Meeting the Ghost who Eats

I started reading Hitchy a couple of years back. He is one of the few male bloggers I read and there is an extra connection because he is from Gujarat. Anyways so when we had plans to go to his side of the world, he invited the R family to stay with him and his family.

I learnt a lot of things from him and his family. seriously, not joking.But before that, what we did?

Ah! we just ate and talked and talked and ate and ate some more and talked….I couldnt believe the way the four of us got along. We kept talking right till 12 in the night and would have talked some more if I had not realised that his wife needed to get up early the next morning to go to work. I havent had so much fun in years!!

What fun…his house is amazing and so is his garden. And R had a blast,whether it was chasing peahens (yep they are there in his society!) , eating food, talking dime a dozen with Hitchy and family or holding Hitchy’s wife hand and walking all along…She just couldnt get enough of the place..the space, the greenry and most importantly the warmth of the amazing people who welcomed her and her pranks with open arms 🙂

We sat on the swing, went up to the terrace, slept on the coziest of beds, ate the yummiest of breakfasts and had the best company ever…I havent enjoyed a trip so much in a long time…

Some of R’s thoughts

1. Amma, H uncle’s bathroom is so clean that I can sleep there…I even love the colours of the bathroom

2. Amma, H uncle’s house is so nice that I could live here always

3. Amma, aunty makes the best cake na?

4. Amma, aunty gave me bread without the sides, I love her very much

5. Amma, can we have garden like this

R was very upset that we left the next morning..she could have lived there forever I think 🙂 *Secretly even I was very upset*

I think I learnt a lot from Hitchy and his family in those few hours we were together. Seriously. A LOT. When you meet some people, they bring a lot of joy in your life, and meeting Hitchy was one such experience.

And since this post is on Hitchy, cant leave out the food part na

1. Had a super duper Gujarati Thali for dinner, dont have pics 😦

2. Had home made kheer which was yummilicious

3. Had the bestest non egg version of a tutti frooti cashew cake EVER

4. Had the yummiest home made handvo in YEARS!!

5. Had super duper sev khamini, lilo ghoogra and aloo pattice…slrupppp

6. Chai…heaven. Period. full stop.

And that not being enough, his wife also packed a whole dabba for cake for us, along with chocolates for R, sweets for us and a wonderful gift set for R where she can make her own hairband and bangles..

I am certainly going back to visit Hitchy…for the food, for the company and for the warmth 🙂

Like his mom said ‘ghar bada hona zaroori nahi hai, dil bada hona chahiye‘ I seriously learnt so much from him and his family in that short time we spent together!!!

and oh oh, I must thank Hitchy for the WONDERFUL WONDERFUL WONDERFUL photographs he clicked of the R family. He captured R so perfectly and he gave us our first family picture of the three of us together. I dont think I have ever looked so pretty in a pic not even on my wedding day 🙂

He is not an amateur clicker at all..he is so good that he can be a professional 🙂

Thanks much!


The cake which Hitchy’s wife made for us 🙂 The picture does NO justice to the taste


Droolworthy Handvo and green chutney!


The Kheer we had for dessert…unfortunately, my phone camera couldnt capture the right colour and yumminess of it!


Hitchy got for us, in the morning, sev khamni, lilo ghoogro and aloo pattice


The Harley Davidson bike that whizzed past us on the way !


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37 Responses to Meeting the Ghost who Eats

  1. Smita says:

    I envy you!!! To think 2 years back I was in Bharuch but didn’t even bother to call him *shame faced*

    But yes you guys surely had fun no!!!

  2. Deeps says:

    Gosh after reading your post even I feel like planning a trip to Hitchy’s! LOL @ R’s stream of thoughts! She is such a sweetheart! And seeing those pics again..gosh my tummy is growling!

  3. I envy you, too, for meeting Hitchy and his warm family, and for getting to eat all that droolworthy food. 😦

    I started reading Hitchy recently too, and there was an instant connection, maybe due to the Gujarat factor. 🙂 I love his clicks, too!

    You didn’t have a family pic before this?! Seriously?! What ma? 😦

    • R's Mom says:

      His photos are awesome 🙂

      Errr…we didnt have one..we are not a photo wala family rey 😦 all three of us dont like getting clicked 🙂

      And he calls himself the ghost who eats 🙂

  4. OK – one question. Why is he called The Ghost Who Eats?

    • hitchy says:

      I am a Phantom fan! The Ghost who walks! Well I eat like Phantom delivered justice! 😛

      Somewhere in this post… in the comments section… I was christened that! 😛

  5. Smitha says:

    What fun you had, RM! So so so envious! And all that food! We will have to take a trip to bharuch, atleast for the food, if not to meet hitchy:)

  6. Smitha says:

    R is a cutie pie! I can imagine her running after the pea hens! And hitchy’s wife is an angel:) has to be, no?

  7. techie2mom says:

    I am seriously jealous.. All those goodies on plate seems to be calling me and i am drooling on my keyboard…
    I knew you were planning a trip to Bharuch, good you had great fun 🙂

  8. Maya says:

    Now now, am feeling really really hungry! 🙂 And what fun meeting blog friends!

  9. ashreyamom says:

    so all of us will go and attack his place or steal his wife and ask her to make for for us??

  10. just dawned on me that you are from Gujarat. I’m at Gujarat at the moment 🙂

  11. Ashwathy says:

    I nearly thought the pic of the guy on the bike was Hitchu! 😆 I was like 😯 😛 😛

  12. Scribby says:

    Wow sounds like so much fun guys…. D&H are certainly a wonderful couple that I’ve met 🙂

  13. Scribby says:

    Did my comment get posted or gobbled up? 😦

  14. RM you should get an award for meeting most no of people on the blog world. Sounds like a wonderful trip.

  15. anisnest says:

    that sounds like a super duper fun meet..

  16. Scribby says:

    why you not writing everyday?

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