Of Connections and Rudeness – Blogathon Post 28

So, I have a smart phone now. And I have Whatsapp installed in it. One o f the primary reasons why I got a smart phone was the thrill of having a n application which let me talk to people abroad and stuff without paying for anything except the internet pack and also that I could it on the move without need to switch on the laptop and stuff.

But everything comes with its own price I guess.

Random people who have my number like the carpenter or the plumber are on whatsapp. And then someone I gave my number to so that I could be contacted for something urgent some three years ago, contacted me with a hi on whatsapp. I dont even know who it is!

And then my college friends formed a group…and invited me in. That’s when I realised, the whole point of disconnecting from facebook was pointless, if I was going to join each and every ‘group’ in Whatsapp.

And having burnt my fingers with facebook, I realised that it was better I am downright rude right from the start, rather than just keep accepting group requests and then the phone going ping ping ping every time.

I refused to join the college group. They added me, I didnt even check who was in it, I just deleted and exited the group. Does that make me rude? May be yes, but at least I am drawing a line on who I want to communicate with and whom I dont want to!

Same with a class 11/12 group, from a school I studied for only 2 years and have most horrid memories of. Seriously, why would I join such a group? to relive yucky memories??

On the other hand, I agreed to join a cousins group, because I know the people in it are nice and fun..or another fun whatsapp group, because I know, they are nice folks.

Its irritating when folks you didn’t even speak to in college/earlier companies, come and start talking to you on whatsapp.

Personally, I have just learnt to cut off. And its not doing me any harm. Yes, 10 people out of the 100 I know may feel, I am being rude, but thats okay, I dont really care about those 10 people eh?

In short, I am growing up πŸ™‚


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43 Responses to Of Connections and Rudeness – Blogathon Post 28

  1. pixie says:

    Awww!! Sniff! This post touched the very depths of my heart! :mrgreen:

  2. I sometimes get the feeling that I must be the only person who is not on Whatsapp. And I want to stay that way because people who do use it seldom have a good word to say about it!!

  3. summerscript says:

    Same here. B actually went ahead and uninstalled whatsapp because of the constant beeps.Another reason is he is too lazy to type, he says it is easy to call and talk than typing a long message!

  4. Aditya says:

    It’s all about circles
    Also there is an option to mute a group if you want to be a silent observer and don’t want to seem rude if you may.

  5. simple girl says:

    For this reason I am not keen on using the application and have been avoiding it so far .. It is so necessary to filter out..

  6. Sri says:

    Hahaha..completely agree with u…my smartphone is not working and i shifted to a non-smartphone!

    I only make calls to people i care about..no FB/Watsapp since about 2 months..life is peaceful…

    I guess I am growing up too!

  7. That’s the way I am, too. I think it is very important to choose who you want to communicate with and with whom you don’t want to, giving that social media has ensured that every Tom, Dick and Harry can ping you and leave you messages. It is necessary to avoid information overload, a pleasant reading experience, and to preserve your sanity. It might be rude, but it is required in today’s times, IMHO. Yes, that is part of growing up. πŸ™‚

  8. Smita T says:

    You are so right RM….. whatsup is great tool to be in touch… but the forwards in the group become too much…. I have a great group of cousins and real close college frds… thats enough…. I really try not contact people on whatsup since they do not have my no….

  9. Nidaa says:

    You’re not at all being rude. (Erm you can never be rude :D)
    My fb page too is brimming with pending friends requests which will remain pending forever. Since I am also handling SM Marketing & Promotion for my company, I have to be n fb, twitter, G+ etc. But no way I am joining whatsapp. Atleast not yet.
    Why people who never looked at me twice in school/college/prev companies would want to be friends now? Really clueless!

  10. Rekha Baala says:

    Yeah it’s okay. I am only part of two groups – a family one and a small group of friends. The rest I ignore, delete and exit.

  11. I used to have WhatsApp on my previous smartphone and it annoyed me terribly. It was convenient while exchanging messages with people I actually wanted to talk to. But when random people started making conversation when they were bored and things quickly went downhill from there. I’m now smartphone-less and relieved. And when my friends ask me to download WhatsApp on my Tablet, I make non-committal noises and hurriedly change the subject.

    • R's Mom says:

      See thats what, its super convenient and honestly cheaper too πŸ™‚ but its just a pain when people randomly add you..

      LOL on the non committal noises hehehehe πŸ™‚

  12. Tharani says:

    I am on all groups RM, college group, office lunch mates group, school group and what not. But I like these group chats. A nice time pass πŸ™‚

  13. If you got into my brain, looked into the drafts there, you’ll find this very post πŸ˜€

  14. Sooo similar to what you’ve written – I actually deleted myself from a Whatsapp school group because of the nonsense messages there. Am only on 1 group which has cousins and I WANT to be on that group.

    On FB too, I resist from accepting all requests and then I keep pruning the friends’ list too…no point keeping in touch with someone you havent spoken to even in school or college…

  15. Very true. You cant please each and everyone. And no need to please anyone at the cost of our comfort. Right?

  16. Pepper says:

    Perhaps it is rude. Perhaps it isn’t. Different people will evaluate it differently. But the point is – why would you care? πŸ™‚

    I rarely get invited to any group on whatsapp. I am only a part of few .. Immediate family and close friends. Bus. So it works for me. Had I been in your position, I would do the same I guess ..

  17. anisnest says:

    Err.. did I bother you in whatsapp RM? Now, don’t say “arey no yaar”.. Even if you say yes I will still bother you πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  18. Revs says:

    It’s been 2 years since I got my smart phone. I think I actually bought a smartphone only for the sake of whatsapp! 😐 Ok, judge me! But I don’t know what I’d do without it. Yes, I’m a certified whatsapp junkie! πŸ˜€

  19. Veens says:

    And these groups are for forwarded messages, videos and random pics, there is not even any gossip going on lol!

  20. techie2mom says:

    I don’t think it’s rude..It’s your choice.
    I hardly check my personal facebook page, neither do I check messages on my phone. My message tone is always set to silent. All my friends and family knows that messaging me is useless, if they need to convey something to me they call!!

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