And Since I Can’t Really Shut Up…..

…here are few posts I wrote for IMC

A couple of Book Reviews

1. Harry and the BucketFul of Dinosaurs

2. Junior Kumbhakarna – Much Recommended. R and I still haven’t stopped laughing πŸ™‚

And here is why I plan to put R into a summer camp mid of April, provided its affordable πŸ™‚



*Goes back to Hibernation*


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8 Responses to And Since I Can’t Really Shut Up…..

  1. deepa says:

    hey…i luv ur reviews on book…hey..but how do i buy these books online ? am at brussels…n here the main language is french very rare english books i get for my kid (4 yrs ) i would like to order some goodie funny books for my kiddo…do suggest me few funny books as well site for it to order ??

  2. Tuppence says:

    After Reading the Harry and Bucketfull I picked the book up too. At a second hand book shop – recognizing it after seeing your review

  3. Have you read the book “Divergent” ? We are looking for some to do a review of the book or movie for our blog. Thanks in advance.

  4. D's Mom says:

    Come back to regular blogging soon RM….missing your posts πŸ™‚
    Love your book reviews too!

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