Is This Our Song?

TGND, in all her goodness tagged me for this online antakshari…I must admit, I am very bad at this whole online taking-it-forward thing, and worse in Antakshari..but TGND, being a sweetheart, gave me a lot of time…anyways she left me with the word/alphabet ‘Ya’

Bingo Mom started this online Antakshari game, which was taken forward by a lot of folks who are musically inclined.

Here are the rules – You get tagged with a particular letter, and you have to put up, on your blog, a movie song beginning with that letter. You choose at which stanza you wish to end the song, and tag someone else. The person who is tagged has to put up, on his/her blog, a song beginning with the last letter of the stanza where you left off. Fun, no? Not only do you get to interact with a lot of different bloggers, but also listen to a variety of songs. (Para copied from TGND’s blog!)
When TGND gave me Ya I was like, okay..what all can I think from Ya

Yaara oh yaara, the famous Sunny Deol Song heheheheh

Yaar bina chainn kahan rey…by someone I dont know

Yaad teri aayegi some old song, folks used to sing in the childhood antakshari games

Yaaahooo by one of my favorite guys Shammi Kapoor

and so on and so forth…so much I was thinking that when someone told me ‘What Ya’, I would say Ya se koi gana hai :(:(

And I remembered this one..this song…

I thought it made a lot of sense to me because its lyrics make sense to me and of course its super peppy :)…at least the first 5 lines…its like a song you sing for your friend who then becomes your lover/ my case, its ulta, RD became a spouse first and now is a very good friend…funny eh? I speak to him exactly the same way you would speak to your best friend, he is my sounding board, my man of all solutions and of course I fight with him the he is definitely a friend..who else do you call an idiot and a monkey and get away with 😉 Guess a friend na..

RD and I have never had OUR song in so many years..(okay, you can shut that shocked dropped jaw now!)..we both have pretty similar tastes in most cases, he likes ghazals though, I don’t…he like all these daabankuttu songs which I don’t!

Wait did I just say similar tastes *rolls eyes* both of us share a liking for old Hindi movie songs though 🙂 but RD you know what, this one is OUR song okay? at least as per me 🙂 now every time I hear this one, I will not only remember Comfy, I will also remember us 🙂 and our friendship 🙂

So here is to us RD, this song is ours okay?

Thanks Comfy for putting this up on your blog…

and before any of you jump on me

Disclaimer: I have only heard the song, never seen it…
I havent watched the movie at all..I am assuming its not about a drink definitely 🙂

thanks TGND for tagging, now I have an ‘our’ song for RD and me

and oh I tag Little Fingers, since she is doing this 100 Happy Days she can add in a song as well eh?


PS – Had been really sick with viral infection and chest congestion..haven’t gotten reading any blogs..please forgive eh?


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18 Responses to Is This Our Song?

  1. Yay! I am so glad you finally did the post, and found ‘your’ song as well. 🙂

    This is indeed a lovely song.

    Now, I am tempted to put up a post on ‘our’ songs. We have a few, which we used to share in our courtship days. *Blush* Ahem!

    BTW, hope you are feeling better now. 🙂 Get well soon!

  2. Bikramjit says:

    How are you doing now .. Take care and that is a good song

  3. greenboochi says:

    Awww now you have your song… super! And that makes me wonder why havent S and I got our song.. heheheeh 😀

  4. Santulan says:

    Are you well now?

  5. Love that song our favorite dance no 🙂 Now tell me which letter I should use for mine?

  6. Tharani says:

    How are you feeling now RM? Take good care of your health ok..

  7. Sapna says:

    Take care! Hope to hear from a very healthy you soon 🙂

  8. Deepa says:

    LOL on the ‘monkey’ and ‘idiot’ bit. RD and you could be exchanged for M and me and we’d be just fine. Yes, I have a similar story in that we were set up by our families, got married first and became friends(and fierce foes) along the way. We also don’t have an ‘our’ song, and intact M would majorly roll eyes if I mentioned that couples have an ‘us’ song. He’d find it cheesy and hilarious. But I sometimes think we should’ve met in a cooler, “oops, we fell in love” way, then we’d have had an ‘our’ song to talk about in couples gupshup no? 🙂

  9. Deepa says:

    Yuck, I meant ‘intact’ not ‘intact’ in the 4th line in my comment (especially since M would argue ‘intact’ and he don’t go together after being for 14 years with me. Sorry, bad joke eh?)

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