The Signature Move…

…is a title I borrowed from Harry Potter series. Expelliarmus had become Harry’s signature move. But this post is not about Harry Potter or any magical mantras.

This post has been inspired from Pepper’s post.

So my Amma, she is legendary in Baroda banks for all kinds signatures of hers.

My Amma, doesnt really have a signature, she just writes her name. Which is okay you know. How some folks cant come up with those awesome kind of signatures. My Appa’s signature is super awesome, which I doubt any one can forge. He says it has his name on it, but I have always thought (and still think) he just draws some lines and says its his signature. Of course, to his credit, its very very consistent.

Anyways, I digress.

So Amma, and her signature. She writes her name. Which like I said, is fine. But the problem is she never writes the same name in all the places. She has come up with absolutely amazing permutations and combinations of her names in each place…

1. First name. Appa’s name
2. First name. Appa’s name’s initial. Last name
3. First name initial. Appa’s name initial. Last name
4. First name.Appa’s name.Last name
5. First name intial.Appa’s name initial (used this in school to sign notebooks for kids)

And the best part is she will never remember which signature is used where, except the last one which was used daily while correcting her students books.

I mean, really, dont ask me how my parents managed to do the documentation all these years.

Appa would ask her to sign some cheque

Amma: Of course of course

And then there would be a pause

Amma: Appa, do you remember how exactly I signed in this bank?

Appa would just sigh, pick up the original signature from the cheque book and let her know.

Even then there have been times, when Amma’s cheques havent been accepted in the bank, because of inconsistent signature. And Amma would be like, oh wait, was it this one (First name. Appa’s name) or this one (First name. Appa’s name’s initial. Last name) the poor banker would wonder what sort of a person doesnt remember her own signature!

Of course, having said, all this, I must admit, the bro and I never attempted to forge her signature because her handwriting is so so beautiful that it looks as if someone has printed it off the computer or something!Gah!

So does anyone else have signature moves like these??


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26 Responses to The Signature Move…

  1. My dad’s name is lets say something like s v gokhale. (Close rhyme). He signs something like lulululu. I can and have forged his signs when I needed his papers in the univs here. Saving on courier costs 😀

  2. iwrotethose says:

    Haha! Actually, yes. I think I’ve got a bit of your “Amma’s signature move” challenges too. I’ve often signed differently during each of my phases in life. And continue to do so. Of course, they aren’t largely different, but minor variations. Nevertheless, it really pushes my wife’s buttons when I ask her “Which signature do I use, darling?”. Technically, I think I got it from my mother, who coincidentally is also a teacher. She’s used different combinations too. The only one that has never changed has been the one that she uses to sign for her students’ notebooks. Strangely enough it was just two letters in capital, which meant that it was the easiest signature to forge in the world 🙂 Needless to say, there are “important notes on the back of my school calendar” which my parents haven’t seen to date.

    • R's Mom says:

      Gee! all these teachers are the same kya?? :):) yes yes..just two letters in capital..

      But in my mom’s case, its very very difficult to mirror the beautiful way she writes her initials!

  3. Smita says:

    ha ha ha ha your amma is so very adorable!!! You should either scan and upload her sinature or take a pic….or may be of her handwriting? please 🙂

  4. My mom’s done that too. Returned from locker several times in case the usual known person wasn’t around. Dad got bugged and made a master-list of banks and signatures therein. She’s yet to defy that master-list. 😛

  5. B. M. says:

    oh yes the signature .. believe me I wasted 2 days out of days at home, trying to get them right, the signature i had in college dont match now and bank people refused to help, my voters card has my pic in a turban.. my driving license has the same .. So i had to go to estate office get a document made on some affidavit ..

    forging – well I did once and the result was frog jumps in school and the big hands of my dad meeting my cheek.. 😦 not a good experience.. I would not advice anyone to do that ..

  6. ashreyamom says:

    no re.. i had been really consistent all these 14 years.. 🙂 I scribble, but its always same.. 🙂

  7. Deboshree says:

    Ah, Expelliarmus. What fond memories that evokes. 🙂 😀
    After reading your post, I too can’t imagine how they must have managed the documentation. Kudos to them indeed! 🙂

  8. Hehehe.. I loved it.. I guess my Acchan is like that .. Different signatures everywhere and getting confused … 😛

  9. D's Mom says:

    After reading your post and comments, I am convinced, the problem lies with the teaching profession. My mom (an ex-teacher) can never remember whether she has signed her full name and surname or first name initial and full surname!
    My sister is a different breed altogether. she has only one signature and yet her cheques keep getting returned due to sign mismatch.
    I on the other hand have had the same signature since std 10 (almost 18 years)…an ugly scribble. Never faced the problem of sign mismatch, but everyone (hubby included) who sees my sign asks me whether I scribbled that or a four year old!!!!
    So there..we are a family of Movers and Shakers 😀

    • R's Mom says:

      hahahah I guess we should do a survey on teachers and signatures to prove this point :):)

      Wah! sahi D’s mom, thats really nice…my dad’s signature looks exactly like how R used to draw her sleeping lines when she was chill okay?

  10. divya says:

    Lol..when did you visit my folks R’s dad’s signature is super and bro always tried to copy it but unsuccessful. My mom’s on the other side was her own story and I can’t even count how many times my dad had to come back with unapproved checks and worse my mom would refuse to go and sign in front of the bank official. My dad would always seem like a bad guy looting his wife 😛

  11. Pepper says:

    Couldn’t stop laughing. I’ve never known a signature story like this. Can imagine the confusion. LOL!

    Must say, I don’t think any of this would have worked in ‘aaj ka zamana’. The banks would never accept such different signatures. They even closely examine the signature on your PAN/Passport when you open the account. If there is a small difference, they ask you to redo the specimen so that it matches with your other signatures.

    The earlier days were so much more uncomplicated. Life was easier..

    • R's Mom says:


      yaa true..Amma’s signature is often verified now a days…after she has retired, lesser number of bank signatures etc right? and now a lot of stuff is done online as well… was definitely easier!

  12. I have inconsistent signatures too, after marriage. I have signed in different ways for different bank accounts, and now cannot remember how I have signed in which bank. Presently, I am in the process of making my signature uniform for all banks. Tough job!

  13. Pixie says:

    I just can’t stop laughing!! I adore your Amma RM!! And I think I’m more eager to meet her and R!! :mrgreen:

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