My Two Cents on AAP! – Blogathon Post 17

I usually avoid politics. I am not a fan of either Congress or BJP, though I have heard Narendra Modi speak live during my convocation and was impressed by his oratory skills.

Now is the AAP wave which has taken the Indian politics by storm. I was super impressed with their win in Delhi and thought here is a party which will change India, until the usual problems cropped up. You know like RD always quotes ‘when three people come together, there is politics’

Here are a few things I feel AAP should do

1. Get a management consultant who can draw a long term plan for their party. They have 1000s of ideas, but to put them in place and get them to implement them is going to require an expert. Rather than going with the tried and tested but never successful coalition with the political parties, they should appoint a proper consultant who will tell them which of their ideas are feasible and which can be successful in how many years.

2. STOP trying to satisfy everyone. Its impossible that all will be happy with what they do, but they really should prioritize on what they promised instead of just doing what everyone is saying

3. With so many people (1 crore???) joining AAP, they should really try and use a data entry and analysis company to do data entry of all the people who joined them. Make an excel sheet, sort out the people by city, by age, by educational background etc, and find out an ideal mix of candidates they think can form a part of their core committee and of course, since they are doing so much analysis, they should also try and get the market research company to find out if any of the candidates have any criminal records and stuff. This will help them find out the great candidates for the LokSabha elections whenever they plan to get into it

4. Get a proper leader. Kejriwal has a lot of vision, but he seems to lack confidence in leading a party which is ready to take India by storm..may be Kejriwal can continue as a leader, but they need a strong core committee which weeds out unnecessary elements looking for their two seconds of fame and speaking all nonsense

Any thoughts on this?

PS – No, I am not joining AAP. I am an analyst by profession, I only show the path, never actually do the real work eh? 😉


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24 Responses to My Two Cents on AAP! – Blogathon Post 17

  1. Maya says:

    The problem I think is not leaders; it’s about the lack of followers. No one wants to take instructions! I think AAP has kind of gotten into their role of being armchair critics. But, when now they have to execute, they are floundering. Let’s see!

  2. Nidaa says:

    Haha… Love the last sentence.

  3. Veens says:

    Really I am not sure if I *believe* in them and if this is all not created by Congree (funded). It is too early, in an years time we will know.. lol!

  4. Hemen Parekh says:

    The Midnight Drama

    Bravo , Somnath Bharati

    Bravo for that brush with the Delhi Police at midnight , yesterday

    You managed to conclusively establish , what people of Delhi suspected all along , viz :,

    > If Delhi Police cannot care a hoot , even for a Minister , the poor stand no
    chance to get them to act on their complaints

    > Delhi Police are hand-in-glove with the drug mafia / pimps / rapists /
    swindlers / murderers / smugglers / all anti-social elements

    > Delhi Police are the most corrupt department


    Next time you conduct such a ” surprise raid ” ,

    > do it in daytime

    > under the glare of 100 TV cameras

    > in the presence of the people of Delhi

    > telecast LIVE on news channels

    TV editors will be too glad to oblige !

    That is the only way to expose Police-Mafia nexus !

    Forget the proper procedures – which only succeed in alerting the Mafia !

    But don’t expect things to change much till AAP manages to get FULL STATEHOOD status for Delhi , and make the Police report to the Delhi government , instead of the Central Home Minister

    Of course , the Centre will do everything to prevent this !

    In the meantime , a word of caution to the Delhi Police :

    Remember ,

    > Somnath is only a symbol of people’s anger / frustration

    > If you don’t mend your ways fast , this anger will boil over

    > At that time , your lathis / tear gas / water cannons will not be able to
    control the people

    > People have witnessed what happened in Arab countries recently

    > They are desperate to try anything that they think , will get them justice

    > Do not stretch your luck

    > Next time you fail to act on their complaints – or a complaint of any
    Minister of Delhi government , you will run out of luck !

    > With 2014 elections approaching fast , Congress Home Minister will not
    come to your aid – for fear of an ” ANTI – CONGRESS ” wave over ”

    Remember , Ram Lila Maidan in 2011 ?

    * hemen parekh ( 17 Jan 2014 / Mumbai )

  5. Smitha says:

    Totally totally with you, RM! This is what I have been discussing as well. Slept at 12 last night arguing similar stuff with husband:) They really need better management.

  6. I am sure they would already be using the services of a data-entry and analysis company in order to deal with all the people who have been flocking its offices. If they aren’t, yes they need to shake ass and get it quick.

    Getting a Management consultancy firm to chalk out a feasible roadmap is an excellent idea. With all the donations pouring in, affordability will not be an issue. Employing them may give the party bad press, though, because most good management consultants are American multinationals–but I suppose the pros will outweigh the cons.

  7. techie2mom says:

    LOL at the PS…
    People here had great hopes from AAP, but they seem to be indulging more in symbolism. We don’t hear much of constructive work going on… But probably these things need time..
    Maybe we should wait and watch and see how AAP performs in Delhi..
    I think the pointers that you have suggested would be indeed very helpful to AAP…Hope they are listening..

  8. sanityvows says:

    I so agree with the second point. Have you watched Bruce Almighty? The scene where he decides to say yes to everybody’s wishes? I feel Arvind Kejriwal is trying to do the same without thinking it through.

  9. pixie says:

    Agree with you on this RM…

  10. anisnest says:

    Let’s hope AAP to grow as a better ruling party in coming years!!! Its too early to judge them. they are still in their baby steps and competing with the dada’s of politics..

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