The Athela Marcha – Dish of Week #4 – Blogathon Post 25

From T2M’s kitchen to RM’s kitchen. Here is how my version of the marcha looked like. With some yummy methi na theplas and lovely tomato achar πŸ™‚




RD says these Marcha remind him of Kasundi which is the mustard sauce available in Calcutta. He eats these marchas as if they are some sweet dish. Pop one into his mouth while walking here and there πŸ™‚ These are awesome because no oil has been used in them, and yet so flavourful. I found them a bit pungent, (too much lime juice?) but RD loves the taste. Only drawback, remember to buy the right marchas (I though a spicer variety I think) and my hands burnt like crazy for the day!


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9 Responses to The Athela Marcha – Dish of Week #4 – Blogathon Post 25

  1. pixie says:

    Looks yumm RM!
    Lemme go check out the recipe!

  2. anisnest says:

    oh I can never eat these mirchi stuffs but M is like RD.. Amma and M eat this dried red chillies soaked in buttermilk.. they are fried before eating..

  3. techie2mom says:

    I think because your marcha were smaller in size, your rai kuria and lemon juice were a bit more for them. I feel that right sized marcha will also correct the pungent taste.. BTW, if you try it next time, take out the seeds using edge of knife and not by hands..

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