Goofy Folks, Goofy Talks and Goofy Answers

Disclaimer : The post has nothing to do with Goofy the cute character from Mickey Mouse Club

Friday evening. I am late from work. Sitting back an additional hour means going home almost 1.5 hours late. I am super irritated standing in a crowded BEST bus trying to reach the station. The traffic is moving verrrrrrry wait, its crawling and now its a complete standstill. For about 10 minutes. I am fuming, bugged, irritated and what not.

I whatapp RD

I am stuck in traffic ugh!

After three seconds I get a message from him

Oh and I am stuck in office!

RM: !!!!


I get into the BEST bus. I am really tired and wondering what to cook for dinner. Easy easy easy says the mind. Tasty tasty tasty says the tongue. Anything anything anything growls the stomach. Deciding deciding deciding I think.

The conductor comes to me. I give out the money and say ‘Khichuri Bhaat and Tomato Chutney’

And he stares at me and then says Madam stop bolo stop!

Ah! well, the food is priority no?


R had a singing competition in school. Only devotional and folk songs allowed. After much thought, I made her learn the Bengali song ‘Dhitang Dhitang Bole’ Both RD and Amma were skeptical whether she would get the words. But she did. Plus Cousin K recorded the song in her awesome voice and sent it across on whatsapp. So for 15 days everyday, I would make her hear Cousin K’s recordings.

Finally the day of the competition arrived. She sang pretty well at home and RD and Amma both said they were surprised she could learn the words yaada yaada.

Anyways so I ask her, kaisa tha singing?

R: Acha tha

RM: Did you remember the words?

R: I remembered, but the song was so long that teacher asked me to stop half way and go back to my seat!

RM: !!!!

Darn, all efforts down the drain eh?
For the records – ITs about 2 minutes thats it!

So I am furiously typing something on the computer. Then my phone buzzes. I turn around to pick it up and crash. the lid of my tiffin box has fallen into that minuscle gap between the wall and my desk. And there is NO way I can retrive it šŸ˜¦ I try using a scale/ ruler and it goes even further inside.

I ask the admin staff for help. The guy comes.

I explain the situation to him.He looks at me in absolute surprise. Madam, idhar giraya.

RM: haan

Him: Idhar idhar..he says pointing towards the gap…

RM: yes bhai idhar

Him: Madam, itne saal iss company mein kaam kiya hai..but kissi ne bhi iss chote gap mein kuch bhi nahi giraya..aap peheli hain

and starts laughing..

I am just shutting up!


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38 Responses to Goofy Folks, Goofy Talks and Goofy Answers

  1. The Bride says:

    Hahahaha… I am sure the conductor got hungry after that.

    How sad that they didn’t R complete her song.

  2. ROFL @ your encounter with the conductor and your office admin staff. šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€
    You are just awesome!

  3. Tharani says:

    Can’t stop laughing at Kichuri bhaat. You are just so cute. And how rude of the teacher to ask R to stop singing

  4. Lol at khichuri bhat & Tomato chutney to the conductor :P. Somedays are like that RM :).

  5. summerscript says:

    hahahaha… šŸ™‚

  6. greenboochi says:

    šŸ˜€ So there has to be ONE who can do that right? That is ghiraying that lid in that small gap šŸ™‚
    Gah to that teacher for not making R sing the full song. I get so irritated with that kind of hurrying up a kid.

  7. ashreyamom says:

    lol.. poor RM.. why do such things happen to you.. thinking about what to cook for evening really eat my mind too.. generally in schools for dance and song, teacher would tell how many minutes it has to be in the beginning only.. so we can prepare and cut the song where we want so there is proper ending and beginning to it.. i keep dropping things inside the car where its not reachable, BUnty asks for it only when i am driving.. šŸ˜‰

  8. Smita says:

    lol!!!! Mahaan ho tum!!!!

    I ROFLED at the bus thing…again n again šŸ˜€

  9. Santulan says:

    Dekho RM, you are sooo talented.. You managed to do something nobody else could šŸ˜›

  10. PT says:

    LOL! Idhar giraya? That one and the kichuri bhaat tomato chutney were hilarious!
    I love reading your blog. Thanks for making me laugh!

  11. Thanks for the laughs RM. Loved the post! šŸ˜€

  12. anisnest says:

    loll… I could understand that last line in Hindi RM šŸ™‚ did he say “I have been working in this company for so many years but had never seen anyone drop anything in this itna small gap”
    what if the teacher didn’t let her sing fully.. record her singing and whatapp to me na? please.. pretty please.. tell her that Ani massi and Adi akka will listen to her song..

  13. Archana says:

    ROFL!!!! Conductor waala story is hilarious!

    Sad that R was not allowed to finish her song – but kudos to her for memorising a 2 minute ka song in a language she didnt know!

  14. Pepper says:

    I clearly remember you had dropped something else in a similar ‘gap’ in office, for which the peons had to be summoned. I remember your embarrassed post that time too. You don’t learn, eh? šŸ˜›

  15. Bingo's Mom says:

    Where is my comment? šŸ˜¦

  16. Rachna says:

    hahaha I laughed a lot, sorry :). That conductor episode was so funny and so was that itne gap mein giraya. Wah wah!

  17. telugumom says:

    Too bad that they did not let R finish the song šŸ˜¦

    Well, who knows how many such people the conductor must be seeing every day šŸ™‚

  18. Scribby says:

    lol RM, you are so unique šŸ™‚ my lovely sistah!

    grrr at the teacher who did not let my kutty to finish the song šŸ˜¦

  19. Swaram says:

    Teee hee hee šŸ˜€ Send R’s recording na; me wants to listen šŸ˜€

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