Dear Mr. Modi

Now that you have settled in and all that, and that people have stopped writing about you and your win, I thought let me just write to you.

you have transformed politics in India. And you will be a politician who will be written down in history as someone who almost single-handedly gave a party power.

I must admit, I am not a big fan of any politicians, or politics as a matter of fact, because here is a career which sucks you in and never lets you quit. Of course, one advantage of joining politics is the long life it offers. Check out any politician, they are still going strong at 80 and 85 years.

Anyways, but somehow, you seem to have stuck a positive chord across India. Each move of yours after the win has been very very calculated and every thought expressed has been obviously given a lot of thought.

When I got my degree from you 10 years ago, I was very disappointed. Fresh from the Godhra riots and a kid just out of college, I was influenced by the news reports, and was pretty upset that you would be present to hand me the gold medal. I fervently prayed that I get both the medals from our chancellor and not from you. God heard me that day. You just stood there and clapped while I got my medals from the chancellor and then very cordially shook my hands and says congrats, we are proud of you.

But after that, you gave a speech in the convocation. A speech which I must admit, made me realise that you were a natural orator. You spoke in Gujarati, but you were so effective that even my not-really-understanding-Gujarati mother was pretty much moved by that speech. You spoke of education being the most important right for each Indian, you spoke of equality, you spoke of progress and you spoke of creating a state for youngsters who would love to be a part of it.

You did create a positive impact but I was still skeptical. I forgot about you after that. You know, you were always there as CM, but I never seemed to pay attention to you.

Until, this election fever caught on. ‘Ab ki baar, Modi sarkaar’ shouts in every nook and corner, whether it was bill boards, or whatsapp messages, you seemed to have targeted every possible media device.

And then I saw an interview of yours. With my dad. Who always found you to be a strong politician with positive ideas. And then, I must admit, I was pretty much blown away by your absolutely neutral approach to politics. You seem to be a philosopher who thinks ahead. I have read reports of you poking fun of the opposition, but in that interview, you came across to be a person who genuinely wants India to progress. As if the well being of the 1.25 billion people is what you are really looking at. The kind of politician who seems not to think of the near future, but of the long term future, a visionary!

And then the last segment of the interview, you confessed that you are a CM who has no work. You confessed that you have a team so strong that you only guide them, you dont really do any work. All work is done by your team. I think, for me, personally, that was a clincher. Here is a guy, who is a true leader. Of course, how much of it is true is something that is yet to be seen.

But little incidents like calling the SAARC leaders for your swearing in (Heard some media reports that how difficult the heat was for the guests!), or going and shaking hands with RaGa or even removing a lot of unwanted committees, you seem to make every move with a thought. The fact that you said, that it doesnt matter what party the MP is, what matters is that the MP is a representative of people, and we all need to get the country to progress, made a lot of positive impact.

Of course, the riots in Gujarat and the Saheb case and the fact you married but never stayed with your wife – all those issues seem to haunt you. But today, you are a PM who seems to have made an impact.

In 2014, its difficult being a public personality because the media tracks EVERY move of yours, more so difficult because everything you do will be questioned and analaysed and tracked and re-analysed and then dissected.

But sir, please dont play around with the hopes of millions of youngsters who have placed their hopes on you. Please dont play politics any more. Please be true to your word and really give that change to India which she needs. WE have the potential, just tapping the right resources to harness it is something you need to do. Whether you plan to replicate the Gujarat model or whether you plan to make a completely new model is of course, your choice and action, but please dont disappoint the millions who are looking forward to a better India, stronger India, and a greater India under your leadership.

Always in hope



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23 Responses to Dear Mr. Modi

  1. Uma says:

    RM, my interest in politics began only after marriage. All thanks to the husband. Modi is a clear winner and his work in Gujrat has not been given the right kind of publicity by the so called independent media (english media) which obviously is sold out. The real and correct news is out there on social media written by people who have first hand knowledge about what is the ground reality. So my dear friend, hang in there. I too like you have pinned a lot of hopes on this visionary and feel that he will deliver. *fingers crossed*

    • R's Mom says:

      I think its only this election that I have followed with so much interest..till then I was pretty thanda in my response to politics and elections…I am crossing my fingers too!

  2. ashreyamom says:

    hope is what we all can do.. But i have a feeling that this person will at-least start the change.

  3. Uma says:

    oh, btw, you are a gold medalist??? *falls at your feet* you are damm too modest ya

  4. Maya says:

    Whoa! You are a gold medalist and all?! That is so awesome! 🙂

    You know it already that I have no political inclinations whatsoever. But, I am slowly, albeit grudgingly, liking NaMo’s policies. Also, I am still the skeptical me. So, I shall wait and watch!
    In a very related note, read this piece this morning and felt nice about it –

  5. Smita says:

    Can I say clap clap???

    I loved this letter….from a non believer to a believer of Modi…..this is an honest and balanced view point…..

    Like you and many other Indians I have high hopes from him….and am sure he will live upto it 🙂

  6. Bikramjit says:

    I jsut hope that the age old saying .. all that glitters is not gold.. is proved wrong in this case and Modi does do something for the nation .. although it is toooo early not in a month has gone by .. we need to give him at least a year or so …

  7. Your last para echoes my hopes for India, too. 🙂

    Like you, I stay far far away from the world of politics. I don’t even understand half of what is going on in this world.

  8. Sapna says:

    Hope is a good thing and in this case looks like we are on the money in betting on Modi. He is a man with a plan!

    Although I was also disappointed to know abt his wife. If he wasn’t interested, he could have not married. Left for the Himalayas before that. But that is his personal life. On the professional front let’s hope for the better 🙂

  9. srividhya says:

    Nice letter yaar. Whenever I see his tweets, I really get elated. I hope he does something and boost our economy. I don’t how for how long India is gonna stay as developing country. At least in his reign, I wish India will be become developed country.
    Gold medalist — congrats 🙂 You know what, I share my birthday with him 🙂 🙂

  10. Yes the India after election looks very promising . I hope he does bring in some of those changes we badly need. Yay to NaMo !!

  11. Vidya says:

    Wouldn’t know about the NaMo factor (yeah call me a pessimist), but what caught me my attention is you remember the details of your convocation and that you are a gold medallist! Congrats- though a tad too late. but it’s never late to wish anyone na?!

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