Notes from an Annual Day

1. Schools in Mumbai can never teach punctuality to children. It’s the parents fault too. 10.15 means when the large hand reaches 3 and the small hand of the clock is just after 10, NOT WHEN the large hand reaches 9!!!! Parents will never learn!

Like RD says in his school in Calcutta, they would just shut the gates at the dot of time. If you are late, your child doesnt participate. Period. Full Stop. Wish that worked in Bombay. EVERYONE thinks its great to be late, why? why? why?

2. Dances can be on songs apart from bollywood music. Am sick and tired of seeing kids dance on nagad sang dhol or dholi taro or ek pal ka jeena. Get real teachers, see how some folks managed to make little kids dance on a real Goan song like yaa yaa mayaayaa by Remo Fernandes and made them learn a new song in Konkani AND made them enjoy it too! !! While Bollywood songs look cute on kids, I think we have such a RICH CULTURAL heritage of folk music ACROSS India! Don’t you think its time, you make children learn about that?

3. Speeches are boring. Period.

4. Parents need to realise that teachers aren’t going to keep their children with them after the program. They are as anxious to deliver them to you as you are to push other kids and parents and grab your child. Believe me this comes from a girl whose mother has been a teacher for over 35 years!

5. Make up makes little children look scary. It may work on adult skin but it makes no difference on a child. I think my brat looked scary with the make up on her! and by the time she danced AFTER 5 hours of wearing the make up, she was devoid of it…but looked as sparky to me as ever!

6. Dear lady sitting in front of me, I hope you had a neck sprain with the amount of ‘looks’ you were giving me for screaming and shouting and encouraging the kids while dancing. You were so thanda with your reaction that I had to compensate na. If we dont encourage, who will?

7. Give a Garba to a Gujarati dominated audience and they want once more!

8. Parents should NOT be allowed to perform at children’s annual day! That too on old Bollywood songs. What were they thinking? 😦

9. Graduation ceremony for Sr.Kg students looked super funny. I didn’t get a lump in my throat nor did I click a pic of the brat when they made 45 students stand on the stage and pose. It was such a waste of time.

10. I lost a bet with RD. There was an UV act. The teacher PLEADED..literally PLEADED to parents not to open their mobile phones or click pictures. RD said they will. I said they wont. I lost. case rested!
Annual days are learnings too eh?


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36 Responses to Notes from an Annual Day

  1. Maya says:

    Yesterday I learnt that there is a ‘bollywood dance class’ being conducted in our apartment premises 3 days a week for children of ages 3 and up! 😦 😦 I give up!

    You had a bet for an obvious thing! **points and loffs at RM**

    Enough outrage, where are the pics?

    • R's Mom says:

      Errr..R does go to a bollywood dance class..she has been going since she was 3 because the doctor recommended some exercise for her because of asthma…either swimming or rigorous dancing..since we couldnt take her to a swimming pool (none near by and weekdays not possible because of office timings!) I put her in the bollywood dance class..she does 1 hour of hard core dancing which helps her control her breathing…must admit, it has made a difference and her asthma is a LOT lesser now a days!

      Pics not in yet 🙂

  2. 4. One thing I like about my daughter’s annual day is that parents are not allowed to collect the children until the entire program finishes. That means parents can sit back and enjoy the entire program.
    8. Parents performing on children’s annual day? Really?

  3. Santulan says:

    umm. why no cameras for the UV act?

  4. Interesting learnings, RM. Made me think.

  5. ashreyamom says:

    hmmm.. so many things na.. its like yesterday i performed on stage, may in few years, i will watch Bunty perform.. But isnt it difficult to stop oneself from dancing just because you are parent na.. I wish they had mom and dance too.. Graduation day with black gowns stitched to their size looks funny to me too.I always prefer to dance for a folk song..

    • R's Mom says:

      ah well, if you really want to dance, then dance at a separate event no? Why prolong the already late and long event by one more dance! Well, I guess I disagree with you 🙂 and I am not always right eh?

      They had purple gowns *Rolls eyes*

  6. Bingo says:

    Is ‘ek pal ka jeena’ still on list??!!
    Did they collect money from parents for the accessories and dress. Here, my friend’s daughter’s school is collecting 500 rupees for the dress and the kid is in play group 😐

  7. anisnest says:

    hmm… no comments
    congratulations to R on the graduation..

  8. shachi18 says:

    Going by my personality (which I can sense is similar to yours w.r.t the post above), I am going to dread these events :). I’ll focus on my child and her learning, participating, and her joy of my presence for her.

    One thing I like about being in the US is people are always on time or before time (speaking of non-Indians). In schools, performances start on time and don’t wait. I still remember my daughter’s holiday performance last year….out of 12 kids, only one kid’s parent was late. We had waited an extra 10 mins for the parent to arrive but could not wait any longer. The child was miserable and felt so terrible as she felt very lonely and left out. She did not participate until the parent finally walked in. I wonder why they didnt show up on time. I would not put my child through such misery (unless I had a catastrophe fall upon me).

  9. Comfy says:

    They don’t even start on time here RM 😀 Ask me, I will know for being stuck in traffic for over 1.5 hours with two kids. Buzz was 7 mins late, I felt horrible but was glad they waited for every kid to come in and started 15 mins late.
    Make up on kids, I don’t get at all. The kids look like aliens, not natural at all.
    5 hours wait? That is so much time for a kid! How did they handle it?

    • R's Mom says:

      ohhhh comfy, I cant believe it doesnt start on time in the US da…And noted you were seven minutes late..felt horrible about it…here the problem is parents are 45 minutes late and yet walk in as if they are some celebrities who care a damn 😦

      Some kids got really really cranky 😦

  10. MR says:

    The bollywood song craze is here too, when my son was in elementary we had a diversity day , every country got to decorate a room, provide food and do a 5min piece and guess what the moms wanted for india event — nagada nagada !!!!! what the hell does that represent?? kareen akapoor??
    anyway i fought long nad hard for folk songs and dances from a few diss parts of the country, they agreed after a prolonged war. 🙂 anyway i would have given in to nagada eventually but the craze is here too.
    they even wanted to play bollywood songs as background in the india room, I’m ok with a few bollywood songs mixed in with music from all around but only bollywood !!!! oh what the heck i give up ..

  11. Rachna says:

    Ugh, Whether it is Mumbai or Bangalore all the points are valid. I HATE Annual days and even Sports days. It is sheer torture.

  12. Sangitha says:

    So with you on the bollywood songs and pretty happy to be on the other side to weigh in on these decisions! 😀

    While it is nice to have children be acknowledged for their efforts every year, a graduation gown for pre-primary is pushing it by a lot. Seriously?!

    Congratulations to R on completing the first stage of her schooling. May she have many fun times in school and lots more annual days (without make up will be nice) but hey, if it makes people feel special on certain days and gives that very formal ‘I am performing on stage’ feeling, once in a while is okay. Kids feel pretty special and I love it when they talk without closing their lips when they have lipstick! 😀

  13. UV kya hai? Ultraviolet? Pardon my duh-ness.

  14. techie2mom says:

    Haha.. Speeches are indeed boring!!
    In Zini’s school last year they performed on nursery rhymes.. And it all looked too cute!
    I agree about makeup and kids… That red blush on those little cheeks is something I too don’t like..

  15. Pepper says:

    Sorry, had to jump up in defense here. Do you think things not starting on time is a Bombay thing? If RD says his school would shut the gates if you were late by a minute, I will say the same about my school too. And I studied in Bombay. Nobody cared if you missed your performance, but there is no way they would delay the event for you.

    And guess what? I just happened to talk to my cousin who was telling me that the school her kids go to won’t even wait for a minute before taking off for the annual picnic. As a result, some of the kids were left out and the parents made a huge deal out of it. All happened because they turned up 15 mins late.

    You have personally experienced only R’s school, or maybe heard of a few others – but there a million more that aren’t like that, so I am not sure where you got your data from. I think all kinds of schools exist in all kinds of places. I am just sad you brought up Bombay for this 😦

    • R's Mom says:

      Aiyo I apologise…honestly, in all the schools I have seen in and around my area, this is a common problem…R’s daycare’s school, R’s current school, the school next to our place, a couple of friend’s schools..everyone always starts late…I really am sorry if I hurt your feelings..that was not the intention..

      Sincere apologies!

  16. Chucky and I have fight because I don’t let her wear any cream or powder or any make up or nail polish etc. I don’t mind she hating me for that. I don’t know why people think if you wear a makeup they are beautiful. I have told my friends at work that I like them with out their masks I mean makeups.

    Parents participating for Children’s annual day that’s so weird.

    Upload pics of R ok?

  17. pixie says:

    ooh!! R must have looked adorable na?!
    And that makeup!! Don’t get me started!!

    We used to put make up on small kids for both school annual day and dance class performances.. never a nice thing except that the kids get all excited about makeup! esp lipstick!!

  18. prachi says:

    thanks for the heads up. I will be attending my first annual day this weekend..:)

    Teachers have said full make up, which I am totally against, but will have to do, or else my brat will feel left out. She is already excited about the lipstick and trying very hard to let me put some nail polish on her too!! imagine she is just 3.5 yrs..

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