Priorities in Life and other Wedding stories – Blogathon Post 27

RM: R what was the best part of the wedding for you?

R thinks a minute

I think I likofied the mehendi a lot Amma.

RM rolls eyes.

RM: What else da?

R: I think that I also like H Mami (the bride) dress on the engagement day..she very beautiful like a princess..and then her chaniya choli was beautiful too

RM: errr..what else?

R: I also liked the dress she wore on the wedding day..and her lipstick

By now, RM has realised that R is definitely more interested in decking up than herself..

RM: What else did you like, R? *probing her a bit, to find out if she enjoyed meeting people*

R: I liked K masi (the bridegroom’s sister and my childhood friend as well) dress. But I think K mama (the bridegroom) is not as nice looking as H Mami!

okay and my questions stop…


Surprisingly, R did not trouble me one bit today morning to get up. I was pretty surprised..

RM: Are you alright R?

R: Yes, today I decideofy not to pakao you. I am good girl and I will get a chocolate in the evening? *puppy look*

RM: !!!


I am wearing a saree for the grahshanti cermony

R: Amma..hahahhahahaha

RM: Why are you laughing?

R: you look so funny Amma, like a joker, hahahaha

RM: !!!

Definitely not wearing sarees again!


The bride comes in a doli and she is keeping her eyes down and sitting.

R stares at her for a whole minute and says

Amma, H mami looks really sad, she doesnt want to marry K Mama or what?

RM: No, she is happy da

R: Amma, dont you know, when you are happy you smile and show your teeth and eyes look bright..but H mami has eyes down na!



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26 Responses to Priorities in Life and other Wedding stories – Blogathon Post 27

  1. LOL. R kutty sure is cute! πŸ™‚

    This is one girl very fond of dresses and make-up. πŸ™‚

  2. Welcome back RM..hope you all had a wonderful time.
    Hahaha, R is so sweet..

  3. She is one smart kiddo. I am telling you. She has a very good observation too.

  4. techie2mom says:

    R sure has her priorities in place!!
    The last line definitely makes sense!! You have to agree that there is logic to it πŸ™‚

  5. Maya says:

    This girl R! But you know, my daughter is almost the same! Kids and their priorities. Sigh.

  6. The Bride says:

    “H mami looks really sad, she doesnt want to marry K Mama or what?” Wisdom from the mouth of babes!

  7. Tharani says:

    I couldn’t control my laughter reading the saree bit. Sorry πŸ˜€

  8. Lol…love R’s observations…so spot on…so brutally honest. And yes, I’m with her on the final one — to show you are happy, you need to smile and show your teeth! The whole looking down thing is so bloody stupid.

  9. bladenomics says:

    Had a hard time following Who’s who but last line- Good one!

  10. Bingo says:

    hahaha.. πŸ™‚ Risms are back !!

  11. pixie says:

    R and her isms!! πŸ˜†
    Give her a big hug from me will ya?! πŸ™‚

  12. anisnest says:

    pass on my muah and super tight hugs to the lil girl will ya?

  13. Comfy says:

    There R has spoken πŸ˜†
    See RM dress her up already. She is giving you all the hints πŸ˜€

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