Off for a Wedding – Blogathon Post 20

R, Amma and I are going for a wedding. Of a very dear friend. Maya Aunty and Patel Uncle’s son. HE is the last among all of us to get married since he is the youngest. I just cant imagine him getting married.

HE was always my little brother, whom I have had pillow fights, had fun pulling his leg, being the evil big sister, burst crackers with him, flown kites with him, eaten kashimiri naans with him, and written and written SOPs and filled a million (okay exaggeration!) forms for his applications to universities in the US. In short, he is my little brother. I even got a new chaniya choli to wear for his Garba cermony!

AND I have taken the entire week off to attend his wedding. Its like the first time in my life I have taken so many days off from work and even made R miss school for a week *gasp* AND miss her sports day as well *gasper* I know I know she is only inKG, but for RD and me, missing school is a big big offence 🙂

Anyways, RD will join us for the wedding while we go and attend all the functions.

Dilemmas in the mind

1. To wear a saree only for the wedding or to wear one for the grah shaanti as well?

2. To apply mehendi or not apply

3. To meet college friends or not meet college friends

4. To dance at the wedding or not dance at the wedding

5. To buy clothes from baroda or mehsana (thats where the wedding is!)

6. To buy clothes or not to buy (spent a bomb on Jan 1st remember!)

Many dilemmas in mind, but one thing is for sure, I am going to enjoy myself to the fullest!

PS – This post has been scheduled, dont know if it will post on time!

PS 1 – Ran the Dream run of the Mumbai Marathon yesterday, will post on the run after I come back next week

PS 2 – Picture posts coming up over the week


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20 Responses to Off for a Wedding – Blogathon Post 20

  1. On your dilemmas 🙂
    1. Nothing like a saree if you are comfortable carrying it. If you are not then don’t bother!
    2.Of course! But confine it to your palms and don’t put any on the back of your hands if you don’t want your office-people to notice it..
    3, 4 and 6–yes, yes and yes!!!
    5. You want to go to Baroda, no? 😛

  2. summerscript says:

    Have a good time RM! 😀

  3. Tharani says:

    Have loads of fun RM.

  4. Bingo says:

    RM, you should do 3rd and 4th point, otherwise you will miss so much fun 🙂 Waiting to see you in chaniya choli 😀

  5. Wear a saree for all functions, buy new clothes and dance your booty off! Do everything which you normally wouldnt do… Jaa RM jaa, jee le apni zindagi *sniff sniff*!

  6. Have fun at the wedding! Don’t have any dilemmas – just go all out and enjoy yourself!
    You have never taken an entire week off work for a holiday?! Seriously?! 😮 You SHOULD at times.

  7. Ashwathy says:

    What on earth do you mean to dance or NOT dance??!! Is that even a choice! 😯
    OF COURSE you need to dnace. If you don’t, trust me beta…pitega! Vapus aa jao…tereko batati hoon! Hmph!

  8. techie2mom says:

    Attending a wedding and that too in Gujarat!! I sooo envy you 😦

  9. anisnest says:

    congratulations on the marathon.. wish I can do one someday too.. If I do then you are my inspiration RM.. And have a fantabulous week.. waiting to read all the stories..

  10. pixie says:

    errr… you had fun na?! 😀
    And you wore sarees!! Where are the pics?

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