚

3. The brat’s school is making the kids do chapter after chapter as if its on a mission to finish the entire book before July end. We just do homework and pretend all is well with the world.
Here is something I wrote on IMC regarding the school and homework.

4. I want a break. Really. I am so so tired of being sick, running after stuff, work, yaada yaada. I am thinking of taking a weekend break in August when we have a long weekend. But as usual, whatever I plan, never materialises. So now not doing anything!

5. I gave a couple of exams last to last week. Funnily, despite of being 32, I am still scared when I give exams. The tension when the teacher gives the supplementary, the prayers before I got the question paper, the checking of whether I have ink in my pen or not…Darn! some things never change eh?

6. I saw the excellent program yesterday night ‘We the People’ where Barkha Dutt was facilitating a panel on ‘Dark is Beautiful’ I am not a big fan of Ms. Dutt, but I loved this particular episode. It resonated so well in our household where R has been undergoing a lot of inferiority complex because of her dark skin. It felt good to hear from Nethra Raghuraman that she suffered the same complex but because her parents made her feel beautiful, she didnt have a life long issue with the colour of her skin. And that Nandita Das looks so pretty! Even R was enamoured with her.

So Amma, she told me, they are saying that dark skin is totally fine, is it?

Yes, I told her.

Hmmm, she said and left it at it. I am crossing my fingers now!

7. I want to watch TV for some 10 hours straight. Back to back episodes of Friends. But I guess, this jaman, thats not happening!

8. Today morning, a friend in office, gave me a beautiful brown kurta with red embriodary on it. Just like that. For no reason. Why? I asked her. ‘Arey my mom and I went shopping, saw it, got reminded of you, and just bought it’ How lucky can I get??

9. Some issues are troubling my mind. But for every negative thought that crosses my mind, I have 2 positive things happening, which make me realise that life is really not bad at all!

10. I have written 10 points, with absolutely no coherence. Forgive the rain starved soul and please start praying will ya?

PS – had told the brat story about how Tansen sang Raag Malhar and it started raining. She was asking me yesterday, if we could please contact Mr. Tansen and perhaps ask him to sing the Raaga again!!!


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20 Responses to Randomness Returns

  1. Maya says:

    Can you please send Mr.Tansen to this part of the world too? Please.. Pretty please.. Thank you.
    – Another rain-starved soul.

  2. The Bride says:

    “So Amma, she told me, they are saying that dark skin is totally fine, is it?” So heartbreaking, but hopefully the message gets through.

    Could you not take at last one day off just to do your own thing? Like a weekday?

    • R's Mom says:

      I am really hoping the message gets through…

      Yaa..thats a good idea..but MIL around till August..may be after that :):) one day of back to back TV watching :):)

  3. Bingo's Mom says:

    Know what? I remembered you yesterday when I watched that program. R will be fine as she grows.
    And, Nethra is also from Baroda πŸ™‚

  4. ashreyamom says:

    exams and interviews always scare.. in my organization, all the promotions are based on interview.. sad na, even if u dont work much, if are smart at answering few questions, you get promotions.. :). rain please come. we have water scarcity in chennai, we are buying water for every task in house.

  5. LOL @ your PS. Super cute! πŸ™‚

    So sweet of your friend to buy a kurta for you just like that!

    Hope there are no more negatives in your mind, and everything is positive soon! πŸ™‚

    Recipe for chilly paneer please? I have been looking for a decent one for ages now!

    Your Twitter post is so cute! πŸ™‚

    Hope R gets the message that ‘dark does not mean ugly’ soon.

  6. srividhya says:

    That nevidiyam sounds yummy. Sure God will answer πŸ™‚ We all need rains. R is very smart and she will come out of her complex . Ask her to learn Amrithavarshini raagam also, for rains. I am in same boat like you regarding 9. To the most part, I am an optimistic person. But this May and June is trying to depress me a lot but other good things happening around me, keeps me going. Lets see how I tackle this.Last week new chain, this week new kurta…, kalakarel RM !!! πŸ™‚ (Read it like in asian paint ad)

  7. pixie says:

    R is so adorable.. she will be fine.. good you saw the program with her πŸ™‚
    I haven’t written something totally random in a really long time!! thank you for motivating me to write a random meaningless post!

  8. Prachee says:

    RM prays for the rains…and 1 day later, it is literally raining Elephants and Dinosaurs here in Mumbai…
    RM, now u better go and make methi na gota..and send some for us as well.. πŸ˜‰

  9. Chucky isn’t dark wrt Indian standards but when she compares with her white friends she feels complex. I keep telling her that she should grow beautiful inside , doesn’t matter how she looks and her skin complexion . She gets it but then I often get questions around it. I hope our girls learn that beauty isn’t in their skin.

  10. Deepa says:

    Call Tansen indeed! Your R is so, so utterly-butterly cute. I always imagine her as a yummy chocolatey beauty so tell her from me “yes, dark is not only beautiful, it is fantastical too!” V had a few issues with his darker skin tone(especially because I’m a tad lighter and other in the family much more so) given how he is surround by very light skinned asian and caucasian american kids at school and the larger community here. But over time he seems to have calmed down about it with not much active help from my end. Perhaps the issues are more with little girls than boys given how much premium girls even at a young age place on beauty(and skin color derived beauty value at that!). All this skin color stuff is such nonsense makes me go cross eyed and irritated even reading about it esp. when it affects young kids like my V and your R.

    Methi gotas sound yum so will pray for rain for you. My mum in Goa is praying too.

    • R's Mom says:

      Thanks for sharing your views Deepa..will definitely let the brat know about someone finding her yummy and chocolatey :):) hugs hugs hugs to V!!!

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