Conversations in the R Household

R: Amma, do you know how mountains cry?

RM: Errr..cry?

R: yes Amma, cry!

RM: no, how?

R: when the stones come rolling down from the mountains, it means they are crying..

RM: oh…thats interesting…

R: And how do they laugh?

RM: Errr…how?

R: When they are really happy their stones come to shape like teeth in one line and they start smiling..

RM: !!!


We meet a heavily pregnant lady in the lift..I ask her if she is doing well and all that, but R is itching to touch her tummy…I somehow refrain her

After we get off

R: Amma, why was that lady’s tummy so big

RM: Because she has a baby inside

R: Touching my stomach and putting her ears on it: I think you also have baby in the tummy

RM: no I dont

R: Dont worry amma, you will also have soon

RM: *Rolls eyes*



R and I are watching the re-re-re and add some more re’s-run of the fabulous cakes episode in which they make a sky scraper cake. R loves watching it again and again for some reason.

R: Amma, I think I will be a baker

RM: Good

R: Actually it is very hard work..I dont want to be baker, I will be someone who need not do any work at all..

RM: !!!



We see a blind person walking on the road. R usually doesnt react to any kind of disability and I have never made an issue of it either.

R: Amma, why is that person walking with a stick

RM: Thats because he cant see, so he uses the stick as an aid

R: Acha…

After 5 minutes

R: Amma, can someone not see from their eyes

RM: yes

R: Why that happens

RM: Well that can either be because of accident or because someone was born that way

R: But borning that way is wrong na..God should not do that..thats not fair na Amma

RM: Err..well..



R loves make up for some reason. And I dont use any. She has been asking me why I dont use make up every morning.

Day before yesterday

R: Amma, why you dont use make up?

RM: Uff, R paka mat..if you want make up so much, become a make up artist when you grow older

R: Woh kya hota hai

RM: Well, those are people who put make up on others

R: But I want to put on myself..why then I should become artist..I will be the make up putting myself on myself person

RM: !!!



On Sunday, we are running late as usual. Then RD says he is going to get the monthly provisions. I am like, but you said we all can go together and eat lunch out.

RD: Okay then hurry up

RM: yes yes I just have to wash R’s hair, wash my hair, and then clean the bathroom and then I will be done.

There is no sound from the other room

RM: RD??

RD: Oh okay great, we will be just in time to leave tomorrow morning at 11 then

RM: !!!



We are shopping in D Mart. RD is looking at the list and putting in stuff while R and I are just picking stuff and taking this and that.

RD doesnt say anything. When the billing is over, he looks at R very seriously and says

THIS is why I dont bring your mother along when I come shopping. I would have stuck to the list and gotten away paying just half of what we did right now!



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52 Responses to Conversations in the R Household

  1. Sumana says:

    LOL i thought you hate to shop. R’s comment on myself putting on myself. Awesome… You are pakaoing her RM, I am with R here. Hugs to the little girl…

  2. Tharani says:

    Dear RM,
    Even though you called me a mad woman, I love you only because you wrote this okay. R and RD Thanks for the laughter.


  3. LOL

    Big ROFL @ putting make-up on self person. How cute!

    I can see R wanting to touch the heavily pregnant lady’s stomach. 😀

  4. greenboochi says:

    LOL 😆 on the last one! My dad says exactly the same about amma and me 😀 😀

    Loved the rest of the post too.. hugs to the little darling R! 🙂

  5. Nidaa says:

    A Cute Monday Morning Treat!

  6. Lol…R is a budding atheist. Or at least going to question the existence of god. 🙂 And had to laugh at all you had to get done before going shopping! Really??? I’m with RD on the comment… 😛

  7. Santulan says:

    that happens with me for shopping tooo

  8. Bingo's Mom says:

    #someonereallywantsasecondkid *runs as fast as possible*

    that grocery shopping woes happens with me. every.single.time. 😦

  9. Archana K B says:

    the last two happenings happened exactly in my parents’ household.. I can so recollect my parents acting it out in a flashback movie.. 🙂

  10. MR says:

    Hate to say this but when my son was 5 and we were DONE with having more kids, he patted my not so flat tummy and said is a baby inside? and i say no, and he said it will be soon mama. god that kid!!!!! lo behold we got ourself a screamer in a yr. dont underestimate the kids, their mouth !!!. i blame my daughter on my son’s prediction.. 🙂 just kidding dont worry you may not get gobsmacked like us.

  11. I spend the most in grocery shop…and shoes shopping comes pretty close 😛

    R is growing up hilariously fine. Love to her.

  12. D's Mom says:

    The mountain story and myself on myself person….just hilarious 😀
    The excess shopping saga happens with all of us (women), i guess 🙂

  13. ashreyamom says:

    lol.. but most of the times, we would remember things only after seeing them na.. so the list adds up and ofcourse there will be good deals buy1 get one free, so u don’t mind stocking up those tissues or soaps.. 🙂

  14. ashreyamom says:

    by the ways the pregnant lady reminds me of ur Rahul?? how is he?? no updates??

  15. #crazyideasinchotubrain – I disagree. Chotu brain is very clear and knows exactly what it wants. You should have said become a model, but you said make-up artist and she corrected you.

  16. pixie says:

    I never stick to the list either RM!! 😛
    and LOL @ R about work and makeup!! 😀
    she is so cute re.. hugs to her! 🙂

  17. techie2mom says:

    LOL!! BTW Zini too loves to watch cake making videos on youtube!! Her favorite is castle cake!!

  18. #careforothersorsignsofturningatheist

    ROTFL! R is so adorable RM.

  19. anisnest says:

    LOL.. R’s household rocks..
    that also reminds me of M’s reaction once. I ask him “did I give you coffee?” he nodded heavily and said without skipping a beat “Oh yes you gave me yesterday!!!”.. #sarcasmatpeak

  20. Scribby says:

    Totally loved reading it…. gosh I missed convos of R gang yarr!!!

  21. rubberpal says:

    Im njoying each post that has R in 😉 It’s fun!!!

  22. kash says:

    LOL at “I will be the make up putting myself on myself person”..she is such an adorable and smart kiddo , every post with the hilarious risms makes me wanna meet her !

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