Of Aadais, Mrs, Babies and Other Stuff – Blogathon Post 30

R and I are having dinner. R refuses to eat anything but has her bowl of curd.

Suddenly she makes a yucky face. Aiyo amma, woh aadai aaya!

RM: Toh remove it na

R: Yeh cow bhi na!

RM: What?

R: Arey this cow should understand na, people not liking aadai in milk then why giving it..should give plain milk na, to get plain curd!

RM: !!!

*Aadai – Cream (Malai) in Tamizh


I have this guy who sits behind me, who keeps telling people ‘Meri Mrs ka class hai, Meri Mrs ne yeh kiya, Meri Mrs, yaada yaada’

I find it extremely funny when he keeps going Meri Mrs. (For the uninitiated, he is talking about his wife!)

So I get so bugged one day, that I send RD an email

Important Question

Do you refer to me as Mrs. to anyone?

There is no reply. Anyways, I dont expect any replies from him except when I write to him about picking up R in the evening

I forget about it.

That day evening, I am downstairs with R, riding her bicycle and RD calls me up and says ‘no RM, the answer to your question is no never’

What question I ask him, having forgotten about it completely.

RD: arey the Mrs. wala question..

Chalo RD mereko apni Mrs toh nahi bulata! and more importantly, he actually READS my emails eh?


I get my increment letter on Monday. I call RD he doesnt pick up. I message him he doesnt answer. I send him an email no reply.

So I whatsapp him saying ‘Got my increment letter’

He replies back after 3 hours ‘ Send me a picture’

I am like what? Does he even READ what I write!! (Antithesis to the above incident no?)

Is this the case after 7.99 years of marriage with everyone?


My nephew N is very disappointed that R and I are staying at his place in Ahm only for a day.

N: Please chitti, please stay go tomorrow na

RM: arey darling, our tickets are booked for today night

N: Thats okay chitti, I will ask Appa to drop you by car to Bombay :):)

Sweetie no?


Overheard R telling her cousins

My Amma should have another child, she keeps calling me baby.

Ah well!


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30 Responses to Of Aadais, Mrs, Babies and Other Stuff – Blogathon Post 30

  1. summerscript says:

    hahahahahahaha for the last one RM 😀

  2. Sapna says:

    R is a super intelligent “baby” and 7.99 years?? lol

    Your Mr is also super cool 😛

    Sweet nephew 🙂

  3. Maya says:

    Ha ha.. The last one was the clincher!

  4. paatiamma says:

    R’s Gyaan rocks!!

  5. Prachi says:

    Ha ha ha….loved the last line….:-)

  6. Nidaa says:

    “Yeh cow bhi na”!!!!!

  7. Rekha Baala says:

    Kids! they are cute…

  8. Bingo says:

    Hey congrats on increment. My brother hates aadai in tea or coffee. He asks nude tea i.e. without aadai (another meaning of aadai is dress) 😛

  9. Divya says:

    Lol…on the “She keeps calling me baby”. She is one smart motor mouth cookie !!

  10. That last sentence of R make me laugh loud RM.

    Mrs that’s funny 🙂
    In Malayalam its Pada for Aadai.
    So did you send pic of increment letter. I didn’t find it unusual at all.
    N is so sweet.

  11. Veens says:

    First of all Advanced Anniversary wishes to you and your beloved RM 🙂 (7.99 years :)) This post is so cute…. Love R already 🙂

  12. anisnest says:

    there is never a dull moment in R’s household haan? 🙂

  13. archonline says:

    baby indeed… last one is the piece of cake…
    guess we bloggers can come out with e-book of children talk.. it will be instant hit.. 😛

  14. Rekha Baala says:

    great going. I have started a blogathon as well 🙂 but it’s sporadic

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