Three Things Never Seen Before – The Storyteller in Me – Blogging Marathon Post 11

Desperate measures have set in. I am running out of topics to blog about. This is a story I told the brat day before yesterday which started at home and finished at the bus stop. Please skip post if in a  hurry! 
There was once a little girl who worked in a beautiful princess’s palace. One day while sweeping she found a gold chain belonging to the princess. She searched around for the princess but couldnt find her anywhere.
Oh, let me just take it home today and give it to the princess when I meet her tomorrow, she thought and kept it in the left pocket of the jeans (please note the detailing given to the brat!) and went home.
But just that day, the princess wanted to wear that chain. (why Amma? the curious why why girl asks me, arey you want the story or not? oh yes yes Amma)
She searched and searched but she didnt get the chain. Where would it be she thought. (Thoda soochne ka na Amma, says my brat, in the middle) She finally thought about who all had come into the palace and remembered the little girl who had come. She sent the soldiers to her house to ask for the gold chain (How did she know Amma, that the little girl had taken it? arey baba tu story sun!) The soldiers when to the little girl’s house and asked her about the gold chain. The girl gives it to the soldiers, but they tell her that she has stolen it. (Wrong hai na Amma) The little girl keeps saying I didnt steal it, if I did why would I give it to you just like that. Anyways they took her to the princess, who used to like the little girl. So she said ‘if you show me three things that I have NEVER seen before, I will let you’
The little girl wondered what she had which the princess hadnt seen before. The princess had everything that anyone could ask for.
Phir Amma, kya hua? kya hua?
Well, the girl thought and thought and thought..and then she had an idea.
The next day at 5.30 in the morning she went to the palace and woke up the princess. Arey mereko sone do, said the princess. No no you HAVE to get up. How can you wake me up so early..its night said the princess.. No no come with me said the little girl if you want to see something you have never seen before. The princess fussed a bit (like the little R I know, I said and R giggled) and then went with the girl to see the most beautiful sight in the world. The sky was the colour of pink and golden,as if it was a painted picture. (wow, says the brat) and then the princess says ‘Wow, I  have never seen this before’. The little girl was happy. She said, so thats the first thing I have shown you out of the three, okay? okay said the princess.
And then the little girl thought again on what she can show the princess. She went after some days and woke up the princess in the middle of the night. Arey sone de na (Let me sleep) said the princess. Come come with me the little girl told her. After much relcutance the princess went to the terrace with the little girl and said WOW! IT was the biggest brightest moon she had ever seen. It was as though she could touch the moon. ‘Wow, I have never seen this before’The little girl was happy. She said, so thats the second thing I have shown you out of the three, okay? okay said the princess.
Phir kya bataya Amma, says the brat
Well, then one afternoon, as the little girl was sitting near the pond, she realises that there are loads of fish eggs which are waiting to hatch. (Usko kaise pata chala Amma ke hatch hone wala hai? Oye you listen to the story!) She ran to the princess and dragged her literally to the pond and there they saw thousands of tiny fishes coming out of the eggs, here and there, and there and here (Wow says the brat). So Wow, I have never seen this before’The little girl was happy. She said, so thats the last thing I showed you okay? yes said the princess and said thank you little girl for showing me there wonderfully unique things, I had never seen anything like these before.
So the little girl is happy and so is the princess and they become best friends.
R: Okay Amma, abhi zara doosra story bolna *RM hits head on wall*

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19 Responses to Three Things Never Seen Before – The Storyteller in Me – Blogging Marathon Post 11

  1. Archana says:

    Aww this is a sweet one – so glad that I didnt skip it!! How did you think of the fish hatching thing – it sounds so beautiful!

  2. Santulan says:


  3. D's Mom says:

    Wow, what an imagination you have RM!
    I am definitely coming back to your story section when my brat is older:)
    BTW, have you ever considered writing a short stories book for children?
    You should seriously give it a thought… kidding:)

  4. simplegirl says:

    mujhe bhi dusra story chahiye.. yeh bahut achha tha na isliye … 🙂

  5. Veens says:

    Hahaha… that is really cute. But the end- super!

  6. techie2mom says:

    After reading first two never seen before things, i was curious about what will be the third thing…i too haven’t seen the fish eggs hatching!!
    Nice story…

  7. Jayashree says:

    That’s such a lovely, imaginative story RM.

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  9. Lovely story, RM. One of your best, I would say. 🙂
    LOL @ R’s comment at the end of the story 😀

  10. mahabore says:

    That was just such a cute story 😀

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